Interests and hobbies in the resume, an example of the most suitable for certain positions. What to write in the resume?

Very often, when searching for a prestigious job before a personal meeting, employers ask for a resume. As a rule, reputable companies with a large staff simply do not have enough time to conduct interviews with each applicant. Therefore, the preparation of the resume must be approached with all seriousness, since it will be the visiting card of the applicant for an open vacancy.

interests and hobbies in resume example

Summary. General concept. What to write in the resume?

Resume - a document in which the applicant must reflect his work experience and professional skills, provide a personal description. Its competent compilation is the first step that can bring closer to the cherished goal.

When compiling a resume, you must adhere to the following plan:

  1. Surname, name, patronymic, photograph.
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Address of residence, phone, e-mail.
  4. Indication of the desired position.
  5. Education (name of educational institution, specialization, year of admission and graduation).
  6. Work experience, place of work, starting from the last year, reason for dismissal.
  7. PC knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages.
  8. Additional information.
    hobbies and interests in the resume

Additional information in the summary

If everything is very clear with all paragraphs of the resume, then a problem arises with additional information. Very often, many people ask: "What kind of information should be displayed in it?" It is worth noting that this item is not mandatory, but its availability is welcomed by employers, especially when employment in a domestic company.

Additional information may include information about personal qualities, interests, hobbies, hobbies of the applicant. Proper drafting of this paragraph gives an almost 100% guarantee of an invitation to an interview. Hobbies and interests in the resume will allow him to stand out from the rest, characterizing a person not only as a good specialist, but also as a diversified personality.

Why are employers interested in the hobbies and hobbies of employees?

The leaders of promising companies are always interested in how exactly employees spend their free time. And this is not idle curiosity. For them, the main thing is that the company not only work stably, but also develop rapidly. However, if an employee prefers to spend time with friends drinking alcohol, then in the morning there is nothing to expect from him fruitful work.

interests and hobbies for resume

When selecting potential employees for managers, it is very important that the interests and hobbies in the resume are correctly presented.

An example for the position of a history teacher: in the “additional information” paragraph, the candidate indicated a passion for museums and excavations. Such information characterizes him on the good side, showing how much and selflessly he loves his subject.

The negative side of the item "More Information"

When choosing interests and hobbies for a resume, you must be extremely careful, as some information can cause a negative reaction from the employer. In no case do you need to embellish yourself and come up with a nonexistent hobby. Experienced employees will instantly be able to figure out the deception, and the applicant will be in a rather awkward position.

When filling out this item, many make the same mistake, listing standard hobbies. However, they do not even think about how much they correspond to the desired position. Sometimes even the vacancies described interests and hobbies in the resume contradict. Example: a candidate for the position of sales manager in the resume indicated that he is an active football fan. Will such information be of interest to the future employer and will the prospect please see its employee in an unpresentable form with bruises and abrasions?

what hobbies to indicate in the resume

It is especially necessary to be careful in case of enthusiasm for extreme sports. Such information should be indicated only if it is directly necessary for work.

What hobbies to indicate in the resume? Universal options

As a rule, the manager is interested in the hobbies of the future employee only in order to know how this may affect his work. Therefore, it is better to voice options that complement and disclose professionalism, which is directly related to a particular position.

what to write in the resume

Interests and hobbies in the resume - an example of standard options:

  • a variety of sports;
  • hobby for music, cinema, fiction;
  • creative activities, for example, drawing, photography;
  • studying graphic programs or PC operating systems;
  • passion for foreign languages.

How do employers use hobby information?

Having learned what a person likes to do in his spare time, you can almost accurately guess his character and abilities. Experienced psychologists, looking through a resume, pay special attention to the candidate’s hobbies, since this item can tell more about a person than all the previous ones, and even predict his career.

How exactly do the described interests and hobbies in the resume reveal the essence? An example is the selection of candidates for the position of advertising manager. If the applicant is interested in cycling, then in his character lies the overcoming of difficulties, striving forward, endurance and team work. These character traits will have the best effect on the duties performed, and such an employee is ensured career growth.


Using psychological associations, it is possible to accurately determine the personal qualities of a person applying for a certain position:

  • knitting, sewing - concentration, perseverance, patience;
  • photography, painting - creative and artistic abilities, impeccable sense of taste;
  • extreme hobbies - self-confidence, determination;
  • Psychology - sociability, stress tolerance, sociability.

If a hobby is not connected with work in any way, then do not despair, it should still be indicated in the resume. Such information will indicate versatile development and will be very useful. Office workers will be interested in sports, thanks to him, life balance will be restored, which will help relieve fatigue and mental stress.

passion for photography

So, filling out a resume, you should not ignore the paragraph on interests and hobbies, since it is he who is able to give the documents of the applicant originality, causing interest in his person and singling out from the general list of candidates.


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