Seo-site optimization yourself: step-by-step instructions, description, recommendations and reviews

Owners of their own Internet resources, regardless of their thematic focus, need to know about seo optimization. With it, you can attract more users. Accordingly, the number of views will be increased. How can seo-optimization of a site be carried out independently? Step-by-step instructions will be given in this review.

Why is promotion necessary?

seo website optimization yourself step by step instructions

At the present stage, website promotion is quite in demand. Its main task is to optimize the portal for search engines. Due to the promotion of the site can be promoted in the ranking. It is no secret to anyone that users try to visit only those resources that are not on the first pages of the results. If you pay attention to the percentage ratio, then most of all people try to open links located in the first three positions.

Can seo-optimization of a site be carried out independently? A step-by-step instruction does not involve any difficulties. Understanding the promotion is not as difficult as it might seem. But if there is no time, it is worth thinking about entrusting this occupation to professionals.

What stages can be divided into promotion?

Many users would like to know how seo-site optimization can be carried out independently. A step-by-step instruction describing what needs to be done for promotion is popular. Conventionally, the promotion of a resource can be divided into separate stages. They are as follows:

instructions for seo optimization and site verification

  1. Optimization of a technical nature.
  2. Internal promotion.
  3. External promotion.
  4. Work with users.

There should not be duplicates, mirrors and debris

What nuances should be considered if seo-optimization of the site is carried out independently? Step-by-step instructions focus on technical factors. If they are not given proper attention, then all work in the field of website promotion will be crossed out. Search engines will not rank those resources that have a huge number of takes, errors, an incomprehensible structure and garbage in the indexes. What factors should be considered first?

If you are interested in seo-website promotion on your own, step by step, then first of all you need to get rid of duplicates and mirrors. To do this, control over the structure of the site should be exercised. Be careful that the URL does not have variables that generate content at a variety of addresses. From search engine robots, you need to close those pages that do not carry useful information. We are talking about the basket, registration forms, admin panel, etc.

All errors must be fixed.

seo website promotion yourself step by step

There should not be any broken links on the site. It is necessary to eliminate the error known to users 404. In order to detect non-existent pages, you can use special software tools. Among the popular ones, Nelpeak or Xenu should be highlighted. You can also use a simple plugin - Seo Wordpress.

Step-by-step optimization instructions also take into account the need to check hosting stability. If the portal will regularly fall, then it will not cause interest among users. The same can be said about those resources that have been loading for a long time. But it should be understood that the download speed is not in all situations depends on the hosting.

Interested in seo-site optimization, step-by-step instructions for this process? It should be understood that it is necessary to correctly work out the 404th error. They should not be. However, it is not always possible to avoid the occurrence of such errors. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that such moments are correctly worked out by the engine.

It is necessary not only to close unnecessary pages from robots. You will need to register the path along which you can get to the resource map and to the Host directive.

It should be understood that there are a huge number of technical issues. Only the main ones were listed above.

Highlights of internal promotion

seo website optimization step by step instructions

Internal seo-optimization of the site on our own, step by step considered by us, requires a thorough approach. She plays an important role. What you need to know about promotion?

  1. First of all, it will be necessary to analyze the resource to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This will help to understand what needs to be optimized. And you should start with indexing. She needs to be tuned. Check which portal pages have already been indexed. This will help the search.
  2. Try to find duplicates, technical pages and other unnecessary things. Analyze the completeness of indexing. Are all important pages in search? Everything that is not needed should be removed from the index using the webmaster panels. To prevent pages from getting there again, close them from indexing. This is required in the meta tags.
  3. Form an xml map of the portal. With it, you can better index the network resource.
  4. Titles play an important role in optimization. Make sure they are unique within your portal. You should also understand how well the content of the pages is described with the help of them, whether they can attract the attention of users.
  5. Study all available texts. It is imperative to make sure that they are unique, in good formatting, and in the presence of all the necessary key queries. Only the number of important words and phrases should be within reasonable limits. This will help prevent spam.
  6. The key should not be striking, look unnatural. Optimize images by compressing them in order to increase download speed. Pictures should be surrounded by appropriate text, set alt. It is necessary to perform an internal linking of those materials that are thematically related. This will contribute to even distribution of page weights. Due to this, it will also be possible to greatly facilitate navigation.
  7. Examine the resource for outbound links. Not quite high quality will need to be removed. Others should be closed from indexing.

Important points of external promotion

seo website optimization yourself step by step

External promotion. What does the instruction for seo optimization and site verification in this situation mean? When the internal promotion is completed, you will need to give your resource an impetus for development. You need to buy or get free links to it. Form an anchor list in which the address text will be written.

Do not use only keywords. You should also pay attention to neutral phrases (resource name, for example). They should look natural. It is required to select donor sites that have a similar thematic focus and are regularly indexed.

Follow the main rule: everything must be done gradually. The reference mass should increase smoothly, without jumps and downtime. Do not give up work on your resource. It should be updated periodically, adding text and pictures. It is also recommended to improve the usability of the portal. To do this, use web analytics data.

Contact with the target audience. User reviews must be considered

seo wordpress optimization step-by-step instructions

It is necessary to contact with users. To do this, answer them using comments. Encourage people to distribute links to your resource. If the project is commercial, it is definitely recommended to create a group in a social network. And this is not about a simple public. Users using this page should receive a convenient channel for communication with you. Believe me, they are able to find a huge number of shortcomings in your resource. And if you eliminate them, then loyalty from the audience will be ensured.


seo website optimization services

Separate articles can be devoted to each of the above points. A very important and multifaceted topic is website SEO. Services in this direction at the present stage are provided by almost all web studios. This is due to the high popularity that the Internet has acquired. But on one’s own everything can be done quite easily, if you approach the issue thoroughly.


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