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Every modern person has at least one registered email. As a rule, the majority of people in Russia are registered on the service, which, according to some reports, is not particularly stable. Therefore, you can often encounter a problem that does not work. There can be many reasons for logging in to your personal account, however, problems do not always arise on the server side. In some cases, the user can independently solve certain errors.

Invalid username or password

mail ru does not work

As a rule, an incorrect login or password is considered the main reason, because of which mail does not work. Entered data must be checked several times. It is also recommended to pay attention to the fact that the keyboard is switched to the correct layout, and the Caps Lock function is disabled.

Account lockout

If a user has not used his account for a long time, that is, he has not activated it at least once in half a year, then he could be blocked. As a rule, the system should automatically warn about this at the time of entering the correct username and password. In certain situations does not work due to spamming from the user's email.

In such situations, users are prompted to regain access to the account using their mobile phone number or using the alternate email address provided during registration. When using the first option, an SMS message with a short access code should be sent to the phone number, which should be specified in the system. In the case of the second option, a link will be sent to the alternate email address, which will need to be accessed in order to regain access to the account.

mail does not work mail ru

It should be noted that if it is not possible to use the mobile phone number in this situation, then it is suggested to click on the corresponding button. After that, enter the access code that will be received. As a result, the user will see the recovery form, which will need to be filled out, indicating as much information as possible about the mailbox.

As a rule, sometimes for security reasons, an account is temporarily blocked by the system in order to protect personal data. If mail does not work today, it is recommended to immediately try to regain access. In this case, it will be proposed to familiarize yourself with information that will help protect the user from hacking in the future. Therefore, you should responsibly approach the process of registration and input of personal data.

Incorrect browser settings

why mail ru does not work

Another reason related to why does not work and the user cannot log into his mailbox are incorrectly configured browser settings. To solve the problem, you should enable the storage of cookie files, clear the cache and cookies, which contribute to the incorrect operation of the browser.

In addition, if the user has not updated the browser for a long time, it is advisable to carry out this operation, since a conflict may arise between the service and the outdated version of the browser.

Antivirus connection blocking

mail mail does not work today

A similar reason is not often considered the reason why mail does not work. However, such cases do occur, and one cannot fail to mention them. So, during the blocking, it is recommended to suspend the antivirus for a while and check the possibility of entering the service account. If the connection is successful, go to the antivirus settings and add the site to the exclusion list. These actions are necessary so that the antivirus in the future does not pay attention to the specified site.

Lack of installed updates on the computer

why mail ru mail does not work

If does not work, then the reason may also be the lack of installed updates on a personal computer. As you know, for the Windows operating system regularly there are new updates that are desirable to install always and without exception. If the user has disabled the automatic installation of updates, then they should be installed independently. To do this, go to the "Control Panel" menu, select "Windows Update", and then click on the "Search for Updates" button, which will be located in the left pane of the window.

The transition is not performed on the service

If does not work, it is advisable to make sure that it is that is displayed in the address bar of the browser, that is, did the user make a mistake when filling out the address bar. It should also be noted that viruses are not so difficult to make changes to the hosts file located on the computer. As a result, the user can enter one address, and be redirected completely to another.

In this case, if the user has noticed that is not working or there is an error in the address, it is highly recommended to change the password for the account by switching directly to the service. After that, you should scan the system using antivirus or use special healing utilities that will allow you to identify viruses in the system.

So, the main reasons were considered because of which the user in certain situations will not be able to log in to his account. system is the most popular, and in order to avoid problems, you should carefully consider the registration process and entering user information. If you can’t regain access to your mailbox, it is advisable to write a letter to the support service, where you will need to briefly talk about the problem.


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