New fashionable furniture - a sofa from pallets. How to make a sofa with your own hands?

Do you want to make fashionable, creative, unusual and cheap furniture yourself? Easy! Try to make a sofa out of pallets with your own hands. Do you think such furniture will look unpresentable and ugly? It's not like that at all.

sofa from pallets


It is worth considering that the dimensions of pallets (pallets), which are usually used in Russia, are 1000 * 1200 * 120 mm, and the so-called "Euro pallets" have dimensions of 800 * 1200 * 144 mm. Therefore, pre-calculate whether to saw off part of the pallet or use it completely. Such furniture is most often used in country houses or private houses, as well as in large apartments.

In addition, pallets are solid (when the horizontal boards are firmly pressed against each other) and ordinary, when between the boards there is a gap of the same width as the board, or slightly less. It is much easier to work with the first ones, they will not require additional plywood, but it is worth considering that in our country such pallets are sold and rarely used.

If you have a large space, you can make a corner sofa from pallets. It should be noted that it takes up a lot of space, so you need to approach its manufacture very seriously.

do-it-yourself sofa of pallets

Making the foundation

The basis of such a sofa is very simple - several pallet stacked on top of each other. You can adjust the height yourself, but from 1 to 4 pallets are usually used. For the back, place another pallet upright.

For stability, the elements must be fixed together using screws, bolts or nails. If you need a very robust design, use metal corners.

If you intend to move your sofa out of pallets, you can pre-attach round wheels to it.

If you have a regular pallet, it is advisable to cover the upper part with a sheet of chipboard or plywood.

If you want to make a folding sofa out of pallets, you will need a special mechanism, which can be purchased at hardware stores, and supporting legs. The device is easily mounted on a pallet, and your sofa will not take up much space in the apartment, and if necessary, you can spread it out as a sleeping place.


Work the boards with a grinder (or with coarse sandpaper) and paint with construction paint or varnish with furniture. This is necessary so that during operation thin slivers do not appear and there is no splinter.

To make a sofa out of pallets with your own hands, you need a soft mattress or foam rubber with a height of at least 20 cm. You can sew or order a textile cover or cover on the mattress. It is best to make a cover with a zipper so that it is possible to remove and wash it.

Also, the sofa can be decorated with embroidered pillows in the color of textiles, curtains or just for your taste.

how to make a sofa out of pallets

Interesting tricks

To your sofa from pallets was not only beautiful, but also functional, you can use additional techniques.

  1. The simplest shelves. In the voids between the boards of the pallets, insert a sheet of plywood of the appropriate size, fix it with screws or furniture glue.

  2. Drawers. They can be made independently or ordered in a carpentry workshop. Do not forget about convenient handles and be sure to use mechanisms for drawers.

In these drawers it is very convenient to store bedding or small items.

sofa from pallets

In addition, other furniture in the room can be made in the same style.

What else can be made from pallets?

In principle, any furniture can be made from pallets. We offer some simple options.

Coffee table. Put two or three pallets on top of each other, sand and paint. You can add a countertop - a sheet of plywood or glass. In addition, if you screw the legs to the pallet, the table will also be mobile.

sofa from pallets

Table. Attach wooden or iron legs to the pallet, decorate the countertop.

sofa from pallets
Bed or sunbed. It is made in the same way as a sofa from pallets, only without a vertical back.

sofa from pallets

Rack or shelf for small items. It is necessary to cut several pallets (depending on the desired rack height) to a depth of 40-60 cm, put the pieces on top of each other, fix and paint.

Chest of drawers for storing small items. It is carried out according to the principle of the rack, drawers are additionally inserted into the voids.

do-it-yourself sofa of pallets

Supply for flowers. To create a stand for curly flowers, you just need to fasten the pallet vertically and install drawers or pots inside it.

Shelves, clothes hangers, chairs, armchairs and even gazebos and garden houses are also made from pallets .

Basically, all ideas are just a small clue. If you are a creative person with a well-developed imagination, you can make anything you want out of pallets. At the same time, there is no need to have the skills of a joiner - a thin tree is sawed very simply, and then you will just need to purchase sandpaper, paint (or varnish) and textiles.

corner sofa from pallets

If you still have questions about how to make a sofa out of pallets, you can contact the carpentry workshop for advice. But in fact, the manufacture of such furniture requires a minimum of effort and money, the main thing is desire, creativity and the simplest working skills.


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