"Ambassador" - coffee. Ambassador: types, taste, reviews

"Ambassador" - coffee, which is well known to true connoisseurs of the ancient drink. This product ideally combines the amazing taste of natural grains with the excellent quality of their processing.

Description and characteristic

Coffee is that rare type of product, the popularity of which is only getting higher every year. He has more and more supporters who are able to appreciate the unique properties and characteristics of this amazing drink. Some of them spent years searching for a better brand. And today it’s enough for them to simply find a product with the words “Ambassador” on store shelves. Coffee with this name appeared on the market in the late eighties of the last century.

coffee ambassador

It is produced from grains of the famous varieties of robusta and arabica, grown on plantations in Asia, Africa and South America. The product brought from ecologically clean regions is carefully roasted after careful selection. Only after that a unique blend is created, which perfectly combines robusta strength and amazing aroma of arabica. And so it turns out "Ambassador", coffee, whose taste are legendary. Many barista prefer to use the products of this particular brand in their work. In their opinion, only it is a symbol of decent quality and true natural taste.

Manufacturing company

The Swiss company Sucafina SA is considered to be the ancestor of the new brand. It was she who in 1987 opened the Ambassador to the world. Coffee of this brand made a rather strong impression on the mass consumer. The company has entered into supply agreements with 22 countries. In the nineties, Russia was added to their number. Products of the famous brand with a worldwide reputation appeared in domestic stores. On the shelves you could find coffee:

  • grain fried by weight of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 grams;
  • ground natural 100 and 250 grams;
  • soluble in 2, 50, 100 and 200 grams.

The impeccable quality of the goods met the highest standards. Even experienced specialists did not have a shadow of doubt when choosing the right product. Indeed, according to many, it is he who is associated with the best coffee traditions. A little later, in 2011, a large Israeli corporation Strauss Group acquired all the rights to a popular brand. From that moment, she began to actively promote the Ambassador in the Russian market.

Types of famous coffee

The manufacturer has taken care to please people with completely different tastes and to prove that Ambassador is coffee for everyone.

ambassador coffee

Therefore, several lines of the popular drink were developed:

  1. "Prestige". After a strong roast, Colombian Arabica gives a strong bitter taste with a slight acidity.
  2. Decaf is a product with a low caffeine content, which makes it possible to use it at any time of the day.
  3. "Elegance".
  4. The blue line. This product is 100 percent Arabica. It has a rich rich taste and pronounced aroma.
  5. "Milano." Coffee beans are processed according to the classic recipe of Italian masters. The drink made from them has a delicate aroma, while maintaining a fairly strong taste.
  6. "Adora" is a combination of several types of arabica and robusta. The original blend allows you to get a drink with an original caramel flavor.
  7. Espresso Bar. This is medium-sized arabica, which, after brewing, gives a thick foam.
  8. Crema. A mixture of grains of different varieties produces a fairly strong drink with pleasant notes of vanilla and caramel.

This again underscores the fact that Ambassador is a coffee for every taste. With such a wide choice, each customer will be able to find an option suitable for himself.

Organoleptic characteristics

Many experts believe that, in addition to taste and aroma, the color of coffee is no less important. It can partly be used to judge the quality of the purchased goods.

coffee color

According to the International Register, the original product must combine brown tones. Typically, fresh ripe grains can have a color ranging from green to light brown. It depends on many factors:

  • the chemical composition of the soil on which the coffee trees themselves grow;
  • elevations above sea level;
  • climate features of a particular region.

After roasting, the color of the coffee changes. As a result of heat treatment, the product darkens, while acquiring strength and pronounced bitterness. These factors must be considered when choosing a product. In addition, it is necessary that the mixture is as homogeneous as possible and does not contain any impurities. Therefore, it is better to buy unfamiliar products in transparent packaging. But it is best to buy goods from a well-known manufacturer whose quality is not in doubt.

Customer reviews

Today in any Russian region you can find Ambassador coffee. The reviews of those who had a chance to try this product only confirm the opinion that has developed about it all over the world.

coffee ambassador reviews

Among the positive qualities, users distinguish:

  1. Multifaceted rich taste.
  2. Amazing characteristic aroma.
  3. Democratic and absolutely reasonable price.
  4. Original packaging that immediately attracts attention.

However, this product has some negative aspects:

  1. The products of some factories built with the assistance of a well-known Israeli company leave much to be desired. This refers to a manufacturing enterprise opened in the Vladimir region. Many buyers pay attention to excessive frying of the product, which affects the taste of the drink. Frankly burnt taste makes it look like a surrogate.
  2. Sometimes there are packages in which too small grains make one doubt their origin.

Most buyers still give a positive assessment to this product, but are advised to purchase goods from foreign manufacturers.

Exclusive option

Among the variety of types of the famous brand, Ambassador Platinum coffee deserves special attention. It is considered a high quality product made from selected raw materials.

coffee ambassador platinum

It consists of the best varieties of alpine Colombian arabica. The collected grains are subjected to medium frying, due to which they acquire a delicate and at the same time rich aroma, as well as a pleasant tart taste with pronounced notes of caramel and chocolate. The product is manufactured in Switzerland and goes on sale in bags (soft vacuum packaging) of 75 and 150 grams, as well as glass jars of 95, 190 and 47.5 grams. Such a product is relatively inexpensive. Depending on the volume of packaging, it can be purchased by paying from 90 to 500 rubles. The raw material for the production of such coffee is mainly Colombian arabica, which is processed using the special Freeze Dried technology. As a result, the finished product acquires a completely balanced taste and wonderful unique aroma.

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