How to live well and not work in Russia? How to live well in a village without money

“You can’t forbid to live beautifully!” A phrase that 100% reflects the essence of the Russian soul in general and more than half of citizens in particular.

Of course, there are people who are exceptions who have been working, working and working once more for their average wages all their conscious lives. Depriving oneself of many joys of life, putting aside pennies in a small egg. This, in their opinion, is called "stability." They are accustomed to a modest, quiet life, and for them there is no question of how to live well, how to live even better, they are quite happy with such an existence.

But still I would like to reflect on a good life in the full sense of these words.

Broad my native country

If we consider a high-quality, dignified life in Russia, at the same time, without losing days at work for ridiculous rubles and without hunching months on shifts, you can understand that there are more than enough opportunities!

Russia is such a huge country, so multifaceted that only a very lazy representative of the human race will not be able to earn a comfortable living. In this case, the word “earn” does not have to make sense, for example, of being in the office from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

And it is not without reason that some people aspire to the capital of our homeland, while someone on the contrary is only happy to live in the region, in the countryside. And the main mistake that many make is the pursuit of the crowd. All to Moscow, and I to Moscow. Everything is in the suburbs, and I'm there too. At the same time, experiencing discomfort and thereby reducing their standard of living. The first thing that is important when deciding how to live well in Russia is to decide on your comfortable territorial location.

how to live well in the village

Here is my village, here is my home

Someone will grin and say: "The village and a good life are incompatible."

But much depends on the person who falls into a particular place of residence. And one can argue - in the village you can live and live high-quality even for a modern person.

What is the village in the view of the majority of inhabitants? Old worn houses, overgrown with roadsides, the only store in which they bring food every two weeks, most of the population is 60+.

Yes, today there are such nooks forgotten by civilization. But basically the village already knew all the blessings of modern life.

How to live well in the village

Absolutely not difficult.

  • Nobody canceled subsistence farming. Plant, grow, care, harvest, eat and sell.
  • Get the chicken or goose. We will reveal the secret - in any village barter flourishes. No money for a chicken - offer something in return.
  • To the topic of barter - in the village you can change everything for everything. Especially if a person came from the city. Having at least something for the “proposal”, a person in the village will never be left at a loss, and it is quite possible also to profit.
  • Having the Internet (and now this is not a problem for the villages, thank the satellites), you can easily establish trade in unusual, but useful goods. No funds for the purchase - an advance payment to help.
  • Communication and communication again. It is necessary to join the village circle, to keep abreast of all the news, to shower your interests, to be useful. At the same time, do not go too far and do not turn into a village sneak.

In the village, in order to really understand how to live well, it is important to become a respected and significant person, but at the same time kind and helpful. Kind locals will never leave such a person in trouble.

how to live well in Russia

And we are, we are urban

Living in the city, regardless of whether it is a big metropolis or a small provincial town, the need for money is constantly present. Another question is that making money with blood and then there is absolutely no desire. There is a reasonable thought: "How to live well and not work?"

Of course, a lot depends on the person. Someone wants to lie on the couch and spit on the ceiling and at the same time dream of millions. And someone will spend a little time and think about what needs to be done in order for money to be, and not have to work.

Upon reflection, you can find, for example, such options:

  • If you don’t want to work yourself, make other people work for you and generate income. So to say, mental labor. And you can do this remotely without getting up from your favorite chair. In the city, making money in this way is much easier, at least because of the number of inhabitants.
  • Got a hobby, a hobby? Turn it into a source of income. Of course, you will have to make some efforts. But after all, it’s a hobby and a hobby - actions that bring pleasure. Do what you love and get decent money. Hand-made is always in price.
  • Nobody has canceled Internet opportunities either. Become a popular blogger, culinary leader. Again, without leaving home. And profit from advertising and other delights of Internet life. By the way, this type of receiving money is also suitable for the village.

how to live well and economically

Savings should be economical

At first glance, saving and a good life are just the opposite. And if you think about it, it is quite compatible and even mutually beneficial.

After all, having determined for yourself how to live well and economically, you can forget about the eternal disadvantage and get even more than it might seem.

Just keep to the basic principles of saving:

  • To the store only with a list and only full.
  • No - to sausages and other semi-finished products. Yes - meat in its purest form.
  • Complex offers and tariffs for mobile communications and the Internet will allow you to save money decently and imperceptibly.
  • Coupons to help - coupon sites provide discounts up to 90% on various goods and services.
  • Discounts, promotions, bonuses in stores. Often these are not just marketing moves, but really profitable offers.
  • Keeping track of electricity and water is not only beneficial, but also beneficial.
  • Instead of stuffy karaoke or a bar, you can gather with friends and just take a walk through the still unexplored corners of the city.
  • A budget book is a great way to save money.

how to live well and not work

What is good and what is bad

Speaking about how to live well, one should take into account the moment that each person’s perception of this “good” is individual.

Traveling abroad brings incredible pleasure to someone. And someone enjoys relaxing in a local resort, in the land of clear lakes and fragrant forests.

Someone wears brands (by the way, they are not always real), while someone is fine with replicas or does not bother the manufacturer at all. The main thing is that the thing should be of high quality and, as they say, "the suit was sitting."

Someone visits expensive restaurants, and for someone, a picnic in nature with family and friends is more expensive than lobsters and oysters.

The main thing is that a person feels as comfortable and confident as possible where he lives and is. In the case that he does. With those people who surround him.

how to live well

I think Duma

How to live well, without money or with money - it does not matter if a person has a rich, full inner world. If he lives in harmony with himself, with his feelings and emotions.

For internal self-motivation and positive thinking about how to live well, some attitudes are relevant:

  • Wake up every morning with a smile, no matter how bad it really is.
  • Passing by any mirrors, stop for a second and wink at yourself with the thought: "But I am nothing."
  • Organize thoughts, objects, connections within and around you. The principle of "all on the shelves" is very important.
  • Remain true to yourself, always and everywhere. Important for self-affirmation.
  • No fears! Do not be afraid of difficulties, people, yourself. In this life, almost everything is surmountable and fixable.
  • Never give up!

how to live well without money

The power of human thought is material, think of the good, dream of the great, breathe deeply, and then everything will turn out and there will be material prosperity, emotional peace, psychological comfort and harmony. And this warmth boldly shared with others, because everything that you send outside, is sure to return to you!


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