LLC MFI ID Alfa-Group: reviews, overview, description and services

Today LLC MFO ID Alfa Group will be presented . Reviews about this corporation are not so common, but they help to understand how honest the organization is. This is an important moment for many customers. Everyone should know what a company is before contacting it. So what features of Alfa Group ID should you pay attention to?


To begin with, it is recommended to understand what is at stake. What is MFO ID Alfa Group LLC? Reviews indicate that this company is called a microfinance organization. It is ideal for solving your financial problems.

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The association does not conduct any other activities. Only standard services that other microfinance organizations provide. And it pleases. No shadow politics, nothing incomprehensible.


What kind of services are offered in Alfa Group Publishing House? It has already been said that this is a microfinance company that operates in Russia. What does she do?

The services of the company are the provision of loans and the issuance of loans, as well as the provision of money on bail. In other words, the corporation helps to resolve monetary issues of the population. There is nothing surprising in this.

Not enough money to buy this or that product? Alfa Group ID will help! Urgently need money for something? The specified microfinance organization will come to the rescue again! This should be remembered by every resident of the Russian Federation.

The organization also provides loans to its customers. If you believe the leadership, then on favorable terms. In any case, LLC MFI ID Alfa-Group receives reviews as a corporation that helps resolve financial issues if necessary.


The specified company in Russia appeared relatively recently. Therefore, the organization is not too widespread in the country. Many are interested in the legal address of the company. It is always important to know where this or that organization is registered.

Today, the head office of Alfa Group Publishing House is located in Moscow. More precisely, on the highway Altufevskoe, house 33B. This is the address indicated in all known sources. It is recommended to contact here on all arising questions.

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And you can use the telephone. For this, several contacts are offered. All of them allow you to contact the company. True, finding specific contacts is difficult today.

For example, according to some announcements it becomes known that you can use the services of Alfa Group Publishing House by calling:

  • 8 867 019 17 67;
  • 8 985 530 70 22.

Finding more accurate information about the organization is very difficult. Unless you can find out that it was created in 2015.

Offers to customers

LLC MFI "ID Alfa Group" reviews earns a variety of. Some indicate that this company offers its customers a variety of loans and loans at favorable conditions. Moreover, the distribution and promotion of services is carried out through SMS messages.

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Many indicate that they did not contact ID Alfa Group at all, but the organization still offers its services. Such proposals raise concern - what if we are talking about scammers?

Contact with the bank

It is difficult to say exactly what the said corporation is. Especially when you consider that all the reviews about the organization are rather questions. People are interested in what ID Alfa Group is. Why?

The thing is that there is a bank of the same name in Russia. Some first take loans and loans from MFI Alfa Group, after which they come to the bank with all the claims. And there they have no idea what is at stake.

It is noted that the Alfa Group Publishing House and Alfa Bank have nothing in common with each other. The organization under study is not supported by a banking company. Moreover, lawyers check how legally competent and correct the MFI leaders have done by choosing a similar name. Therefore, if someone says that this microfinance organization is supported by a large Russian bank, you can not believe in it.

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Reviews about the MFI "ID Alfa Group" are left different. Some people wonder if this is a fraudulent company. No one can say for sure. But the fact that the organization draws up loans and borrowings is 100%. Moreover, in the presence of debts it is necessary to communicate with collectors.

Based on the information provided to potential customers, it can be concluded that this is not about scammers. As some lawyers say, there are chances to be deceived when working with any MFI. Therefore, such associations, in principle, are best treated with skepticism.

Nevertheless, LLC MFI ID Alfa-Group has reviews, contacts and even an address. This is a real organization, not fiction. It is hard to say how conscientious she is. But people still try to find at least some information about the company. Especially given the fact that it often offers the population favorable conditions for the provision of cash.

Profit or mousetrap

Now it is clear which LLC MFI ID Alfa-Group LLC has reviews, contacts and an address. As already mentioned, the organization very often promotes its services by sending SMS messages to a potential client. What do people think?

Many find the offers attractive. Favorable conditions for lending or obtaining a loan - this is what attracts people. Nevertheless, lawyers recommend not trusting completely such proposals. Why?

invest group MFI at Moscow

It has already been said that MFIs are risks anyway. Especially when it comes to lending. Therefore, the feedback on the MFI LLC (MFI ID Alfa Group LLC) often expresses doubts about the integrity of the company. Lawyers emphasize that it is difficult to calculate the interest and overpayments that the client will incur. - This is a kind of "mousetrap", which is designed to lure potential borrowers.

Strange Promises

There is another category of reviews. It clearly indicates that the corporation under study is the real scammers. Indeed, before starting cooperation, the potential borrower is invited to transfer about 5% of the prepayment to the organizationโ€™s account. Only after this will one or another loan or loan be issued.

Few people believe in such proposals, only naive people. Therefore, some do not risk contacting the corporation under study. And the company ID Alfa Group (Russia, Moscow) does not earn the best reviews. Some blame MFIs for fraud and weird working patterns.

Invest Group

Some clients are interested in what Invest-Group is (an MFI at the address: Moscow, Kholodilny Lane, Building 3, Building 1). Some believe that this company is one of the branches of Alfa Group Publishing House. This is actually not the case. In any case, this is what the official representatives of the company say, as well as customers, and official information about the owners, as well as the place of registration of companies.

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All reviews on LLC MFI "Invest-Group" indicate that this organization is real. It is a microfinance company that actually issues loans and borrowings. Moreover, you can easily contact the representative office of a particular branch of the corporation by phone. Or look into one of the branches of the MFI.

What are the opinions of MFI "Invest-Group LLC" (Moscow)? Reviews about the company are left as about a real company, but not the most conscientious. She offers loans on favorable terms, which are actually bait. Then the confusion begins with interest and overpayments.

Also, some opinions indicate that Invest Group has a rather serious paperwork. And even after its observance, the probability of a loan denial is high. Therefore, do not think that the company provides money to everyone. It's not like that at all. Rather, getting money here is not so easy.


Now itโ€™s clear what feedback MFI ID Alfa Group LLC receives. And what is this organization too. In general, it is far from the best place to appeal. Therefore, you should not rely on attractive offers from the management of the company. Many consider Alfa Group ID fraudsters. Therefore, it is not recommended to particularly hope for a loan in this company. It is likely that you will have to face serious consequences after this.

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ID Alfa Group has nothing to do with the bank of the same name. This information has long been verified. Accordingly, it is advisable not to contact the MFI for help. It is better to find a more popular and well-known organization for a loan. But there are risks. It is clear that Alfa Group (Russia, Moscow) does not receive the best reviews, as it misleads some customers.


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