Promotion of your resource on the Internet. How to upload a site to hosting

Once you have created your site on the local computer using html or some kind of dynamic cms, it 's time to put it on the network. Otherwise, how will visitors find out about your site? Therefore, here and now we will touch on the topic of how to upload a site to hosting. Let's start by defining the concept of hosting.

What is hosting? How to fill the site there

By hosting is meant leasing the disk space of a remote computer - a file server. By ordering this service, you can get a certain disk space for use on which you plan to host a site or sites.

You can upload a site to hosting using the standard file transfer - ftp. To do this, create a so-called ftp connection. To transfer the site data to the server, client software is used that can work with the ftp protocol. For me, for example, it is most convenient to use the special File Zilla manager. For given purposes, it is simple and functional.

Therefore, we go to the resource of the developers of the program and download this product. After installation and launch, you should see the navigation bar in the upper right part of the application window.

Next, select the "site manager" option in the "file" menu. You should see a window for choosing a site. In its left fragment, click "new resource". And in the right we enter the necessary information to transfer the site to the network. Here is what you need to fill in:

  • in the field "host" you need to enter the ip address of the remote computer to which you will copy the site. How to upload a site to hosting via ip? From the host , as a rule, the necessary data comes to your email. And in the letter the necessary address is indicated, which is enough to insert in the first FileZilla field;
  • field “port” is not filled;
  • in the protocol field, specify the sftp connection , if supported by the hoster . This connection uses secure shh communication. If hosting does not provide such an opportunity, then select the ftp value. It’s better to work with a secure hosting company. Get used to the idea that reliability is paramount;
  • in the "user" field you need to enter the login from the admin panel of your site. Relevant data should also come to your inbox;
  • We continue the conversation on how to set up a site for hosting. The next step is to enter a confidential password in the "password" field. This information should also go to the "inbox" of your e-mail address.

Work with ftp-client FileZilla. How to connect

After filling in all the necessary fields, initiate the connection. This will be the final stage of the task of how to fill the site with hosting. During the connection, the program may report that the server certificate is not defined. Anyway, click ok. The connection will be initiated.

Now look at the right side of FileZilla. There will be a visual representation of the remote host to which you want to copy your site data. The left side, in fact, shows the local computer. If you have several resources, all of them will be placed in folders with the name of each of them (folders are located on the remote computer).

It remains to allocate local resource files and place them on disk hosting, each site in the corresponding folder. Having selected resources (the left part of FileZillla), we right-click on the item “upload to server”.

If the data was copied successfully, then by typing the address of your resource in the browser, you will see it displayed. There are also cases where you can find one of your sites in the server directory through the public_html root folder, and then through a specific subdirectory.

Thus, we examined the basic principles of how to fill the site with hosting. I think this information will be useful if you are going to put your resources in the Internet space.


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