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Many of us are already used to advertising. If at first she irritated many, now she has become an integral part of everything that happens to us. We see her on the streets, in shopping malls, on TV, in applications on a smartphone or when watching videos on YouTube. And how nice it is to see examples of good advertising that is memorable, not boring and surprising!


This is a direction in marketing communication, thanks to which you can promote information to the masses, draw attention to the object, increase and maintain interest.

In order to understand good advertising examples, it is important to understand what it can be in principle. By objectives, you can define commercial, social and political advertising.

Commercial is aimed at making a profit, which means attracting buyers and offering goods. Social may carry a selfish purpose, but usually it is not connected in any way with economic tasks. In this case, the main thing is to popularize socially useful goals and charity. Political - aims to attract voters and fight for their votes.

Also, examples of good advertising can be found in the media, since this channel is still the main and basic. Previously, it included only print media, later radio and television appeared, and more recently, the Internet has joined here.


Examples of bad and good advertising have always happened. One way or another, creativity has always come into play. It is with him that it turns out to create something special and memorable. Sometimes there is too much creativity, so there are situations when advertising is not just unsuccessful, but can also shock.

To create something good, you have to think about strategies, tactics, slogans and visualization. You need to use any tricks that will help attract the attention of the audience. Advertising should be not just creative, but viral.

examples of bad and good advertising

As practice shows, for a successful marketing campaign, organizations can use several key creative techniques:

  • interesting idea;
  • associative series;
  • packaging;
  • title;
  • origin of goods;
  • attractiveness;
  • feature.


This is a fundamental stage in the creation of any brand, company or product. It is necessary to think about an idea, understand what it is for and how it can help. There can be a ton of ideas in advertising. One of the most popular is "naturalness."

For example, โ€œGoodโ€ juice focuses buyers on the fact that apples or other fruits were recently harvested in the garden. The cosmetic company Vichi at one time constantly convinced consumers that the water used to make the goods was โ€œbornโ€ in natural sources.

By the way, a similar strategy was chosen by a company selling Morshynska mineral water in Ukraine. On the main page of their site it is written that it is "natural water", and if you hold the mouse on the screen, it seems as if you are dragging your finger across the water. Marketers claim that the drink was obtained thanks to natural sources in the Carpathian region. Since there has never been industrial activity in this region, the nature here is pristine and the water is pure.

good advertising sample texts

Associative row

Another example of good advertising. About 10 years ago on TV we were shown an advertisement for Bonjour candies. In it, half-naked men prepared sweets, stacking them in beautiful boxes. Thanks to such a vibrant association, the company managed to find its audience and attract the attention of customers for a long time.


Every marketer knows that itโ€™s crucial to work on the packaging. Sometimes at this stage both the idea and the packaging are involved in the creative. For example, milk companies that emphasize that this is all natural farming can use glass containers as packaging and sell them in a wooden tray.

best instagram advertising examples

With packaging, everything worked out with Rich juice. The idea to place the letters of the name on each face was successful. During the football events, Lays decided to show itself. They released a special package for the fans, at the top of which was the lower part of the face. Thus, a lot of photos appeared on social networks, which turned out funny grimaces, and some even won prizes using a special hashtag.

best examples of native advertising

Product Name

In examples of good advertising, texts do not always play an important role. It is often important that the name of the product turns out to be bright and successful. For example, Pepsi is one of the most popular in the world. Her drink is still successful and successfully competes with the equally famous Coca-Cola. But few people know why Pepsi got such a name. It was invented thanks to pepsin - an enzyme of gastric juice. It was pepsin, along with cola nut extract, that was part of the original recipe for the drink.

instagram good advertising examples

Origin of goods

Also a great idea for creativity. For example, in Ukraine there is a company Saturn, which produces home appliances. In her advertising, she often focuses on the fact that since the products are made in Ukraine, they have a lower price, but are no less reliable.

By the way, a similar idea was used by the ARDO company, which produces Italian equipment. In advertising, one could often see the slogan "An Italian works at my place," etc.

a good case study on contextual advertising


Here, one of the leaders can be considered OREO cookies. Perhaps everyone remembers what to do with this delicacy. In the most popular version of the advertisement, the boy tells dad a secret way of eating cookies: "Twist, lick and dip."

Creative ideas


Finally, one of the main ideas for promoting a product should be its uniqueness. It is imperative to create an image that will be special for the consumer. Here you can recall the active rabbit Duracell, which in the running marathon defeated all rivals who worked on other batteries.

By the way, at one time, Duracell decided to recreate and tossed into the far box a story with a rabbit, which really fed up with the order. In a new story, a girl throws out a doll, which, thanks to the battery, returns to take revenge. The new slogan seems even too frightening: "Some toys never die."

Creative ideas for advertising.

Native ad

This type of advertising is inherent in social networks, but you can also find the best examples of native advertising on the Internet. For example, the T Brand Studio agency copes with this well, which is engaged in this type of promotion.

The department was specially created in the New York Times so that readers of the online version of the newspaper do not get tired of advertising banners. Specialists are committed to imperceptibly mix advertising with high-quality content with internal content.

For example, an Adobe article once appeared that simply reported the future of virtual reality purchases. Interestingly, there were no campaigns and sales in the text.

Social networks

Instagram has become an integral part of many people's lives. Some decided to make money on this business, so there were examples of good advertising on Instagram.

They are promoting everything that is possible on social networks now. More often it is clothes and jewelry. But there are also medications, cosmetics, services of various specialists, etc.

Social Media Advertising

The best example of advertising on Instagram can be any relevant post. In this case, it is extremely important not only to create, but also to remember your audience. For example, it is unlikely that some blogger, who is mostly watched by schoolchildren, will advertise cigars or whiskey on his page. In the same way, it makes no sense to advertise computer games to a musician or to a girl - tire fitting.

One interesting example was the New York Times advertisement in their account. They posted a post in which there was a mystery. Usually this always attracts the attention of the curious. Those who solve it are shared with their friends and relatives, and this is an additional advertisement for the publication.

Itโ€™s best to advertise on social networks with business owners. For example, if you opened sushi delivery, then itโ€™s enough to constantly put in story how you eat your products, how your production works, and how you do your business.

contextual advertising

An example of a good case study on contextual advertising is easy to find, since a lot depends directly on the settings and analytics. What do you need:

  • make settings for collecting information;
  • run and optimize ads.

Next, you need to set goals, thanks to which it will be easier to track data by ecommerce code in GA. They may differ, but, for example, for branded clothing is best:

  • increase the amount of traffic;
  • attract the target audience to the site;
  • increase conversion.

First, itโ€™s better to start with search campaigns, and then you can switch to dynamic ones. You can also work on remarketing: Display and Search.


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