Self-education is the engine of progress and the main catalyst for personality development

The common truth that a person learns from birth to death has long been known to everyone. But this process is not always arbitrary, depending on the desire of the individual, conscious. Often, training takes place either in the course of imitation, or as a result of a person's adaptation to circumstances and living conditions. And then what is self-education?

self-education is
This is a process of purposeful, informed acquisition of new knowledge, skills. It is based not only on a personโ€™s natural need for information, curiosity, but also on the application of volitional efforts.

It can be safely stated that self-education is not only the engine of personality development. It is also a huge potential for progress. Remember who created science, who made the greatest discoveries and developed inventions? Not trained coaches, not those who studied "from under the stick" or at the behest of their parents. True scientists were almost always self-taught in the best sense of the word. Because it was not duty that moved them, but a thirst for knowledge. Of course, many had a formal education of a certain level. Letโ€™s recall Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov. What people comprehend from already written books can become a starting point, a kind of foundation. Truly develop and reach new heights gives the opportunity only self-education. It is it that stimulates an inquiring mind, makes you look for answers to controversial questions. This is it pushing for discoveries. It does not allow us to dwell on what has already been understood and learned.

Self-education technologies are available to anyone today.

self-education technology
First of all, of course, it consists in reading. Moreover, if we used to use libraries, now the search for the necessary information has been greatly simplified. On the net you can find books and articles in any language and on any topic. But reading alone is sometimes not enough. This is especially true in those areas where other skills are needed, for example, designing, drawing. They also can give a lot of self-education. This includes viewing training programs, mastering material on CDs, doing exercises and listening to the radio. Everything can do good, just learn how to use your time and abilities. For example, a person who wants to independently learn a foreign language can achieve a lot through self-education. Even venerable linguists are constantly practicing in passive possession: they watch movies in the original, listen to audio books. And for beginners, special programs are created that can be used everywhere, even in a car or on a walk.

Self-education in Russian is necessary not only for a professional journalist or teacher. Skill competently and

self-education in Russian
harmoniously expressing your thoughts does not hurt anyone. Take at least such specialties, as it would seem, far from linguistics, as a software engineer or a chemical engineer. In order for people to be able to use the invention or development, so that they become the property of a wide range, competent instructions set out in good Russian are necessary. And in legal practice, even one comma, placed in the wrong place, can be decisive for the interpretation of a law. What can be self-education in Russian? The so-called "innate literacy" actually comes with the number of books read. Visual memory works , the vocabulary is enriched. It is useful to look into manuals and reference books. Moreover, doubts about the correct spelling of a word often arise even among the most literate people. And it is not necessary to perform boring school exercises. But everyone can play intellectual quizzes, solve crosswords or linguistic puzzles. Thinking and memory should work, only then the effect of self-education will be maximum.


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