Buyout percentage of Wildberries - what is it?

Modern online stores come up with different ways to attract customers. And their retention on services as well. Today we have to get acquainted with the percentage of redemption WildBerries. What is it? For what purposes was this component developed? How to use it? The answers to all these questions (and not only) will be surely discovered below. In fact, understanding the topic under study is not so difficult. Especially for those who have already worked with the aforementioned online store.

redemption percentage wildberries what is it

About Resource

First, a few words about WildBerries. What is it?

This name is popular and the largest in Russia universal online store. Here you can find almost any product - from clothing to household chemicals and appliances. The resource is distributed throughout the country. In most cities of the Russian Federation there are points of delivery of goods. All this is done so that buyers can not only receive the order, but also consider it on the spot, and also, if necessary, return it to the seller.

WildBerries is a site that constantly holds promotions and discounts. Every day, various sales are conducted at the service. With their help, people can buy goods at competitive prices. Sometimes even cheaper than in your area of ​​residence! Very tempting! And regular customers receive additional discounts and bonuses!

Those who work with the online store have long noticed such a component as the percentage of redemption of WildBerries. What it is? What does this indicator affect?


When placing orders for Wildberry, the user usually does not pay in advance. That is, he has a chance to make a purchase, get it, inspect it on the spot (for example, at the point of issue) and pay if everything is in order. When a marriage is revealed, or if a citizen simply decides to refuse the purchase, a return must be issued.

WildBerries buyback percentage - what is it? This is the ratio of ordered goods to redeemed. That is, this indicator reflects how often a person returned his purchases back to the online store. It would seem nothing difficult. But why on the resource is this same percentage of buyback invented?

calculation of the percentage of redemption of wildberries what is it

Why is it necessary?

If you want to work with WildBerries for a long time, you will have to take into account the component under study without fail. She will eventually play an important role during the shopping process.

What is the redemption percentage for WildBerries? It is needed so that customers can order things without prepayment. The higher this indicator, the more orders can be placed on the site without first depositing funds. But this is not the only area of ​​application of the studied features! More details about other areas in which the repurchase rate is involved will be described below.

Extra features

If you carefully study the WildBerries user profile, you will notice a restriction on orders for free delivery. The thing is that at some point the customer will have to pay for the delivery of goods. This fear is only for citizens who often return the goods.

What does the percentage of buybacks of WildBerries affect? On the number of things, the delivery of which does not require advance payment. This has already been said. But how else is the mentioned component used?

The redemption percentage of WildBerries allows the user to receive individual discounts in various sizes on an ongoing basis. In addition to this component, the role is played by the amount of money spent on the resource.

wildberries ransom percentage what affects

Thus, the more people buy and do not return, the closer they are to individual permanent discounts. But there are some limitations. For example, some product categories do not have discounts.

About calculation

How is the calculation of the percentage of buyback WildBerries? What is it, we figured it out. And how to know exactly how much is the percentage of redeemed things? Indeed, sometimes returns are issued not through the fault of the buyer - for example, due to marriage or damage to the delivery of products!

On the WildBerries website you can see a fairly simple calculation formula. In order to independently calculate the redemption percentage, the user needs to divide the amount spent on the site, divide by the amount of all purchases, minus the cost of defective products. The resulting figure is multiplied by 100%. This is the buyback percentage.

Calculation Example

Now it’s clear what the buyback percentage on WildBerries means. And how to calculate it is also clear. The described formula for some users raises a lot of questions.

To fully understand the calculations, consider a good example. Suppose we bought goods for 15,000 rubles. The cost of returned (optional) products to the store is 10,000 rubles. The marriage was in the amount of 2,000. We get: (15,000 / (10,000 + 15,000 - 2,000)) * 100% = 65.2%. This is approximately 65%. This will be the repurchase percentage in this situation. In fact, everything is very simple! Even a student will cope with the calculation of the studied component.

which gives the buyback percentage in wildberries

About regular customer discounts

What does WildBerries buyback percentage mean? This indicator indicates how much product is purchased in percentage terms from the site after delivery. When calculating defective items are not taken into account. Only quality products are considered.

As we have already found out, the buyback percentage allows you to get a regular customer discount. It applies initially to all products, with rare exceptions. But more on that later. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in order to receive a permanent discount it is necessary to make purchases for certain amounts.

How much should be the percentage of redemption WildBerries to receive a particular discount? The following table will help to orient:

Redemption amount (rubles)

Bronze (from 15 000)

Silver (from 50 000)

Gold (from 100,000)

VIP (from 250 000)

Buyback Percentage

Percentage Discount

from 20 to 30





from 30 to 40















Thus, prior to purchase for an amount of less than 15,000 rubles, subject to 100% redemption, the user does not have any additional discounts. But over time, she will certainly appear. Especially if you do not issue returns.

Discount restrictions

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that not all WildBerries products are subject to a regular customer discount. Some goods and delivery to some regions of the Russian Federation do not provide additional cost reductions.

For example, the maximum discount for a regular customer in the categories: for home, books, toys, CDs, beauty is 7%. And nothing more.

what does the percentage of buyback on wildberries mean

Moreover, for products worth less than 500 rubles, taking into account all discounts and promotional codes, as well as for products from the sections: CYBER, Stock, goods for newborns, sports nutrition, dietary supplements, electronics, transport, Ekko, Collins, Zarina , “1001 Dress”, “Yours”, BabyCollection, “Befrey”, “Berkonti”, “Cesolini”, DerDieDas, “Insiti”, “Kapika”, “La Rocher Posay”, “Marc Formelle”, “Milan”, Oji, Pomp, Rondell, Vichy, Victoria Wichi, Vis-a-Vis, Ralph Ringer, Modis, Milan, Mondigo, NYX, F5, Elan Gallery "regular customer discount does not apply.

Also, you cannot use this feature when ordering goods with delivery to Chukotka and when ordering by mail to the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia and Magadan.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions. The discount will directly depend on the percentage of redemption of WildBerries and the amount spent on the site. The calculation takes into account purchases made in the last 183 days. If within six months the user has not ordered with WildBerries, then all previously made orders are taken into account. Such rules apply to the entire resource since 2016.

Where to looking for?

And where to see the percentage of redemption WildBerries? Only users registered in the system can find this component.

how to raise the buyback percentage on wildberrie

To familiarize yourself with the regular customer discount and the buyback percentage on the site, you need to:

  1. In the upper right corner of the WildBerries page, click on "My Account".
  2. Click on the item "My discount".
  3. Scroll through the page and look at the corresponding item.

If you click on the hyperlink "Redemption Percentage Calculation Table", you will be able to see a detailed system of counting depending on purchases made. The user will see what exactly he was ordered, purchased, returned and executed as a marriage.

Nowhere else can the WildBerries ransom percentage be found. Unregistered users cannot familiarize themselves with this component. Also, they are not able to buy through Wildberry.

How to increase?

How to raise the buyback percentage on WildBerries? Users are often interested in answering this question. After all, I do not want to make an advance payment for a product that may not be suitable. In addition, the refund procedure for paid products is time-consuming. Because of this, almost all buyers at Wildberry are interested in ways to increase the buyback percentage.

Unfortunately, the only way to increase the studied indicator is to buy goods. Buy more and not return it. And nothing more.

Some users admit that they have several accounts on WildBerries - from one order is placed at the pick-up point in order to familiarize themselves with the goods, from the other the main purchase is made if the delivered product is suitable. Perhaps only such a scheme can be proposed to maintain the repurchase percentage.

It is also recommended that you carefully review the reviews for products located on Wildberry. Often, one can understand from them how much a particular product is worthy of attention. This technique also helps to keep the buyback percentage. Indeed, making successful purchases without returns, this component will increase.

What should be the buyback percentage on WildBerries so that no prepayment is required? It does not take place until the user orders 10 units of products. And this is provided that the repurchase percentage is from 0 to 17%. More information on this subject can be found in the "Personal Account" on WildBerries.

what should be the percentage of foreclosures on wildberries


Now it’s clear what the buyback percentage on WildBerries gives. This is a rather important component, without which many customers simply refuse to cooperate with the online store. This is especially true for those who are not sure about the quality of the ordered goods.

WildBerries ransom percentage reduced? Do not be afraid for this - in the "My Account" on the site you can see detailed statistics on foreclosures and returns. If the percentage is reduced due to marriage, you have to wait. After checking the goods, the store employees will surely restore the repurchase percentage. In any case, the user must write in support of WildBerries. They will definitely clarify the situation and eliminate all problems.

WildBerries buyback percentage - what is it? So called one of the main indicators that allow you to receive the goods without prepayment and with certain discounts for regular customers! This component will be automatically taken into account when placing orders. And in the "My Account" icon will appear with the maximum discount for the buyer. Very comfortably!

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that with careful selection of goods at Wildberry, a person will be able to order product delivery for free with additional discounts. Buying more and returning less is the key to a successful increase in the buyback percentage!


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