How a pawn walks in chess, or Ruby from a shoulder

What is a chess pawn? This is not only the weakest piece on the board, but also the most dangerous. Story of pawns, like a wall, is able to move on the enemy and, with due support, overturn any formations on the field.


A pawn is not only a figure, but also a unit of measure. In professional chess, itโ€™s not even considered to be a figure. But the value of the rest is measured precisely in pawns. We give the equivalence of chess pieces to a pawn:

  • The queen is approximately 9 pawns.
  • The value of an officer is 3 pawns. It is also considered equivalent to a horse.
  • A rook is approximately 4 pawns in usefulness.

Five types are distinguished depending on the location and how the pawn walks in chess (on which vertical):

  • Royal pawn.
  • Queen's.
  • Elephant
  • Horse.
  • Rook.
  • Center So can be called pawns located opposite the king and the queen.

how a pawn walks in chess

Also, depending on the position of several pawns relative to each other, some situations and types of location can be distinguished:

  • Isolated - a pawn, next to which there are no pieces of the same color on the board.
  • Blocked is a pawn that does not have the ability to make a move.
  • A backward one is one with pawns advanced forward, but in itself being blocked.
  • There are also 2 types of passed pawns. Remote - one that is able to pass to the field of transformation without obstacles. However, it is not protected by other pawns. Protected - a passing figure, next to which there is support.
  • Scattered - pawns between which there are free verticals.
  • Connected - pawns on adjacent verticals.

So, having understood the terminology, we can proceed to consider how the pawn moves in chess.

how a pawn walks in chess in pictures


At the initial stage of the game, pawns do not have many options for where to move. How does a pawn move in chess located on the starting field? There are three possible options.

Debut - the first phase of the game, characterized by the mobilization of figures and their arrangement. In fact, this is the stage of formation of the defensive structure, from which the development of the attack will begin. At this stage, a pawn can do the following:

  • Stay in place. Oddly enough, this is also a variant of the move. You can not touch the pawns, but start the game with the conclusion of the knight.
  • Step one cell forward. A cautious decision that will allow, keeping the pawn safe, move forward gradually. However, this will help the opponent seize the initiative in arranging pieces on the board.
  • Step into two cells. It is possible if two conditions are met. The pawn is at the starting position, and there are no other pieces in front of it. This move is very risky, but in one step you can jump ahead and capture a significant piece of the field.

how a pawn moves in chess photo


What is it and how does a pawn move in chess in this phase of the game? This is the central and main phase of the party. It is characterized by the protection of the king and the active movement of pieces on the board.

What is the role of pawns? Supporting the defense and closing the king from the checker from the other end of the board, they slowly move forward, paving their way to the field of transformation. At this stage, how the pawn walks in chess and whether it cuts the opponent, its survival and speed of advancement depends. Let's look at the main moves.

One of the features of the middlegame is that most pawns are either blocked or threatened by enemy pieces. This means that she has little choice:

  • Continue to maintain a position, in the hope that other figures will bypass the enemy from the flank and open the road.
  • Self attack. A pawn attacks only diagonally, exclusively on one square and only forward. She is not able to go back, like other pieces or checkers.

how a pawn walks in chess and cuts


The final stage. It is characterized in most cases by a small number of pieces on the board. If you still have a pawn, then you are very lucky. How does a pawn move in chess at this stage? Her primary task is to get to the edge of the opponentโ€™s field in order to transform into a more useful figure. On the other hand, a few pawns with the support of your king are able to checkmate the opponent. Which is better or more convenient - decide for yourself.

If you want to see how a pawn moves in chess, in pictures, then the article gives some options, but there is nothing better than practice. Therefore, you can play electronic chess with a computer. The system itself will not let you make the wrong move. Thus, in practice, you will be able to remember the options for moves.

From what you read, you could learn how a pawn moves in chess. Photos of her various moves are presented in the article. The second image shows some options depending on the row. In the third and fourth photos, pawns located on E4 and H5, respectively, show a blocked position.

To study an infinite number of possible positions, you can read the textbook on the game of chess. There you will find fascinating tasks that will allow you to study the game much deeper.


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