How to fall asleep if you can’t sleep at night? Some easy ways

After a tiring day at work, sleep is often a real salvation from fatigue and a bad mood. Yes, and after staying in the sun, it would also be nice to take a nap for an hour or two ... A well-slept person rises from bed in the morning in a good mood, he is full of energy and is ready for any work. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to fall asleep quickly. You can toss and turn in bed for more than one hour, sadly counting the time remaining before the alarm clock rings. What are the causes of insomnia, and how to fall asleep if you can’t sleep? Let's try to figure it out.

Full sleep is the basis of good health

how to fall asleep if you can’t sleep

To get enough sleep and feel good, a person must spend a certain amount of time in a dream. Usually it is about 8 hours. There are people who sleep 4 hours a day and at the same time are vigorous, full of strength and energy, but this is rather the exception.

In addition to the duration of sleep, its quality is of great importance. When a person rests calmly and in comfortable conditions, then 6 hours is quite enough for him to recover his strength.

The biological rhythms of people's lives also differ. Someone easily gets up with the first rays of the sun, for others, getting up before 10 in the morning is a real disaster. In order not to be tormented by the question of how to fall asleep, if you can’t sleep, you need to try to combine your biological clock with the daily routine. To do this, you can choose a suitable work schedule, put off important things for that part of the day when the body does not feel tired.

Causes of Insomnia

When a person really wants to sleep, then 10 minutes is enough for him to sleep soundly. If the process dragged on, most likely, an uninvited guest came - insomnia. Note that the reasons here can be completely different. And what if I can’t sleep? First you need to determine what was the source of the problem. These include:

1. Serious emotional or physical stress. When laying down to sleep in a state of severe stress, a person cannot get rid of obsessive thoughts about the events of the past day. As a result, the dream disappears completely.

what to do if you can’t sleep

2. A sharp change in the daily routine. Sometimes you have to go to bed for a long time, although the time when a person usually does this is long gone. Such problems are faced by students preparing for exams, tourists who fall into a different time zone, people who work in shifts.

3. Feeling unwell. Headache or toothache, stomach cramps are the real enemies of good sleep.

4. Uncomfortable conditions. Inconvenient bed, stuffy air, new furnishings - all this prevents quick falling asleep and a good rest.

What prevents comfortable sleep?

Can’t sleep at night, what should I do? Such a question torments many people. In this case, at first it is better to deal with what cannot be done immediately before bedtime. After this, insomnia can go away by itself. So, just before bedtime, you can’t:

1. Have a good dinner. The last meal should be about two hours before bedtime. The gastrointestinal tract also needs rest. If the body is busy digesting food, then it will be difficult to sleep, and it will not work to fully rest.


can't sleep at night what to do
Drink tea, coffee, other tonic drinks just before bedtime.

3. Take a hot bath. This procedure gives a feeling of relaxation, although the high temperature of the water will lead to accelerated blood circulation, increased heart rate. Falling asleep after such a shake is quite difficult.

4. Watch horror movies or psychological thrillers. The strong emotional arousal that such viewing will lead to does not contribute to appeasement and speedy falling asleep.

Means to help you fall asleep faster

How to fall asleep if you can’t sleep? Some techniques can help in this matter, providing not only quick falling asleep, but also a good rest for the whole organism. Recall the most popular methods:

1. Before going to bed, you need to ventilate the room. The stuffy air and high temperature will not only prevent you from falling asleep calmly, but can also become the causes of nightmares.

2. Make a proper bed. The linen should be made from natural materials, and you need to lay it gently, without folds and lumps. In such a clean and comfortable bed you will want to fall asleep immediately!

3. You can listen to pleasant relaxing music, better classical. It helps to quickly fall asleep watching a calm film, which does not differ in an overly exciting plot.

4. If you can’t get rid of obsessive thoughts about various matters and problems,

what do sheep think to fall asleep
you can try to pronounce them in a whisper. This should be done slowly, all the while slowing down. Gradually, thoughts begin to get confused, and you fall asleep.

5. It is worth trying to observe a certain regime. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Even if you lay down late or fell asleep, the next morning you need to get up at the usual time. It will be much easier to sleep in the evening.

6. A proven method of monotonous counting of imaginary objects also helps to fall asleep faster. What do they think? Sheep, to fall asleep faster, are best suited for counting. Many people fall asleep without having mastered the first hundred of these cute animals.


Many people, tormented by the question of how to fall asleep, if they can not sleep, dwell on the use of sleeping pills. This is not the best option, especially if medicines are purchased without a doctor’s prescription. But if nothing else helps, instead of potent drugs, you can try to take decoctions of soothing herbs for the night: mint, lemon balm, thyme. It relaxes well and puts thoughts in order tincture of valerian.


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