DIY pipe lamp

Author's lighting products are sold at a fabulous price. In fact, making a lamp from pipes yourself is not a problem. This does not require the acquisition of expensive materials or in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering. Consider several options for home-made lighting elements from scraps of various pipes.

lamp from pipes

Table lamp

The original lamp from the pipes will add a twist to the interior of the cabinet . The design can be assembled from the scraps available at the farm or you can buy the material in the hardware store. After acquiring all the materials, it will take no more than an hour to collect the lamp.

Among the necessary components:

  • Long and short nipple.
  • Six squares for pipes.
  • As many small nipples serving as corner fixers.
  • Three tees for plumbing use.
  • Drill.
  • Wire with switch and plug.
  • Insulation tape.
  • Hot glue.

First, all pipes are treated with solvent, stickers are removed. The light element is inserted into the socket, after which the wire is pulled through the square. The bulb holder is fixed with glue. The construction is carefully processed so as not to affect the thread, after which it is left until the adhesive composition dries.

The main stages of work

The subsequent assembly of the lamp from the pipes is carried out in the following sequence:

  • A hole is prepared in the tee for the wire from the back with an electric drill.
  • Pipes are threaded through the use of nipples.
  • Four corners are taken as the base, three tees are twisted together, a regular hole goes up, and a makeshift nest goes to the lower invisible part.
  • Two interconnected nipples will serve as a holder.
  • A cable without a switch extends through the pipes.
  • The switch is assembled and connected.
  • The functionality of a self-assembled lamp from pipes is checked.

do-it-yourself lamp from pipes

This design is easy to fix if you are not satisfied with the design. The result is an excellent and inexpensive night light or a working table lamp.

Wall option

A lamp from pipes, the photo of which is given above, is made as follows:

  • The grille is removed from the old street-type lamp. If it fits into the interior, this is not necessary.
  • A pipe flange is attached to the cartridge, which will serve as the base fixed to the wall.
  • Then it is connected to a tee, nipple and corner. Another flange is attached, then the wiring is pulled through the pipes.
  • Adjustable lamp height.
  • The lamp is connected to the cartridge, and the switch is mounted.
  • The flange is mounted on the wall with screws, the operation of the device is checked.

lamp from pipes photo

The operation will require the following materials:

  • Lamp with or without grille.
  • A pair of black nipples for plumbing.
  • Cable.
  • Two metal flanges, the diameter of which matches the size of the cartridge.
  • Screwdriver and fixing screws.

Concrete base loft luminaires

The plafond is made of several wooden hoops for embroidery and watercolor paper. The whole process is divided into the preparation of the mold, the manufacture of a concrete base, the connection of wiring, the assembly and fixation of pipes, as well as the arrangement of the lamp shade. The pouring container can be taken from plastic, its dimensions must be sufficient to support the weight of the entire structure.

water pipe luminaire

Initial stages:

  1. Using a knife, make a hole for the cable.
  2. The wire for reinforcement is placed in a container.
  3. The cord is threaded through pipes with the necessary margin.
  4. To mark the exit of wires from the solution, use a marking tape.

The cord should enter the cement mixture at the point of connection to the switch, then be fed through the middle part of the pipe flange in which the hole is provided.

The final part

Further manufacture of the luminaire from water pipes is divided into several stages:

  • A cement mortar is made, which is poured into the prepared form.
  • The switch is fixed at the same level with the surface. Take care not to drown in the mixture.
  • Mount the flange on top of the solution, thread four mounting screws through the holes.
  • After preparing the base, the wires are passed through the pipes, fastening them to the flange.
  • Next, the free edge of the cables is pulled to the cartridge, after which the latter is attached inside the pipe.
  • The bulb is screwed in, the switch is connected and turned over.
  • A low power lamp can be left open.
  • For a powerful light element, you need to build a shade. To do this, take two hoops and watercolor paper, the seam is treated with wood glue.
  • This design allows you to choose any color and fabric coating used.
  • The finished lampshade is fastened with small screws that are screwed into the inner part of the hoop from above, or with a thin wire fixed to the additional pipe flange.

LED lamp

PVC pipe is ideal for this device. It is worth noting that this option is equipped with autonomous power. The design of the lamp is as simple as possible, anyone can assemble it with a minimum of tools and materials. It will take several pieces of a larger pipe for the base, including corners and fittings, as well as a smaller PFC pipe for the rack. The system uses a resistor with a power of at least 1 watt. This indicator is designed for 6 LEDs.

led lamp tube

The circuit is connected in a standard way. It is recommended to use a push - button switch . This will allow you to quickly make a nest under it in the pipe and will not require cutting out additional elements in the form of a rectangle under the slide switch. In addition, the switch should not be instantaneous, otherwise you will have to constantly hold the button to operate the device. The lamp from PVC pipes is equipped with a lampshade. Its painting is carried out in several layers. Otherwise, when the diodes are turned on, streaks or processing heterogeneity will be visible. A battery of suitable capacity is mounted at a distance of 80 millimeters from the edge of the pipe at the base. There you can adjust the switch. The main thing is that these details do not interfere with each other.

Pipe loft chandelier

Modern trends in the organization of lighting often require taking into account not only the efficiency of lamp elements, but also the chandeliers themselves. They can be created independently from improvised materials, while receiving an original and inexpensive design. For example, it is available to make a ceiling lamp from plastic pipes. This will require the following components:

  • Socket ceiling type.
  • 12 branches for cartridges and bulbs.
  • Polymer water pipes.
  • 12 small lamps.
  • Spray can with special paint.
  • Paper.
  • Ceiling outlet.

Work begins with the development of a model of the chandelier and the connection of branches among themselves. You can create both a symmetrical design and an original author’s model (it all depends on your imagination). Next, spread the paper on which the coloring process will take place. Paint on all sides and leave the lamp to dry. The ceiling socket is painted on the visible side. If necessary, spraying on the chandelier can be applied repeatedly. Then it remains only to connect the structure to the ceiling with screws and a flange, and also screw in the lamps. Check the design and enjoy the unique product. By the way, if the configuration of the lamp is boring, it can be transformed into a different style in a few minutes.

pvc lamp

Adjustable table lamp: initial manufacturing process

This lamp made of pipes, made by hand, is different in that it can be adjusted for reach and height. Many spare parts are available to find at home, so it is also profitable, as well as non-standard.

Materials used:

  • Bicycle Star.
  • A pair of metal pipes with a half inch thread (length - 450 mm).
  • Flange.
  • Fitting.
  • Two knees at 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Two copper tubes on ΒΎ.
  • Socket.
  • Polymer sleeve.
  • Electrical cable.

An asterisk from a bicycle will serve as a base. Holes under the flange are drilled in its center, after which it is painted. Then an iron pipe is screwed into the flange. The upper part of the element is attached to the base of the lamp, and the second part with a large diameter is installed so that a sliding effect appears. This will allow you to tilt the upper part of the structure, moving the upper tube.

The final part

To fix the pipe, a hole for the fixing screw is drilled in the lower compartment. A pipe with a diameter of ΒΎ is soldered, which will allow for alignment, as well as to get an original look. A bolt ΒΌ can be used as a stopper, which is attached to the outer handle of the crane. The ceiling can be made one of the methods described above by attaching it with screws, painted with copper or golden paint.

loft pipe lights

The rubber sleeve is mounted at the opposite end of the fitting, after which the end of the wire is cut off and stretched inside the pipe to the cartridge. The lamp is screwed into the cartridge around which the casing is clamped. Such a lamp from water pipes will make it possible to provide the right amount of light under various conditions. Moreover, its cost is minimal.


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