Cruise river ship "Gogol". Motor ship "N.V. Gogol"

Our article will be interesting to those who are interested in cruises in Russia. Since the country is rich in natural beauties that can be seen during a water trip, it is worth taking the opportunity to go on a trip. The motor ship "Gogol" is just one of such motor ships, on board of which you can make a pleasant voyage.

The benefits of water travel

Russia is a very large and beautiful country, on the territory of which there is something to see. Going on a trip around the country is a very attractive prospect. But it is worthwhile to think over the route of movement in advance. An incredibly convenient option is a cruise on the boat, because during the trip you get not only a lot of impressions, but also the most comfortable stay, and every day you find yourself in a completely new place, without wasting time on tiresome trips. In general, cruises are a very popular type of vacation, which travelers have long loved. If you want to travel around Russia, you can use the services of the cruise ship Gogol.

motor ship gogol

During the trip, the liner suggests visiting cities such as Kazan, Moscow, Saratov, St. Petersburg and Astrakhan. The three-decker offers a comfortable stay on board and accommodation in comfortable cabins equipped with modern standards. A cruise trip has several advantages. Firstly, tourists during the trip can fully relax and indulge in a good rest, and all concerns regarding food and movement are the concern of the ship's team. Secondly, the contemplation of natural beauties from rivers and reservoirs is an absolutely amazing sight.

During the trip, passengers of the liner will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and delicious food in the restaurant. And in between visits to different cities, tourists can enjoy relaxing on the upper deck. Comfortable sun loungers will allow you to relax and soak up the sun, contemplating the most beautiful landscapes. In addition, guests are invited to visit the daily disco bar, which hosts entertainment events. Therefore, vacationers simply do not have time to get bored.

Liner specifications

The motor ship "Gogol" (photos are given in the article) is a three-deck vessel. It was built in 1958 in Germany. In 2016, a complete reconstruction and modernization of all premises was carried out, furniture and interior design were updated. Currently, the ship has cabins with partial and full amenities, three restaurants, a bar, a playroom for children.

motor ship Gogol Arkhangelsk

The liner is 96 meters long and 14.6 meters wide. The height of the vessel is 13 meters, draft - 2.4 meters. The ship has a speed of up to 24 kilometers per hour; it is equipped with three main engines and three auxiliary engines. The ship can take on board 220 passengers.

Liner infrastructure

The motor ship Gogol has a good infrastructure for a cruise ship. On board there are three restaurants that provide three meals a day for passengers, a sauna, a concert hall, a first-aid post, a bar, an equipped solarium in the fresh air, a room for ironing, a children's playroom, a reception and a souvenir kiosk.


Every future passenger is worried about being placed on a ship. The motor ship Nikolay Gogol offers a fairly large selection of cabins. The following options are available for booking:

  1. Single cabins.
  2. Single and bunk double.
  3. Triple rooms.
  4. Suite for two guests.
  5. Quadruple.
  6. Comfort for two tourists.

All cabins of the Gogol motor ship are represented by three classes. Let's take a closer look at each option:

motor ship gogol photo

  1. Cabins of the third class are located in the liner. They are bunk rooms for four passengers. The toilet and shower are on the deck.
  2. The second class cabins are on the middle deck. They are equipped for two guests. The room has a wardrobe, wall shelf, a table with chairs, a minibar. Triple cabins are bunk, they also have a sofa. Facilities are located on the deck.
  3. First class rooms are located on the middle deck. Among them there are single and double deck cabins. Facilities are on deck.
  4. PDAs are cabins of increased comfort. They are equipped with all amenities (toilet and shower) and air conditioning.
  5. Junior Suite - Located on the middle deck. It is equipped with a sofa and a double bed, a TV, air conditioning, furniture, a minibar, a shower and a toilet.
  6. PDA with balconies. Such cabins, among other amenities, have a balcony.
  7. Premises are located on the boat deck. They are equipped with TVs, air conditioning, balcony, furniture, hairdryer, shower and toilet.


The motor ship "Gogol" during the cruise offers food in the restaurant. For passengers with children, food is covered a little earlier than the main group. It should be noted that this year tourists are offered a choice of three options for catering. Passengers have the opportunity to independently choose the most convenient for them.

ship Gogol Arkhangelsk schedule

The “standard” package includes three meals a day, insurance, accommodation, cultural and recreational activities for adults and children.

The price of the half-board tour includes only two meals a day, accommodation and entertainment programs. The “full” package makes it possible to order meals of your choice, as well as take sightseeing tours.


Every year, the liner offers all kinds of cruises. This year, the schedule of the ship "Gogol" assumes its work from the eighth of June to the end of September.

For 2017, the “campaigns” of the Gogol motor ship to Perm, Tchaikovsky, Petrozavodsk, Saratov, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan and many other cities are scheduled.

motor ship gogol reviews

The cruise program of the liner is impressive, so every tourist can choose the trip that is most interesting. Here is just an example of a few cruises:

  1. Travel Perm - St. Petersburg is designed for 19 days. During the cruise, a visit to the islands of Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki is provided.
  2. Perm - Volgograd - eleven-day tour.
  3. Perm - Berezniki - a short cruise lasting only three days. During the trip, vacationers visit Cherdyn, Solikamsk, Usolye.
  4. Perm - Astrakhan - tour for 14 days.
  5. Perm - Samara - Kazan - a seven-day cruise.

Our list of cruise programs is far from complete. Among them, you can pick up trips to different cities of different durations. Very popular among Russians and guests of the country is the Golden Ring cruise (Perm - Yaroslavl).

Cruise Travel Reviews

According to tourists, a cruise on a boat is a unique opportunity to see cities and attractions from the river. Nowadays, we are used to traveling more by car and bus. This way of moving is more convenient and familiar to us. However, it is worth moving away from the usual way of life and taking a river trip. The ship "Nikolai Gogol" cruises on different routes, so you can choose the most suitable train and relax during the trip. According to tourists, the liner is not very new, but well-repaired, and the interior during the reconstruction was given a more modern look. Experienced travelers recommend choosing a cabin higher if you are setting off on a river trip for the first time.

And one more "Gogol" ...

Many tourists get confused with motor ships when choosing tours. And this is due to the fact that in Russia there is far from one liner named in honor of the famous writer.

motor ship n to gogol

The cruise ship, which we wrote about earlier, is called the ship “N. V. Gogol. " This is the inscription on his stern. Of course, abbreviation of the full name, everyone calls it simply “Gogol” (as we did, describing this liner, so that interested readers would hear a more familiar name). This is where the confusion begins, since there is another “N. V. Gogol. " This is an older river wheeled vessel, which was built back in 1911. Construction was carried out in Nizhny Novgorod at the Feed Plant. The ship Gogol (Arkhangelsk) is considered the oldest passenger ship in Russia, which is still still in operation at the moment.

Motor ship or steamboat?

Confusion in the names of two different ships sometimes leads to a dead end even the tour operators themselves. The thing is that the ship "Gogol" (Arkhangelsk) is actually a steamboat. The fundamental difference to the layman is simply not understood. But experts will immediately realize that it is all about the type of engine. Steam use steam pressure as a driving force. Such engines were used in the old days on ships. Modern liners are already equipped with internal combustion engines. Typically, these are diesel engines in which the piston is driven by the exhaust gases generated by the combustion of diesel fuel.

With all the advantages of modern ships, steamboats still exist. Of course, they make only minor transportation. As a rule, they are called “banquet halls” due to the fact that corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations are held on board. Such lovely historical ships are a tribute to the past and an opportunity to travel back more than a hundred years ago.

Vintage ship voyages

Steamboat “N. V. Gogol "currently runs on the Northern Dvina and is assigned to Severodvinsk Arkhangelsk region. In our article, we call it a motor ship, which, as already mentioned, is more common for tourists who do not delve into the technical characteristics of ships.

It is worth noting that "N. V. Gogol ”is a laureate of the Prize of Pomerania named after Yuri Senkevich. In 1994-1996, the ship was the last major overhaul and reconstruction. Modern shipbuilders carefully sorted out the entire mechanical part of the vessel and installed new equipment. During the repair, the interiors of the cabins and other rooms were updated.

Perhaps the schedule of the ship "Gogol" (Arkhangelsk) and not as dense as his namesake, but he is also incredibly sought after by tourists. The ship makes regular pleasure voyages on Russian holidays. In addition, the ship can be visited during excursion programs. From time to time, events on order are established on its board. Everyone can go on a river trip on board.

Tourists reviews

In the summer, there comes a tourist time for river walks. Arkhangelogorodtsy recommend visiting the city’s river ship “Gogol” and taking a ride on it along the Northern Dvina. The old ship is an interesting place for an unforgettable boat trip. As evidenced by the feedback available on the Gogol motor ship, firstly, from its deck you can admire the beauty of nature, and secondly, the vessel itself is of interest. On it you can touch and see everything, because not every day you can see a working wheeled steamer, which is already more than a hundred years old.

The Gogol team takes an active part in the life of the city, conducting sightseeing trips dedicated to the celebration of the City Day, Independence Day, the Navy Day and other significant events. Locals practice renting a motor ship to celebrate graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. According to tourists, the ship now looks great, it is worth a visit and embark on a three-hour journey along the Northern Dvina on a day off.

motor ship Gogol Perm

And the most daring can go on a three-day cruise with a visit to the village of Brin-Navolok, the Anthony-Siya Monastery, with a sightseeing tour of the villages of Lomonosovo and Kholmogory. An unforgettable trip for a long time to be remembered by tourists.

Instead of an afterword

We hope that our article was interesting and informative for all supporters of water travel. If you have the opportunity to go on a cruise or for a walk on one of the ships described by us, be sure to use it. An unforgettable river trip will not leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, not so often in the modern rhythm of life there is time for rest.


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