Do-it-yourself coupe doors

Itโ€™s not difficult to create sliding doors with your own hands, for this you need to have basic skills in construction.

It is necessary to begin the specified type of work with the dismantling of the old structure. Also, in many apartments there are such niches, closing which with a modern compartment door, you get an excellent closet.

You need to start installing the interior door-compartments with your own hands by measuring the opening, where they will be located and only after that you can go to the nearest hardware store to purchase the door leaf, rollers, guides and screws, and you will also need a screwdriver.

Therefore, before you start to do the door-door with your own hands, you need to purchase the necessary materials.

If the opening is not very large, then a single-leaf door is quite enough, and if it is of considerable width, it would be better to install a double-wing sliding door, in which case you will have to purchase two canvases. It should be noted that when buying it, you need to pay attention to the fact that it should be 5-7 centimeters wider than the doorway.

You donโ€™t have to worry about the necessary additional materials, as they are always included in any specialized construction store. You buy door handles at your discretion, their number will correspond to the number of door leaves. Also, do not forget to buy a wooden beam 50x50mm in size, its length should be twice as long as the do-it-yourself sliding door you create.

When installing the doors, the first step is to fasten the guide to the wooden beam. This must be done reliably, for which fixing screws are used. Now we fasten the bar to the top of the door, subsequently guide rollers will join it . Using the existing adjusting nut, set the bar horizontally.

Then, in the lower part of the door using a chisel, you need to make a special groove in which the lower roller will then move. It is attached to the floor surface using self-tapping screws.

Now you need to carefully approach the installation of the beam, since its incorrect fixation can lead to spontaneous opening or closing of the door made by yourself with your own hands. When attaching the beam, you need to use reliable anchors and therefore the specified part of the work is best done together, so you can expose and attach the beam exactly in a horizontal position.

It is also worth paying attention to the installation of the lower guide roller, which should be exactly below the guide bar. If this is not observed, then there will be a skew, and the doors will not open well. You can correctly install the lower roller using a building plumb, and if it is not, then you can use any thread with a load.

Now it remains only to put the door leaf on the lower roller, and then it is finally mounted on the upper rollers. Also, do not forget to install special stops that come with the kit, otherwise the door may open beyond the guide bar when opened.

We carry out the final work, which consists in closing the beam with the help of a platband, for which it is necessary to use special finishing nails. The bar also closes from the end sides.

The final adjustment of the compartment door is carried out and only after they are fully adjusted, you can begin to install the correct handles, the location of which will be easy to determine.

Exactly the same technology you can make the doors for the wardrobe with your own hands.

Thus, the created sliding doors significantly save space, but one of their drawbacks is that they are not as tight as usual, and sound insulation will be worse, but sometimes you have to sacrifice something to get additional convenience.


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