Fiscal registrars and their errors

Fiscal registrars are nothing more than cash registers. But unlike the cash register, they have many other purposes. They operate through a system that includes a computer with all the necessary software: a keyboard, barcode scanner and display for the buyer. The devices consist of a printer, a fiscal memory department and an electronic security control tape (ECLZ). The latter is a mandatory component in such devices, as it is used primarily for reporting on all operations carried out through these devices. It is subject to annual inspections and replacement, and is also registered with the tax service. Minimization and concealment of taxes when using EKLZ become impossible.

Interfaces for connection

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Connection is made to the PC using the USB interface. To a small extent, the RS-232 interface is still used. There are models with the presence of both of them at the same time. The platform on the basis of which the fiscal registrar operates is 1C.

It is more profitable to use the described registrars than a cash register, since they can be used to analyze the current state of the sales picture, as well as conduct marketing research: determine which stocks give results and which products are sold more successfully. Registrars make it easier to work with staff: they prevent theft, mistakes and plan wages. In addition, they help to carry out accounting calculations.

Features of fiscal registrars

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The fiscal registrar also has the following features:

  • has unlimited memory in which you can enter an infinite number of items of goods throughout the working day without interrupting production;
  • at the same time, it automatically records goods in stock;
  • one of the important advantages is the ability to purchase both in cash and by credit card;
  • sales totals are calculated private and general; when knocking out a check, it is easy and convenient to read the full information on it, there are no errors on the check by correcting it before knocking out;
  • cash payments that are not related to the purchase are possible;
  • there is an extract of other documents, including invoices;
  • daily information is stored without the possibility of changing it; turning off the power does not affect this process.

Types of fiscal registrars

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Fiscal registrars are of two types: based on thermal printing and matrix. Currently, thermal printing is the most common, as it is a fairly quick method without using a paint cartridge. Dot matrix printers are less popular because they are considered obsolete devices. But at the post office, in banks where printing of a backing document is necessary, these are the only possible registrars. Their big plus is the long-term storage of information on the check, without abrasion, since according to the rules for the operation of cash registers, documentation must be stored for at least five years.

fiscal registrar 1s

The number of printing stations depends on the printer. Most organizations use single-station devices; they have only receipt tape. Two-station ones include check and control. Those that, in addition to them, also have a backing document, are called tri-station ones. Moreover, the latter can only be matrix.

Varieties of tape

Two types of tape are used in registrars: wide 80 mm and narrower 57 mm. Accordingly, if you need to place a lot of information on the tape, use the first option. On narrow tapes it is often difficult to read the text due to the abundance of abbreviations. It is also worth noting that the control tape used in matrix fiscal registrars lasts longer than the thermal paper used in registrars with thermal printing.

Cut and load paper

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A paper cutter can be placed on the machine. If a 57 mm tape is still convenient to tear off by hand, then in the case of a wide one this is problematic. There are two ways to load paper. The first involves opening the lid, placing the roll and loading the ribbon into the printing mechanism. The second method cancels the last action - just put the paper. It is ideal in points with high traffic customers.

Manufacturing companies

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Several Russian and foreign companies represented in Russia produce such devices as a fiscal registrar: Shtrikh-M, Tornado, SP, Fprint, Naval Forces, Felix, Mercury. Manufacturers under the first number began to produce their products (cash registers) back in 1987. At present, this is a holding that represents all the necessary cash register equipment (in addition to the described registrars, these are POS systems, taximeters, autonomous and system cash registers) and peripheral equipment (customer displays, cash drawers, keyboards, cashier monitors), trading scales , refrigeration equipment, barcode scanners, payment systems and much more.

Fiscal registrars "Barcode-M"

The company is a leader among manufacturers of registrars in the Russian market. The first device that worked on the basis of thermal printing was the fiscal registrar "Shtrikh-FR-K". Until now, this device has enjoyed continued success due to the availability of basic functions, quiet operation, sleek design and affordable price. It is for such a device as the fiscal registrar "Barcode-M" that this model is usually taken, as well as the "Barcode-Mini-FR-K". The latter entered the market in 2004 and is a smaller copy of the Shtrikh-FR-K device. Due to its compactness it can be used in places with limited space. In addition, there have been changes in this device: the printing speed has increased, the design of the ribbon cutter has improved. The main disadvantage is the lack of a USB interface. In subsequent years, the lineup replenished with other, more advanced models.

Fiscal registrars have indicators on their case: power and errors. For the correct functioning of the devices, each time the power is turned on, a self-test procedure is started.

Many modern models of this manufacturer basically have built-in modems for transferring reports to the tax service, can form a control tape in electronic document formats, and also contain a variety of ports for connecting a cash drawer, customer display and PC. This allows the use of such devices in a wide range of fields of activity.

Common mistakes and solutions

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If a fiscal registrar error is detected, the indicator lights up in red, and a code is issued through the software, according to which the specialist determines the problem. Faults relate to equipment or program. The most common are memory errors (fiscal or CMOS), electronic security control tape and printer. Often, complex errors occur that can be combined with each other in various ways. They also have their own specific codes.

Depending on the error, methods for its elimination are selected. In general, the work may include the following activities. The settings are reset. This allows you not to break the seals, not to open the case. The integrity of the plug connections is checked . This step makes it possible to exclude the replacement of blocks that are serviceable but have poor contact. The device is flashed with software in an updated version. This operation frees the fiscal registrar from memory failures. Replaced blocks that are faulty. It is a cardinal measure (especially in the case of viral infections) that allows you to completely get rid of errors, including complex ones.


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