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Recently, gel polish has gained very great popularity. The advantage of this option is that it lasts much longer than ordinary varnishes, and also provides reliable protection of the nail plate. That is why many women opt for gel polishes. However, which model of which manufacturer to choose? This question torments many who want to look beautiful.

In this article, we will talk about Opie gel polishes, reviews of which are positive. Many women have already made their choice in favor of this brand - and did not regret it. Why are Opie gel polishes so good? User reviews describe in detail what specific advantages are available specifically for this brand. Based on the reviews, this article was created - from it you will find out why you should buy gel polish of this, and not any other brand.

Color gel

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The first advantage, which is most often noted in user reviews, is the fact that it is more likely a colored gel than a gel polish. Why does this take Opi gel varnishes to a completely different level? Reviews of those women who have already managed to test this product quite clearly describe this advantage. The fact is that in most of these products the varnish component reduces the quality of the final result. The probability that as a result there will be cracks and chips of the varnish coating increases.

In the case of this product, the bottle contains one hundred percent gel. Accordingly, many people have already reported that this gel polish is absolutely not subject to standard defects of ordinary products, that is, cracks, chips, and so on. That's why you can safely choose Opi gel polishes. Reviews, however, can convince you even more, as this is far from the only advantage of this model.

Quick drying

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It's no secret that the advantage of gel polishes is that they can be dried very quickly using additional equipment. If you have an ultraviolet or LED lamp, then you will not have any problems with drying the gel polish. However, even in this case there is serious competition, where the score is already running for seconds. What can the Opi gel polish show in this case?

User reviews report that it can be dried faster than most other options from other manufacturers - largely due to the fact that it almost completely consists of a gel, which is affected by the light of the lamp. As a result, people who use this product report that you can make a complete manicure in four minutes, including applying two layers on both hands, that is, on all ten fingers. This result is really impressive, since with other products this process takes about six minutes. It would seem that the difference is extremely small, but for some it can play a very important role, so such people will choose Opie gel polish. Reviews also describe other features of this product.

No need for grinding and filing

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What other benefits does Opi gel polish have? The reviews of those people who use it on an ongoing basis indicate that when using this product, nails are not injured at all. Why should they be injured? The fact is that the procedure for applying gel polish is much more painstaking than the procedure for applying ordinary varnish. Also, the removal of such a product causes much more difficulties.

Often, nails need to be ground before applying a layer of gel polish, and to remove them, they must be filed. But women who use this product report that all these procedures are not needed when applying this varnish. Thus, you will have minimal impact on your nail plates, which will keep them healthy and beautiful.


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Since we are talking about how gel polish is removed, it is necessary to pay attention that in this matter this product is ahead of others, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. In them, women write that this gel polish can be removed very quickly and easily. You do not need to carry out additional procedures. All you need is a bath of warm water in which you must soak your nails for fifteen minutes. After that, the gel polish is very easily removed from the nails without damaging the nail plate and leaving no traces that require additional cleaning.


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Also, many people who have purchased this gel polish, note its incredible cost-effectiveness. This may seem strange, since the bottle of this product costs a little more than similar products from other manufacturers. However, this is only at first glance, because in reality GelKolor has a volume of 15 milliliters. Now compare this volume with what other manufacturers offer - in most cases, gel polishes are sold in bottles of no more than five to six milliliters. Accordingly, the cost of one milliliter of this product will be significantly lower than the cost of one milliliter of any other similar product. Moreover, you will have to purchase gel polish three times less than usual - and this is another huge advantage that users note in their reviews.


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As you already understood, the best source of information about Opi gel polish is reviews. How long does this product stay on nails after application? The answer to this question can also be found in the reviews of women who have already managed to try this gel polish. And the answer will definitely please you, as in most cases, users note that the varnish lasted from two to three weeks completely without any damage. Accordingly, you have to remove it only for the reason that the nail plates grow back too much for more than twenty days, so the manicure loses its appearance.


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Another advantage that OPI gel polish has is a color palette. The fact is that you can choose one of dozens of shades for yourself, and among them you can find the legendary colors of the standard varnish from Opi, which have been incredibly popular for many years. You can, for example, purchase Opi gel polish Infiniti - user reviews report that all the most memorable shades are on sale. Moreover, you can not just get the color that you always liked - you can combine to use Opi gel polish and regular varnish.

If you get the same shade of both products, you can end up with an unforgettable result that absolutely nothing can compare with. The same can be done with any other famous shade, including if you like the rare, but adored by all, β€œOpie” varnish NLT63 Chiffon My Mind. User reviews encourage those who have not tried this gel polish, and encourage them to purchase and test this product.


This is not to say that GelColor gel polish from Opi is a unique product that you will not find in any other manufacturer. However, we can safely say that in many respects it is significantly superior to any of its competitors, so you should definitely try this gel polish - user reviews about it can be heard exclusively positive, so there is no doubt about the quality of the goods of this brand. The result is guaranteed to amaze you.

You will receive a quality product in a large and stylish bottle for an affordable and very favorable price. This varnish is easy to apply, just as easy to remove, lasts a long time and looks incredibly stylish. Moreover, it was created with care for your nails, so that your nail plates will not be damaged during the use of this tool. And all this is confirmed by numerous reviews of real women who discovered this product, there is no deception and empty bragging for advertising. Opi gel polish is really something that will allow you to look stunning in any conditions.

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