How to open a business in the garage? Home based business in the garage. Mini business in the garage

If you have a garage, why not think about doing business in it? Additional earnings have not yet bothered anyone, and it is quite possible that he will become the main one in the future. A lot can be cited as an example of people who started their business in this way and subsequently became successful entrepreneurs who have several firms of their own. In this article, we will consider what business is most reasonable to do in the garage. Below will be suggested thoughts and ideas that are already being implemented by many people and make good profits.


At the very beginning, you should decide how to register your future company: IP or LLC. It is possible that at the initial stage you can do without registration, most likely, customers, friends, acquaintances, relatives, various other individuals who do not need to draw up any documents will be the first to be clients.

In addition, there are many accounting intermediary companies that are happy to take over all the paper work. It is somewhat unreasonable to register a small business in the garage without having received the first profit from your activity.

Given that the space of the premises is limited, it is difficult to create a business that will bring great profit, but it will be your first step in establishing your own enterprise. If you plan to work year-round, then the garage should be insulated, dry, ventilated and well-lit. This is enough to start your own business.

garage business

Do not forget that in garage cooperatives it is forbidden to develop entrepreneurial activity. As a rule, this didn’t stop anyone, because you also have to catch your hand. But if they catch it, then the fine will still be very small. Perhaps the authorities will offer you to install a personal electricity meter, make you take care of the fire safety rules, and then safely leave them alone. Chat with people who have already opened their home business in the garage of your cooperative. They will share their practice and perhaps give some useful tips. And reasonable recommendations will always be useful and even help to avoid many mistakes in the future. There is such an oriental proverb: "A wise person learns from the mistakes of others, a prudent one learns from his mistakes, a fool does not try to learn anything and lives a whole life wrapped in sheep's clothing."

Business ideas

Now we will directly discuss the question of what business ideas exist in the garage that are really feasible. Their number is constantly growing. It is no secret that the main thing in any activity is to find an opportunity to make more money where competition is low. The provision of services to the public, the opening of their store - this has long been no surprise. In business, the more original the idea, the higher the income.

mini business in the garage

Many today want to start an entrepreneurial activity. And often their problems are the lack of the necessary start-up capital, which is needed specifically for the rental of premises. That's when the idea comes to mind - why not start a mini-business in the garage. While other people are calculating the cost of rent, you will think about the calculations for the purchase of products and how it is more profitable to sell your goods. Another question is what kind of garage business to organize. A lot of ideas have already been invented in this regard: from the sale of vegetables, raising ducks, chickens to the organization of car washes and even car services. To begin with, we will offer in detail one promising and original idea of ​​what kind of business to open in the garage.

What is

As you know, in any paint you can add a pigment that glows by itself. After it can be applied to almost any surface: metal, concrete, plastic, glass, wood and even fresh flowers. In the garage itself, the composition of the paint is prepared. Next, you need to spend money on advertising and bring to the public information that we can color absolutely everything that our heart desires. For example, car molding.

Let's say we already found the first customer who wanted to stand out with his car on a background of gray mass. We drive his car into our garage and get to work. The paint itself is mixed in the proportions that are needed for a particular type of surface, which will be applied. One kilogram of pigment is mixed with ordinary paint, at the output we get from three to six kilograms of luminous composition. For processing one square meter, approximately 50-60 g (one layer) is used. Thus, using 1 kg of pigment, you can paint about six sets of car wheels.

what business to organize in the garage

Small bookkeeping

Suppose you evaluate your work (painting a set of discs) at 200 or 300 dollars.

  • The finished paint is mixed, based on the calculation: 1 part pigment into 3 parts of ordinary paint.
  • 1 kg of pigment will cost about 260 dollars. Three parts of acrylic based automotive lacquer are rated at about 17 green.
  • To mix the luminous paint for one set of discs, you need 600 g of varnish and 200 g of pigment.
  • Thus, the cost of finished paint (800 g) will be approximately 60 one-dollar pieces of paper with the American president ($ 60).
  • It turns out that your income from one car will be approximately $ 140.

Not so bad, is it?

If you think it over well, this idea is far from limited to painting exclusively castings. You can choose a pigment that is harmless to others, and successfully paint any thing: from concrete and facade to furniture and cell phones. Think about how many companies want to look original against their competitors. And all of them are your potential customers. Especially if you live in a small city, and the niche of this type of business is not yet occupied. So, you can pick up a bucket and a shovel and boldly go dig money in this direction. But jokes are jokes, but still reflect on this type of entrepreneurship.

what business to do in the garage

In the future, you can expand your business in the garage and equip a mini-store. Sell ​​in it things from luminous plastic, wood, etc. It is possible to sell such paint itself. It looks great in apartments on switches that will glow in the dark. You can apply different labels through a stencil on t-shirts, jeans clothes, etc. This will be very popular among young people.

The main thing in such a business is to develop your imagination. And then you will not have a shortage of customers.

What business can I organize in the garage? Consider other interesting ways. This topic is so wide and diverse that a great many options can be come up here, and the following are a great example.

Auto repair shop

Your garage was originally invented for parking a car. So why not use it to organize and provide car repair services? What can a novice entrepreneur do in such a room? For instance:

  • body repair: any straightening services;
  • engine repair;
  • tire fitting services;
  • auto electrician services: from installing an alarm system to inserting central locks and an audio system;
  • glass tinting services;
  • minor repair services: change and repair of bumpers, mirrors, etc.
    small business in the garage

Greenhouse production

There are quite a few companies on the market that are engaged in such a business. Therefore, if you do not have new ideas for a developed market, then it is better not to go in this direction. Your innovation may be to invent a solid greenhouse that will be relatively inexpensive.

To start such a business in the garage, you will need the following tools: grinder, welding machine, milling machine, milling machine. If you think about it, you can do without welding and rolling if you fasten metal structures with bolts.

Production of chairs, tables, beds made of wood and metal

Very interesting view for earning. You can come up with a lot of different models of beds, tables, chairs. Enough niche for a fantasy flight.

For example, it is possible to make various base frames for chairs and a table from the same square pipe having a cross section of 25 x 25 mm (if there is a welding machine).

Particleboard furniture

A lot of people are now engaged in the production of such furniture in a garage environment. There are not so many difficulties in this business, and it does not require expensive equipment. You can order all the necessary parts from large companies that are professionally engaged in furniture production. They themselves will cut into the right sizes, you just have to assemble the structure yourself from the details.

what business to organize in the garage

Turning Production

If you have experience working on a lathe, then you can engage in the manufacture of various parts. The business is very profitable. Custom parts are in great demand by both companies and the general public. But large and reputable enterprises do not deal with such trifles.

Various other production ideas

Business in the garage can be different. You can make carports, garden furniture, gazebos to the country, monuments. It is not difficult to engage in the cultivation of chicken and quail eggs. The garage can be converted into a non-ferrous metals, scrap metal collection point, a sewing workshop, an office. Recently, the manufacture of netting, paving slabs and pavers has been very developed. And also in Russia there are many factories that are aimed at people who want to do small business. You can order a wide variety of machines from them, from equipment for the production of cinder blocks and ending with smoking machines for meat, fish and incubators for raising chickens from eggs.

what business to do in the garage

Well think over all the nuances and calculate the possible costs and income. Choose an interesting and suitable type of earnings for you. Start your own business. And, having invested in it, one day you will wake up as a successful entrepreneur. Never lose heart and believe in your strength. Success in your endeavors!


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