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Angels (messengers) are celestial entities to which one can and should turn for help. Perhaps for some this is just a beautiful fairy tale, but for many it is a hope for support and wise advice in a difficult situation. So, one of the ways to get help is angelic fortune telling. Dorin Verce is a woman who managed to penetrate the secret of communication with angels. According to her methodological recommendations, many different fortunetelling has been created. In this article we will learn how to correctly ask for help from messengers and get an answer.

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The task and work of God's messengers

Before using angelic fortune telling, you need to know who the messengers are and what their basic meaning is. So, their task is to serve God, but their job is to help people. It should be understood that angels exist on a spiritual level. In his books, Dorin Verche writes that communication with angels can help in self-development and the opening of a telepathic connection. In her writings one can also find many different meditations and exercises for spiritual practices. The author of the books also claims that it was the angels who led the entire writing process. She seemed to fall into a trance and typed, not fully understanding the essence of the text.

Angels are called to help people and answer their requests. They are the vehicles between God and people. Since messengers are spiritual beings, they know about all the thoughts of a person, his secret desires and sincere intentions. So, it makes no sense to seek help if you are disingenuous. In addition, good angels are tuned only for positive energy. It is very difficult for them to help people with bad intentions and evil thoughts. Therefore, be sure to release all resentment and anger before divination begins.

Evil angels

Of course, yin and yang always go side by side. So, among all the heavenly creatures there are evil angels (spirits, demons). For example, in fortune-telling, they indicate negative events or warn of danger. Of course, you should not get in touch with them and ask for their help. It should be noted that each messenger has a special character. Like people, they are all individual. From the very beginning, it is very difficult to determine which angel came into contact with you. But if a person practices and often uses angelic divination, then soon he will learn to distinguish between them. In the presence of an evil spirit, he will feel depressed and very unhappy. In this case, it is necessary to read a prayer from demons:

May God rise and scatter him, and flee from his face, those who hate him. How smoke disappears, let them disappear; it seems that the wax melts from the face of fire, so that the beings perish from the faces of those who love God and are marked by the sign of the Cross, and in the joy of those who speak: rejoice, God blessed and blessed, it was not unhappening to you. Devil, and bestowed upon you the Cross of His Honest to drive out every adversary. Oh, the Most Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord! Help me with the Holy Virgin Mary, the Virgin Mary and with all the saints forever. Amen.

There is also a short form:

Protect me, Lord, by the strength of the Honorable and Life-giving Thy Cross, and save me from all evil.

Communication rituals

Communication with higher powers is not always as simple as it seems. People who have well-developed psychic and telepathic abilities can do this without the aid of cards. Another option is to use prayers. Each messenger is responsible for certain areas of life. For example, the archangel Michael protects against spiritual and physical dangers, and Gabriel - guides the true path, reveals the purpose of life. For each of the messengers there are special prayers.

Messages of Saints and Angels

But angels belong to the spiritual world, so they give advice through thoughts or dreams. It is very difficult for people who are just mastering the technique of communicating with messengers to hear and correctly understand such help. That is why they can use angelic fortune telling. This way you can ask a question and get an accurate answer. The only skill to be learned is the interpretation of maps, but more on that later.

Unique predictive system

In fact, there are so many different divinations on angel cards. But one of the most effective is the oracle Dorin Verche's “Angelic Therapy”. This is a predictive system that helps to know yourself and find out the answers to many questions of interest.

In general, the oracle was created specifically for self-development and self-knowledge. Many people have spiritual questions that they cannot find answers to. Dorin Verce (as a psychic and spiritual mentor) was able to help such people. Based on books and knowledge gained from messengers, she created a unique deck of 44 cards. They contain tips and tricks about the following:

Insight - believe that your imagination, as well as physical vision, will help you in the healing, training and awareness of the received guidance.

Liberation is working with Archangel Michael to let go of something that no longer serves you or your life’s purpose.

Indigo - “Indigo”, which means high inborn sensitivity and leadership qualities.

Books - the goal of your life includes a literary gift, reading, editing, or even selling spiritual books.

Shield - Protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by visualizing the cocoon that surrounds you from the healing light.

The Power of the Beast - the spirit of the animal guards you and helps you in this situation.

If you are nervous, then focus on ministry - focus your intention, answering the question “How can I make the world a better place?” And the law of attraction will automatically take care of your needs.

So, each of the predictions gives advice or caution. To cards, as a rule, a special book is offered. It is in it that details the meaning of each of the cards. In addition, on the shelves of shops you can find a different design of the deck. In fact, it does not affect the fortune-telling process itself, but it is very important that a person likes the look of kmrt. You need to understand that with the deck he will have constant cooperation. Sometimes the energy of cards is not suitable for people. They feel discomfort, they begin to hurt and feel dizzy. In this case, work with a particular deck is strictly prohibited.

Angel cards

Fortune telling

To get help or advice, you need to ask questions correctly. There are certain rituals that precede the process of divination. First, the prayer “Our Father” should be read. It will protect you from evil entities that may interfere with your work. In addition, you need to light a church candle and focus.

It is necessary to completely clear the mind of negative thoughts and emotions. If at the moment you are overwhelmed with a feeling of anger or joy, then you should postpone fortune-telling on the angelic runes and put your thoughts and feelings in order. Silence and calm must reign within you. It is very important that there are no thoughts that distract you. Only the question that interests you at the moment should sound in your head.

Cards Dorin Verche

If the deck of cards is new, then you need to feel it. You must become one with her. She must be nourished by your energy. So, you should take a new deck and look at each card, hold it in your hands and delve into its meaning.


For different questions, different layouts should be used. There are a lot of them in angelic fortune-telling. But there are basic ones that are most popular because of their ease of interpretation. In the cards of Dorin Verche's “Angel Therapy” there is one significant plus. In addition to the name and pictures, they also have a brief explanation. Thus, the process of interpreting angelic fortune telling by the clock (time) is significantly reduced.

Card counts

So, the first layout is “One card”. He will help answer any simple question and give advice. He is also called "Fairy Fortune Teller." To do this, just focus on the question and draw out one card. Its significance will be the answer to your request. If the interpretation of the card is not entirely clear or has a double meaning, then two more must be drawn. Lay them on different sides of the main one. We will call them additional cards. Now, given their significance, the answer to the question will be sufficiently detailed and accurate.

Book of Dorin Verche

Time Layouts

Sometimes, people are interested in issues related to a certain period of time (half a year, week, 2 months, etc.). In this case, the number of cards will correspond to days, months, weeks. For example, six months - 6 cards, a week - 7, a month - 31. Of course, it is advisable to take small periods of time. So, for example, every Monday you can make a layout for a week. You can also divide the day into three segments: morning, afternoon, evening. So you can do a more detailed layout for the day.

Situations depending on the situation

The widest selection of layouts is present precisely in this category, since questions can be on a variety of topics. We single out the most basic:

  • love relationship;
  • spiritual development;
  • work and professional sphere;
  • financial situation.

For such situations, angelic fortune telling is performed as follows.

The alignment on the angel cards

5 cards are drawn from the deck one by one. The first is placed in the middle, the second is on the left, the third is on the right, the fourth is on top and the fifth is below. Of course, the location of the cards is not accidental:

  1. The essence of the situation or question.
  2. Past events that are relevant to the present.
  3. Near future.
  4. The outcome of the situation.

Thus, by interpreting each of the cards, you can find out the answers to all your questions. You need to ask only about yourself, because the angels prefer to be addressed personally.

It is important to note that there are practically no negative values ​​in the cards, and in fact, in life everything does not always go smoothly. According to many psychologists, these cards not only predict the future, but also significantly affect the person’s inner mood. He begins to see positive things in different situations, and fortune telling helps him in this. Angelic tarot Dorin Verche improves mood, and also gives strength and confidence to the fortuneteller.

Book and cards of Dorin Verche

At the end of any of the layouts, you must definitely thank the cards for their help and put them in a secluded place. Never give your fortune-telling cards to anyone. They should have only your energy. So, correctly asking for help from angels, you will always get the answer to your question.


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