The original house of blocks with your own hands

In fact, building a house out of blocks with your own hands is an absolutely feasible task. Naturally, you do not need to immediately build a huge palace. Start with something more real. For example, why is a bath from blocks made by hands bad ? If you do not have a summer house or garden where you can put it, and an irresistible desire to build a real house does not leave you, then take a chance!

House of blocks with your own hands. Is it possible?

do-it-yourself house of blocks

So, you still decided to do it. Hiring professional workers has become very expensive, and the quality of their work often leaves much to be desired. How to proceed? Very simple. Build a beautiful house of blocks with your own hands. In general, the whole process of work is divided into three main stages. They follow each other. The peculiarity is that the steps are separated by time intervals. This is required for the so-called "stabilization" of the work.

House of blocks with your own hands. Start building

So, first you need to lay the foundation. Indeed, what house can be built on bare earth? Then comes the construction of the walls of the building. This includes the direct construction of the house box, roof. And the third step will be to equip the protective system. In this article, we, unfortunately, will not begin to thoroughly study the topic of construction, because this is a very complex process. Just go through the main working points.

What to keep in mind when starting work

The main stage, of course, is the erection of the box of the building. By the way, what do you think is the fundamental difference between the types of buildings for different needs? Virtually nothing! After all, the main stage is constant. It does not matter if you are building a garden house with your own hands or if you have swung at a cottage. The rules are the same.

Gas silicate blocks

do-it-yourself bathhouse

Before you begin construction, you need to make sure that you generally know what is at stake. What are gas silicate blocks? This is a special material that has the properties necessary for construction. Firstly, such blocks are comparable in their strength to stone, which means that your structure will not fly apart at the first thunderstorm or hurricane. Secondly, they have a high heat capacity (like wood). In other words, gas silicate blocks are a porous material that combines a lot of advantages, including the amazing ability to "breathe", excellent soundproofing characteristics and incombustibility.

Some subtleties

DIY garden house
Particular attention should be removed from the tab of the very first, initial row of blocks. Do not forget to put waterproofing over the foundation. You can save by using two layers of the usual roofing material. Four blocks must be laid in the corners. It is necessary to do this, oddly enough, dry, that is, you do not need any solution. The main thing is to carefully measure the width and the so-called "rectangularity" of the future building. After the first row of the house is laid out, lay out all the subsequent ones in the same way. Another important process is the preparation of special glue for blocks. Here you need to be extremely careful and strictly follow the recipe.


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