A septic tank without pumping to give yourself. Septic tanks for sewage

Many owners of suburban areas are considering the question of how to create a septic tank without pumping for a summer residence. It is worth recognizing that such a system acts as the most inexpensive, and you can use it constantly.

Preparatory work

do-it-yourself septic tank for summer house

Initially, earthwork is to be done, which implies the need to dig a hole, because the structure will be underground. The volume of the pit will depend on several factors, among which we can single out the daily consumption of water for the family, as well as the intensity of use. If the average family lives in the house, then the water consumption will be approximately equal to 1.5 m 3 , while the capacity of the treatment system should be equivalent to 8 m 3 . You can use a more impressive amount, but if you organize the system correctly, then the above will be enough.

The device of a septic tank involves the preparation of a pit, which is performed in the form of a parallelepiped, the length of the face of which is 2 m. It is worth considering that it will be quite difficult to carry out such work without the use of equipment, which especially concerns the territory on which heavy soil is. But if you want to save, then you can do with a shovel. You can dig a pit in a day or two. In this case, you should not hurry, because the walls need to be given a flat surface, which is why you need to carry out the work carefully. The evenness of the pit walls determines the evenness of the mortar fill and uniform strength.

The nuances of holding a septic tank

septic tanks for sewage

Installation of a septic tank should be carried out depending on the location of the freezing line. This is especially true for the regions of central Russia. Pipes in such areas must be laid below the freezing line, if you do not want to go so deep, it is advisable to use insulation. Such procedures should be planned during the preparatory work.

Features of a monolithic septic tank

septic tank installation

A septic tank without pumping for giving with your own hands works according to the same principle that is inherent in the traditional system, which has two reinforced concrete wells. The design without pumping has one pit, but after it is divided in half. Thus, each compartment acts as a cleaning step. Despite the fact that such a treatment plant is economical, it meets all environmental standards.

Installation of formwork elements

septic tank topas

Installation of a septic tank involves the installation of formwork. But if the aim is to make the design low-budget, it is recommended to use a sliding type of enclosing elements. This will eliminate the cost of a large number of formwork. At the same time, craftsmen make boards exclusively for part of the system, and then move them to the rest of the space. However, this will have to wait until the concrete hardens in the first part of the system. Sliding formwork is also convenient because with the use of this technology it is possible to easily compact poured concrete.

Oriented particle board or wood chip board can act as a material for the enclosing elements. The material must be water repellent, but you should not worry about the price - it is not high.

In addition to the above, you should prepare:

  • plastic pipe;
  • wooden beam, which will be needed to provide rigidity to the shields;
  • fittings.

The installation of septic tanks in the country suggests the presence of reinforcement, but if this could not be found, then it can be replaced with long steel objects that have a circular cross section. This may be, for example, a pipe with a diameter of 0.5 inches. Instead of traditional reinforcing bars, any steel corners or bars can be used in general, the main requirement that is presented to them is bending strength. If necessary, get a sealed septic tank, its bottom at this stage is poured with concrete and left for several days.

Bottom concreting technology

septic tanks for giving prices

In the internal space of the pit, a formwork system should be mounted, the elements of which should be fixed to each other using the wedging technology, you need to use a wooden beam for this. At the same stage, it is necessary to equip openings designed for water drainage. They must be removed by 30 cm from each other and given a diameter corresponding to the pipe blanks that are supposed to be used for this. Pipes coming from the house, after to be pulled into the formwork.

Septic tank construction

Equipping a septic tank without pumping out for giving with your own hands, at the next stage it is necessary to start concrete work. To do this, initially you have to mix the solution, which should include Portland cement in the amount of 400 kg; S-3 liquid plasticizer in a volume of 5 l, 600 kg of sand and 200 l of water. Before starting to lay the mortar, it is necessary to install reinforcement in the inner space of the formwork. This will ensure the strength and durability of the structure.

Making a septic tank without pumping out for giving yourself, concrete is initially poured into the first side of the pit where the formwork is mounted. After that, you can leave everything until hardening, which will take about 2 days. But even after this, the hardened mortar must be checked for strength, only then you can begin to dismantle the formwork elements. The next step will be to fill the second part of the pit.

septic tank for home and garden

Septic tank separation process

After you completely complete the work on arranging the structure of the structure, you can proceed to its division into separate parts, each of which will be equal in volume to the other. This will ensure the following principle of operation of the septic tank. The first treatment stage will collect solid waste contained in wastewater as well as sludge. Whereas the second will begin to concentrate liquid waste, which will have to overcome the filter, and then go down into the soil.

Septic tanks for summer cottages, the prices of which will be limited only by the cost of cement and sand, can be made from improvised materials. At the very beginning of the construction, the task was set to get the most cost-effective construction, and at the stage of erecting the separation wall, one should be guided by the same principle. This indicates the need to build a partition from the building materials available on the site. It can be stones, a brick fight, as well as concrete blocks. The main condition is the observance of the height of the hole through which overflow will be made. According to the rules, it must be located 0.5 m lower in relation to the entrance.

Before making a septic tank, it is necessary to prepare a tee pipe, which is now actively used in the arrangement of sewer wiring. When applied, water will flow from below, which will help ensure that the heaviest particles do not overcome the gravitational force and do not leave the first chamber of the treatment plant, which will greatly improve its efficiency.

System shutdown works

In order for the poured solution to gain reliability and strength, and the septic tank was able to endure the load of the overlap, it is necessary to wait a certain time, which is limited to about 14 days. During this time, concrete will significantly gain strength. There is some likelihood that minor cracks will form in the walls during this period, if such phenomena occur, then you will have to get rid of the errors by using a traditional solution, which must be prepared with the calculation of the content of a third of cement from the total amount of the mixture. Now you can begin to overlap the septic tank, for this, channels are mounted, on which the ceiling will rest, a shield made of boards is laid on them. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the presence of lateral low sides that will serve as a fence enclosure of the hatch located above the dividing wall. In addition, it is possible to apply flat slate. On this, we can assume that the septic tank for the house and cottage is ready. It is quite convenient to use, but it costs very little.

installation of septic tanks in the country

Preparation before installation of a septic tank "Topas"

Before proceeding with the construction of the β€œTopas” septic tank, it is necessary to choose a place for it, it must be 5 meters or more from the house. These rules are regulated by SES. After you can prepare a pit, the dimensions of which will depend on the model of the septic tank. If you prefer the Topas 5 model, you will need to prepare the pit, taking into account dimensions equal to 1000x1200x1400 mm. This indicates that the foundation pit for it should have dimensions equivalent to 1800x1800x2400 mm. At the next stage, according to the above principle, it is necessary to prepare and install the formwork.

Septic tank "Topop" assumes the presence of a sand cushion at the bottom of the pit, the thickness of which should be equal to 15 cm. After installation, the septic tank will be 15 cm above the ground. This is necessary in order to make it more comfortable to operate the system during the snowmelt season. In addition, this eliminates the possibility of structural damage.

Station bookmark

It is important for the correct functioning of the system to make the right choice of station model. So, if groundwater is located close to the surface of the earth, then experts recommend choosing designs with the PR mark. In such systems, there is a forced drainage of wastewater, which is done using the built-in pump. The described septic tanks for sewerage grades 5 and 8 are laid without the use of special equipment. With less impressive labor costs, the holes on the ribs of the structure will cope with the work, a rope will have to be passed through them and the system will be lowered into the pit.

Station arrangement

When equipping the station, it is necessary to use HDPE pipes Ø110 mm. They are to be embedded in a septic tank 70 cm from the upper soil level. If the Long model is supposed to be used in the work, then this indicator will be slightly different - 120-140 cm. In addition, it is important to observe the pipe slope, which is influenced by their diameter. So, if material of Ø100 mm is used, the slope should be 1-2 cm per 1 m; whereas for pipes Ø50 mm the slope level will be 3 cm.

Features of the connection process

The described septic tanks for sewerage after installation have yet to be connected. In this case, the following rule must be observed. When the inlet pipe is 70 cm relative to the soil surface, a step from the foundation 10 meters away, the outlet pipe should be located 50 cm from the surface.


A hole for the pipe is to be made in the outer casing of the system. Why it is convenient to use an adjustable crown Ø103-100 mm. In the station kit you can find a polypropylene cord that will allow you to solder the pipe with the edge of the hole. Why it is recommended to use a building hair dryer, which has a suitable nozzle. As soon as the pipe is firmly fixed, you can strengthen the pipe to it. Septic "Topas" must be aligned horizontally through the level.

Due to the fact that the system is powered by electricity, the installation must be accompanied by a power supply. Why it is customary to use a PVA cable. It is recommended to take one that has a cross section of 3x1.5 mm. It must first be enclosed in a corrugated pipe, which is used for earthwork, after the preparation described above, the cable can be placed near the sewer.

A plastic septic tank is connected by connecting the cable through the input, only after that you can pair with the terminals. In the house, it must be connected to the distribution panel, using a separate automatic machine 6-16 A. The final stage is the correction of pressure during the sprinkling. This is required to compensate for pressure on the housing. It must be remembered that the stages of sprinkling and filling with water cannot be separated. Thus, the system should be filled in 1/3, as well as falling asleep. The process should be repeated until the station is underground.

Septic tanks for summer cottages, the prices of which can be equal to 85 000 rubles, can be set independently, which allows saving.

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