To-do list: for students and more

Losing a lot of time on vacation or on vacation, alas, is typical. However, if you set yourself specific, measurable and achievable goals, then it is entirely possible that the summer will not pass in vain. And the goals that you set for yourself speak a lot about you. A summer to-do list, including watching the sunset or making charlotte (if it contains all the items of such a plan), speaks of the low intelligence of the author. What should be included in the list for the summer to feel successful? Just a few ideas ...

Already not with two fingers

Master, finally, blind typing. It is not so important which program you will use: paid or free. Each option has its own advantages. “Solo on the keyboard” will give a faster result, the free Stamina has a very interesting mode in which you can read your favorite books, “retyping” them. Thus, you will immediately achieve several goals. However, if there is little time, then the paid Solo is better. The speed of your work at the computer will increase several times as soon as you master the technique of touch printing. A to-do list for the summer is a personal improvement tool. No need to strive for speed records - more important than faultlessness, so as not to return to the already dialed.

Do not steam!

summer to-do list

Explore Google Search. A to-do list for the summer may include other computer knowledge. Google has special open source materials on the tricks of finding exactly what you need. The manual walking on social networks is hopelessly outdated. If you sit at the computer for a long time, then at least to good use. If you are a student, then search skills will save a lot of time when selecting the right materials. On average, users spend unproductively 30% of the time spent on searching. Learn to trick SEO-optimizers who are trying to get you “cheap plastic windows” and look for exactly what you need, for example, recommendations for choosing the same windows.

Super memory

Understand the functionality of Anki. For those who have not yet heard about it, this is the best free memory program that simulates cards. On one side - the question, then turn around - and compare your answer with the standard. You indicate how complex the card was, and the program itself selects the repetition interval for you based on the latest research in cognitive science. The algorithm was “stolen” from one of the best paid Supermemo programs. Learn more about what to learn - learn how to create cards with pictures, photos, sounds. If you come to a new team, you can slowly photograph all the employees, and then make name cards. For people with poor facial memory , this program can be a salvation.

Take a swim and ... learn a language

Naturally, it will be useful to go to the water, it is good if the to-do list for the summer includes a trip to the sea, lake or river. It’s not necessary to spend money on expensive tours. Organize everything yourself and save more than half the money that you would pay to the company. Ideally, you should go to the country of the foreign language you are studying. In England, it can also be interesting, although the sea is inferior to the French Riviera.

summer list

In general, do something that did not have enough time all year.

100 to-do summer deals

Read a book that your hands didn’t reach. Understand all the features of the new stove. Start martial arts and devote a couple of weeks to your beloved. Do not write 100 cases for the summer, the real list is always short. Seven to eight points is enough if you are a practitioner, not a dreamer.


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