Cupcake box - easy, fast, beautiful!

The most striking and long-awaited treat on the festive table has always been a cake! But his appetizing little cousins, cupcakes, pushed huge pastries into the background. These cute cupcakes in paper corrugated wrapper and beckon to bite off a piece of them! They look solemn and unusual. Such sweets are simply necessary for the festive table. In addition, delicious cupcakes can be presented as a small present. How to make a box for cupcakes? Very simple!

Mini cake

Small cakes in bright corrugated wrappers are now present on the menu of any celebration. They taste like ordinary cupcakes, but their shell is simply gorgeous. Bright glaze, cream, cream, edible beads, flowers, butterflies, rhinestones - all these can decorate cupcakes to your liking. It is fashionable to decorate weddings and children's birthdays with a candy bar. This is a separate table on which are all the sweets. Children usually do not go a step away from this wonderful place! A box for cupcakes is indispensable for the holiday, because the kids will want to take a treat home.

cupcake box

The people loved these little cakes. They appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century in America. These "babies" were baked in ordinary tea mugs. From here came the name - Cupcake. Over time, the process was simplified, and special forms appeared.

Theme of the day

Now relevant are not simple, but themed parties. Everything on this day is subject to one style: room decor, outfits, menus, entertainment. A box for cupcakes should also correspond to the theme of the celebration, so you can make it yourself.

Cupcakes are prepared not only for home celebrations. Usually they are taken with them for a picnic, any outdoor events. But how to deliver them in their original form? After all, a hat made of cream or cream will instantly deteriorate if you put cakes in a regular box. Need a box for cupcakes, in which you can transport them without problems.

Work is in full swing

Making a box is not so difficult. You will need thick paper, scissors and glue. The size depends on the number of cakes. Each of them will be inserted into a separate cell. According to the scheme, carefully cut out the parts of the box. Then bend along the fold lines and glue the valves. So you will be sure that the cupcake box is sturdy. To prevent the cakes from traveling inside your cardboard masterpiece, you need a backing. From thick cardboard, cut a rectangle one millimeter smaller than the bottom of the box. Now cut holes in it a little larger than the diameter of the cupcake. Lay the substrate on the bottom and you can put cakes!

Now they are tightly fixed inside and will not deteriorate during transportation.

how to make a box for cupcakes

Easy peasy

You still do not know how to make a box for cupcakes with your own hands faster? The simplest option is two volumetric rectangles. Prepare two sheets of thick paper or thin cardboard. On four sides, make incisions by measuring with a ruler in advance. Now bend inward the resulting strips and glue. The lid should be one centimeter larger than the base, otherwise it will not close the box. Boxes of bright colors, a cover and the basis of different shades look interesting. But the white classic box is a win-win option for any celebration! The paper can be corrugated, glossy, most importantly - thick.

how to make a do-it-yourself cupcake box


If you have made an excellent box for cupcakes, made with your own hands, then you can proceed to the decor. For children's events, images of cartoon characters, bows, ribbons are suitable. Carefully glue the photo with clerical glue and let it dry.

For a wedding ceremony, boxes can be decorated with flowers, even alive. Ready boxes are tied with a red ribbon symbolizing love. The traditional option is pink and blue ribbon, pigeons, a couple of rings. Boxes with the image of the bride and groom look good: they can be handed out to guests during a young walk through the sights of the city!

do-it-yourself cupcake box

Small pleasures

Rejoice and surprise your loved ones. Prepare cakes and colorful boxes for them for the upcoming holiday. Guests will be delighted with such a treat. You can make personalized boxes, and then the invitee will be doubly pleasant. So you express your gratitude for their congratulations and warm wishes. When friends begin to disperse, give them sweets in a box. In the morning they will be happy to get your work and drink coffee and cake.


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