What can be made from cans: ideas and options, step by step instructions and photos

Previously, glass jars were used to store cereals, spices and other food products, for preservation, but today they serve drinks and desserts. But there are other ways to use glass containers. The same applies to tin cans and packaging from under the chips, which end up in the bin, although they can become a stylish decor element or a useful craft. So what can be made of cans?

Such a basis for crafts, such as a tin or glass jar, gives a huge scope for imagination. The simpler the starting element, the more interesting and useful gizmos can be made of it. An ordinary glass or tin can is great for many stylish home decor elements (for example, garlands), useful details (organizers and coasters) and just interesting crafts that catch your attention (closed ecosystem).

cans for storage

Stylized oil lamp

What can be made of cans? A glass jar is an excellent basis for creating a spectacular candlestick or stylized oil lamp. Such jewelry can be used in home decor or removed for the holidays. A homemade oil lamp will look very cozy as an element of decorating a hall for a wedding or a tent for celebrating a birthday.

To make such a stylish little thing is very simple. You only need kerosene, a rope and the jar itself, as well as some kind of sharp tool to make a hole in the lid. It is better to take a rope not ordinary, but one that is used as a wick in ordinary candles. It burns longer and brighter. The jar is filled with two-thirds of kerosene and closed with a lid. In kerosene, you need to lower the rope for about an hour, so that it has time to soak. Then it remains only to insert the rope into the hole in the lid. Unusual oil lamp is ready.

crafts from cans

What can be done from an empty can? For example, a candlestick. It is enough to pour ordinary or colored sand, shells, small pebbles or other decorative elements to the bottom of the jar that will not burn out and do not deform due to high temperature. This decor will hold the candle.

A romantic option is to fill the cans with water by two-thirds (you can use tinted) and put candle candles.

Unusual garland

What can be done with banks if conservation is not desired? On the eve of the holidays, such an extra load in the pantry can become a very original garland. Additionally, you need a rigid base (for example, wire) and a luminous electric garland. You need to place a small amount of garland in the jars, fix the entire structure with a rigid base so that they do not fall. Now you can connect everything to power and enjoy the overflow of light.

Sewing supplies

What else can you make from cans? The needlewomen can use the following interesting idea. In the lid, a needle bar is made of foam rubber and a cut of fabric, but so that it does not interfere with closing the container. Now the lid is twisted as usual. There is free space inside the can where you can store several spools of thread or pins. You can use tin cans for such crafts, but they need to be additionally decorated on the outside, and everything will look not as spectacular as with a glass container.

can organizer

Terrarium Bank

What else can you make from cans? For the next craft, which can be done with the children, you will also need a glass jar. Volume is not important. In just an hour of work, an eternal terrarium can appear in your home. Such a closed ecosystem does not require outside intervention. To complete this craft requires a longer preparation. In the nearest park or forest you need to find several undersized plants and moss, pebbles, cones and other little things. Together with plants, you need to dig a little earth.

The jar must be airtight. It is better to be able to open the cover for irrigation at first, and then the system stabilizes itself. Before planting, you need to thoroughly wash the jar and dry it. Need drainage. You can use coal, small pebbles and expanded clay. If the vessel is small, you will also need tweezers to conveniently place the plants. All finds are laid out in a jar and slightly sprayed with water.

what can be done with banks

Homemade terrarium is best placed where there is no direct sunlight. At first it is advisable to spray plants in the home terrarium from the spray gun. Perhaps, along with the earth, you also grabbed several ants or other living things. If all goes well, they will survive and they will be quite comfortable in the clogged bank.

Chips cans also

What can be made from a can of chips? The simplest and most practical option is containers for organizing things that we use daily. A cutout can be made at the bottom of the round cardboard packaging, and cotton sponges can be placed inside. So it will be convenient to get them out, and unused ones will not be saturated with moisture. Of course, the outer part of the package needs to be decorated somehow. In such packages it can be convenient to store knitting needles and bolts, pencils and pens, you can use them as a basis for casting candles or for carrying rollers in paint.

What to make from cans

Tin cans also come in handy on the farm. What can be made of cans? Even with minimal dΓ©cor, these are great coasters for kitchen utensils, stationery or even bottles. It is enough to wash the cans, clean the sharp edges, paint or paste over with printed paper, paint with acrylics and the like.

what can be made from a can of chips

What can be made of an iron can? For example, a wall or desktop organizer. To make a wall, you will need a magnetic base. If desired, it can be decorated with something. Then it remains only to attach the cans to the base in random order. Parts of such an organizer are easily separated and put on the table when necessary.

Large tin cans make excellent flower pots, original shelves for tools, towels or other household items. Some craftsmen make whole lamps with elaborate patterns, stylish caskets or other useful home decorations from such material.

what can be done from an iron can

What to do with damaged banks

Even a crumpled can can be an interesting element for room decor. It is enough to rub the edges so that they are not sharp, and evenly paint the jar. If you plan to use a container for planting plants, it is recommended to make several holes in the bottom for the exit of excess water. First, a layer of drainage is poured into the bottom, and then the soil. When planting a plant, you need to take into account the volume of the jar. From such a crumpled "pot" to transplant something into a larger one will be problematic. It is advisable to use hardy plants that grow quickly for planting.

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