French manicure: interesting ideas, features and recommendations

Hands are a business card of a woman, so they should always be well-groomed, and manicure - perfect. In the modern world, women have become more active, and they do not always have time to do it. And for them, the French manicure, better known as French, becomes a lifesaver.

What it is

French manicure is a universal nail design that fits any outfit and any event. The nail is varnished in two shades. Classical design in the French style is the main coating of pastel shades, and the protruding edge is painted white.

Designers offer a variety of ideas for a manicure "French" - from colored stripes to the combination with the pattern. Everyone will be able to choose the right design option. French manicure can be done on nails of any length and shape, but it looks most impressive and beautiful on nails of medium length, square or almond-shaped.

french manicure with a pattern

How to shape your nails

In order for the French manicure to turn out no worse than the stars of show business, your hands should be well-groomed and the nail plate should be of the correct shape. Most often, such a design is done on a square or almond shape. If the amygdala is considered universal and as convenient as possible, then the shape with right angles has its own nuances.

Squaring a plate is quite difficult, and if you approach it incorrectly, you can damage it. Also, right angles are inconvenient in terms of socks: they can catch on clothes or break during household chores. Therefore, it is better to choose a "soft square" - the protruding edge of a straight line, and the corners are rounded.

It is better to choose a file not metal, but you should work with it in one direction, so that the stratification of the nail plate does not work. You need to file the edge at a right angle to get a straight line. Then work the same way with the side edges. And the perfect form for a French manicure is ready.

color french manicure

How to draw a smile line

The stores sell special kits for creating a French manicure, which includes varnishes for the classic version and stencils. They can be in a semicircular shape or in the form of a "check". Such stencils greatly simplify the process of creating an even line of "smile".

  1. Stick the stencil, stepping back from the edge of the nail a few millimeters (depending on the length of the nail plate).
  2. Then proceed to paint the edge with white or varnish of a different color.
  3. When the coating dries, you can remove the stencil. You got a beautiful smooth line.

Some use ordinary tape as a stencil, but it is difficult to give it a semicircular shape. It’s better to use a paintbrush because it is easier to peel off. If you have experience with brushes for painting on nails, you can manually draw a line of “smiles”. But only if you are sure that it will turn out smooth and accurate.

interesting design of french manicure

Step-by-step creation of the classic "jacket"

You must first prepare the nail plates for coating. This includes removing the old varnish, a bath for the hands, working with cuticles, giving the nail the desired shape and polishing it. Then you can begin to create a French manicure.

  1. Apply a basic coating on the nails - it will allow the varnish to lie in an even layer and the manicure will last longer.
  2. After it dries, apply a basic coating of pastel shade. The number of layers will depend on what background you want - translucent or pronounced pastel.
  3. After the background has dried, start drawing a “smile”.
  4. Fix the result with a top coating.

Creating a beautiful and sophisticated French manicure is not difficult at all, but it must be done very carefully, because any inaccuracies will be noticeable due to its laconic design. The classic version looks gentle and elegant, it is universal. But now, in the latest fashion trends, the French manicure is performed in bright and bold colors.

options for moon manicure

French manicure on the contrary

It is also known as lunar. This is one of the most popular ideas for manicure "French" - not the protruding edge of the nail, but its base is highlighted in a different color. This design looks stylish and original.

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails.
  2. With a thin brush with artificial pile, a bright shade of varnish, draw a contour at the base of the nail plate.
  3. Then paint over the rest of the nail with a different color.
  4. After the design has dried, apply a topcoat.

Both contrasting shades and one gamut will look interesting - then the manicure will turn out more gentle. There are variations on the ideas for designing nails with a French manicure with a “smile” at the base of the nail:

  • a combination of a white hole and a black coating;
  • the hole remains transparent, and the color of the base coat is bright;
  • to make the nails seem visually longer, the line is drawn not in the form of a semicircle, but in the form of a “check mark”.

You can combine different colors, the main thing is that they harmonize with each other and your outfit.

the correct form of nails

Application of the ombre technique

One of the unusual ideas for creating a fashionable French manicure is to use the ombre technique. Marigold? made in this design, look luxurious and stylish. The peculiarity of this design is that the “smile” line has not a clear border, but a smooth transition. French ombre manicure can be made in the following variations:

  • the gradient is made from dark to light;
  • make a "stretch" of flowers on the entire surface of the nail in contrasting shades, which should be combined with each other;
  • creating smooth horizontal transitions;
  • unusual design: a clearly drawn smile line, and the other part of the nail is decorated in the style of an ombre.

If you use a combination of colors, as in a classic French manicure with a smooth transition, then the manicure will turn out to be especially gentle and refined.

color french manicure

Double line "smiles"

Another option for a manicure "French" is the creation of not one, but several lines of a "smile". Such a design looks most effective using varnishes of contrasting shades. The thickness of the lines depends on how long the nail plate is.

If the length of the protruding edge of the nail allows, then on it you can draw a double line of approximately the same width. And you can make it thinner so that it looks like a fringing. It will be interesting to look at a few thin lines of different colors.

Also very popular ideas of French manicure are considered to be a glitter cover, a combination with a pattern, the design of a "smile" in several colors, decoration of the nail with rhinestones and sparkles. The main thing is that it was done carefully, and there was no busting in its color scheme. You can make a beautiful manicure "jacket" for short nails, which will look elegant and stylish. The main advantage of this design is that despite its conciseness, it makes your image more feminine and sophisticated.


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