What are transport services? The concept and features of the transport service

Transport services are the activities of a transport company or a private person owning a vehicle for transporting people, goods at a given distance at a certain price with the provision of additional services.

The provision of transport services is also enshrined in the legislation under article 128 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, where services are objects of civil rights, but no precise definition is given in it. But in article 38 (paragraph 5) of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation it is stipulated that a transport service cannot have material expression and is consumed immediately at the time of its provision.

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Subject Interaction

The main actors in the process of providing transport services are the contractor, passenger, consignor and consignee. Without one of them, the process of building normal activities aimed at providing real benefits to people is simply impossible. It is clear that the consumer of the transport service is a passenger or a customer, but in this process, secondary persons are naturally involved - employees of organizations involved in vehicle repair, route coordinators, managers and, if you like, even road workers and law enforcement agencies that monitor traffic rules. This area is a complex mechanism for the interaction of a large number of people with each other for the common goal, which is to constantly improve the quality of life of citizens. In a dynamically developing society, we all need to fully enjoy our right to free movement.

What are the transport services

It is customary to distinguish between several main types of transport services. This is the transportation of goods and passengers, loading and unloading, storage of goods, preparation of rolling stock and vehicles, leasing or rental of rolling stock, driving or delivery of new vehicles. At the same time, transportation can be divided into several subspecies: automobile, air, rail, sea.

Transportation of people

If we consider the provision of transport services in a more simplified form, then by type they are divided into passenger and freight transportation. Passenger transportation is primarily associated with the comfort, modernity and safety of the vehicle, while automobile transportation is associated with the reliability and stability of the vehicle, since in this case cargoes often have to be transported over long distances.

Transport services in Russia

With regard to the development of road transport in our country, due to the unsatisfactory quality of roads in most regions, this sector is not developed as much as, for example, in Western European countries. Off-road very much interferes with the systematic growth of not only the sphere of transport services, but also the transport industry as a whole. After all, even car manufacturers will not actively flood the market with new models if there is no demand for them. In addition, severe climatic conditions speak for themselves, we all understand that they greatly affect the activities of transport services. These factors lead to the fact that we are inferior not only to developed, but also developing countries in terms of the density of roads. Moreover, for the most part, our roads do not even meet international standards.


As a result, the high price of transport services is something that does not allow either the consumer or the contractor to fully realize themselves and their needs. Which of us does not want to get satisfaction from using the opportunity to quickly and conveniently move around the world, and most importantly, without giving large sums for it? But in the provision of transport services, this is by far the most powerful driving force, as in all actively developing areas of society.

Basic principles of development

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As already mentioned earlier, the sphere of transport services is not only their direct provision to the consumer, but also no less important processes within the transport companies themselves.

For stable work and the quality of services in organizations, a large number of posts are provided - from an ordinary loader to high-class specialists of a certain orientation. In order to attract employees to their work, the transport company lays out a list of necessary vacancies with the obligatory indication of salaries and place of office, of which there can be several dozens scattered throughout the country, or even the planet. In addition to an acceptable salary, the company undertakes to guarantee comfortable working conditions, a stable schedule, guarantees and career growth.

TC workers

In order to maximally immerse the potential employee in the essence of their activities, the organization must clearly explain its principles of work, embodied in a peculiar goal - the mission, briefly talk about achievements and core staff. Usually this information is posted on the official website of the company. The more data an organization posts about itself, the more likely it will be to attract high-quality qualified specialists to its ranks.

The company's activities on a real example

In order to make it more clear what the transport companies are essentially doing, letโ€™s take an example of Business Lines, as this organization has been engaged in its business for a very long time - since 2001. The head office is located in St. Petersburg, the owner is Farid Madani, the best manager in the field of logistics according to the edition of Business Petersburg. It can be safely considered that the organization of transport services is the main mission of the company, in order to be convinced of this, one fact is enough - more than 240 divisions in more than 180 cities throughout Russia provide cargo transportation and more.

Today, the company is a leader in the logical industry in Russia. Its standard set of services includes cargo delivery in Russia and the CIS countries, safekeeping, car rental, direct car, express transportation.

You can use the services of the company by calling on the phone or by going to the official website.

Air freight

Service in transport

The provision of transport services is not only the sending and delivery of goods, but also after-sales service. In simple terms, this is a common management, which includes control over the circulation of inventory and quality control of the process of moving goods, goods or people. Thus, the level of service depends on the assessment of qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Documents upon receipt of cargo in a transport company for an individual

Each transport organization requires a specific list of documents upon receipt of the goods. Usually an identification document is enough, but if you send your representative to receive the goods, then you need a notarized power of attorney and the identification document indicated in it.

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