Renaissance Credit: how to pay a loan. Methods, features and requirements

Cash loans are provided at various financial institutions. They are issued by Renaissance Credit. How to pay a loan? For this, several proven methods are used. Each of them has its own commissions, terms and other features.

Bank branches

How to pay a loan to Renaissance Bank? This is carried out both in cash and by bank transfer. If the first option is convenient, then you can contact the bank branch. To do this, you must have a passport and a contract or account number. After payment, the customer is issued a check, which must be kept until crediting. Payment is made on the same day, they charge 0.5% for service.

renaissance loan how to pay a loan

Terminals and ATMs

You can pay off debt in this way at any time. Some devices work around the clock. You can find out information about their location on the website or by calling the support service. Money is transferred without commission, usually the next day.

To complete the payment you need:

  1. Find the Renaissance Credit tab.
  2. Click on "Repayment of the loan."
  3. Indicate the account number of the contract.
  4. Confirm information, put money.
  5. Get a check.

The same method allows you to pay with a card. You can use the terminals "Eleksnet" and "Qiwi", which charge a commission of an average of 1.5%.

Post of Russia

This organization also allows you to transfer funds to Renaissance Credit. How to pay a loan? To do this, you need to take a receipt in the bank in advance, fill it out by providing the cashier. Funds are transferred in 5 business days, so they should be sent in advance.

how to pay a renaissance loan to a bank

Salons of communication and transfers

It is possible to transfer money through operators:

  1. "Megaphone".
  2. MTS
  3. The Messenger.
  4. Beeline.

Money is credited in 2 business days. The commission is equal to 1% of the amount, but not less than 50 rubles. Translation systems work under the same conditions:

  1. Rapida.
  2. Uniastrum.
  3. "Gold Crown".

Branches of other banks

how to pay a loan in the renaissance

You can contact another bank. How to pay a loan at the Renaissance? It is necessary to prepare the contract and account number. Usually the data is printed by the cashier, and the client needs to check it and sign it. You must have a passport with you. Organizations for transfers charge fees:

  1. 1% - Bank Vozrozhdenie.
  2. 1.2% - MDM Bank and Promsvyazbank.
  3. 1.5% - SDM Bank.
  4. 2% - Interkommerts Bank.
  5. 3% - Sberbank.

Crediting is carried out within 1-2 days.


In order not to miss payments and not overpay for a commission, you can arrange a transfer of funds through accounting. To do this, transfer payment information there, write a statement. Funds are transferred automatically on the specified date. But the employer has the right to refuse this service if the institution does not cooperate with the bank.

Trading networks

You can transfer funds in the following stores:

  1. "El Dorado".
  2. "M Video".
  3. Euroset.
  4. "Technosila."
  5. Atlant Computers.

how to pay a renaissance credit card

How to pay a Renaissance Credit card? At the first payment, you need an account or contract number, bank details, mobile phone, passport. Then you only need a phone number.

Through the Internet

You can also transfer funds online to Renaissance Credit. This will save time. For this there is Sberbank Online. Many get paid on cards of this organization. The translation procedure is as follows:

  1. Visit your account.
  2. Click on “Loans of other financial organizations”.
  3. Enter the TIN, account number, amount.
  4. Select the account from which payment will be made.
  5. Select "Pay."

Funds are transferred at any time, crediting is quick. You can connect "Auto Payment". Then the money will be transferred in automatic mode, which will allow to avoid delay in credit.

Site of the RCB

With the help of the Renaissance Internet Bank, it will be possible to transfer funds from card to card. The procedure is as follows:

  1. On the site, select "Support" and "Pay loan."
  2. Click on "Transfer from card to card."
  3. Enter the details of the card from which the funds will be transferred.
  4. Click “Pay."

Renaissance loan application how to pay

Funds are transferred up to 3 days, the commission is 1-2%. The amount for one operation should not be more than 20-50 thousand rubles. There is a Renaissance Credit application. How to pay there? The instructions are similar to those with your personal account.

Another bank

How else can I pay for Renaissance Credit? This can be done using the personal account of another bank. Details will be required - name, account, BIC. The commission may be different for different banks.

Full prepayment

Perhaps a full early closure of debt at Renaissance Credit. How to pay a loan? This is accomplished using several options:

  1. Contact the bank.
  2. Call the hotline.
  3. Leave a request on the site.

After the amount becomes known, you can make it. You should not transfer more funds, since they can only be received with a commission of 3%. And if there is not enough money, then the loan will not be closed. 30 days before closing, you must write a statement at the office or send it by mail. On the appointed date, the loan is closed.

Partial payment

If there are no funds for a complete closure, then you can pay a loan in part. The service is also available at Renaissance Credit. How to pay a loan in this case? To do this, it is necessary to transfer to the account an amount greater than the monthly payment. By reducing the size of the main debt, the client reduces the amount that interest is spent on. Therefore, the overpayment will be less.

How can I pay for a renaissance loan?

Partial prepayment service is available several times. In only 30 days you need to notify the bank about this event. To do this, you need to write a statement in the office or send it by mail. After debiting the amount, the payment will be recalculated, but the period will be the same. The new schedule is provided to the client by mail or in the office. Using this service will save on overpayments.

There is another way to reduce overpayment. To do this, you need to draw up a deposit (it opens instead of early payment), and then take the funds and pay them.

Credit Tips

To pay the loan as soon as possible, you need to use simple tips:

  1. It is important to study the terms of the contract. The payment may include various expenses - insurance, banking, maintenance. It is advisable not to connect such services.
  2. Monthly you need to pay 10% more from the payment, as it will save.
  3. Cost and income should be recorded. The Council will allow you to accustom yourself to the financial order.
  4. If you can’t reduce expenses, you need to increase income.
  5. You need to pay for the loan after receiving a salary or advance payment.
  6. You can use the refinancing service. It is beneficial for customers who already have a loan, but have difficulty repaying it.
  7. If several loans are issued, then the one with a higher percentage should be paid faster. Then it will minimize overpayments.

These simple tips will help you close your debts faster. You can pay a loan by any of the following methods. The main thing is that everything suits according to the conditions of the translation. These options are suitable for making monthly payments, early and partial repayment.


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