Manicure and design: pink nails - French, design tips

Beautiful well-groomed hands with a neat manicure are the best decoration of a woman, regardless of age. The color of the varnish can be any, suitable for along with accessories. A manicure can be monophonic, or you can use an intricate design. Pink nails are a good option, they give the image a special femininity, romance.

The secrets of pink manicure: choose shades

pink nails design

The choice of shades of pink is huge, so it can rightfully be considered the most popular color for nails. Soft pink, pink and peach colors are appropriate in any situation and can be used as an option for every day. If you add a bright design to them , the pink nails will look stylish and fit the evening look.

When choosing a varnish color, it is desirable to take into account the skin tone. So, on white-skinned hands, warm shades of pink look better, such as peach, salmon, and coral. For dark skin, shades of cold pink are suitable: scarlet, sakura, fuchsia. For work in the office, it is better to stop your choice on muted matte colors: smoky pink, pale coral. For the celebration and publication, bright shades will be ideal, matched to match clothing and accessories.

French manicure

pink-black nail design

In delicate colors, the pink French nail design looks great. It can be successfully supplemented with drawings: lines, butterflies, bows, dots, flowers. Different elements can be painted on one or several nails. French pink shades are ideal for a bride's wedding manicure. For example, an orchid painted on a soft pink background will serve as an exquisite addition to the image.

A very beautiful and discreet version of the classic French manicure is the addition of several medium-sized rhinestones to some nails.

A classic French manicure on a pale pink base with a highlighted white tip visually makes your hands younger, gives the image an elegance.

New fashion trends. Spring-Summer 2016 Trends

  • Favorite of the season - unusual β€œmetal” design. Matte pink nails (to better shade the radiance) are complemented by a tip with a metallic sheen. It can be a varnish of the corresponding shade or a glued sticker.
  • Twist-French. A rich palette of colors is used for its execution. Multi-colored stripes can be both clear and with blurry extreme lines. Using the original twist design, you can depict a rainbow on your nails.
  • The fashion trend of this summer is the application of acrylic molding on a pink French manicure. In this technique, flowers, butterflies can be voluminously depicted. This will give the manicure a special sophistication perfectly emphasize the solemnity of the image.

Gel polish

nail design gel polish pink

The advantage of gel nail polish is that it can be worn for a fairly long time (about 3 weeks), but it will have to be dried with a special lamp or a spray catalyst.

Gel polish does not dry at room temperature, so it is actively used to create a nail design. Gel Polish pink you can choose a saturated shade. It must be applied to fat-free nails, after applying the base on them, and then dried with a UV or LED lamp. Then cover the nails with a layer of fixative. After the procedure, you should use a sponge moistened with a special liquid to remove the sticky layer.

Gel polish looks great on nails of any length. For extended long nails there are wider possibilities of using various designs with the addition of rhinestones, decorative stones. For short nail plates, such types of manicure as ombre, sand design, French, the use of contrasting colors ( pink and black nails design ) are suitable .

Nail shape for design

pink french nail design

Both in the cabin and at home, you can make an elegant design with your own hands. Pink nails go well with both other colors and decorations (rhinestones or stickers). The shape of the nail plate should correspond to the overall image. For example, for extravagant style, elongated nails with a pronounced sharp tip are suitable. You can decorate a pink nail with small sparkles.

Square nails with clear contours are great for any design. You need only your imagination.

Oval pink nails will become companions for a gentle romantic look.

On short nails, all the drawings must be located along, that is, vertically. Volumetric elements, sculpting are not recommended, since they are able to visually make the arm heavier. For the design of a short nail should not use more than three colors.

Nail Design Tips

  1. Large elements of the picture (images of flowers, animals, etc.) should not be painted on all nails, it is enough to focus on the ring finger.

  2. The original look is the separation of one large image into fragments, each located on a separate nail.

  3. The lush flower drawn on one nail looks beautiful, and on all the others its petals.

  4. Small flowers can be drawn in any quantity. Such a design looks very tender: pink nails decorated with a French manicure are decorated with a strip with a lot of small flowers a couple of tones brighter than the main coating.


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