Sources of inspiration or where the muse comes from

Where to get sources of inspiration from? Probably, from time to time you have to hear (or ask) this essentially rhetorical question.

Why did I dare to call him that? Just because, as it seems to me, there is no and cannot be a definite answer. Of course, we are able to define the word “inspiration” itself, and a little later in the article I will certainly do it, but listing the sources is a rather absurd activity. It seems to me that if each person is unique, then this automatically means that absolutely different things can “ignite” and carry him on.

1. Sources of inspiration or What is a muse

By inspiration, one understands a person’s special state of mind, which is characterized by: the highest emotional upsurge, surge of energy and strength, and also, importantly, high creative productivity.

If you ask an inspired person to describe your emotions, you can get approximately the following answer: “This is a stream. Rugged and swift. He carries you so fast that any sense of time and space is lost. It is becoming very difficult to determine our place in this world, and to forecast the future is completely unrealistic. ”

2. Sources of inspiration and their most likely symptoms

  • Such a person, as a rule, becomes very charismatic. He gains the ability to influence the people around him, dragging them along with him.
  • Unexpected insights and enlightenments arise.
  • Thoughts become clear, full and bright, and emotional experiences begin to simply amaze with their sharpness and depth.
  • Such familiar processes as perception, memory, and thinking suddenly begin to flow at an incredible speed. Creative people, losing sleep and appetite, are taken for work with special zeal and cannot stop until they complete their masterpiece.

3. Sources of inspiration and their possible options

If you delve into the history of the issue, you can find out that once in ancient Greece, local residents considered a beautiful work of art not at all the result of a person’s mental activity, but a gift from above. Muses, the daughters of the ancient Greek gods Zeus and Mnemosyne, descended to Earth and inspired the creation of real masterpieces.

Time passed and it was Muses who began to be called specific women who, possessing a special appearance, charisma, or character traits, were able to provoke their men to any, including creative, exploits.

What sources of inspiration can be found in the modern world? I dare to offer my own list:

  • Beloved or congenial person: beloved or beloved. Friend, relative, child, casual acquaintance. By the way, psychologists advise those who suffer from a lack of internal strength to try to communicate more often with someone from those around them.
  • Love. It is this feeling, as you know, that can excite the heart, cause a huge surge of vital energy, and exalt to the heights of bliss. Although, oddly enough, sometimes love can cause the exact opposite effect. The interests of a person subject to passion are so narrowed that all desires are reduced to kisses, hugs and conversations with a lover or about him.
  • The world. Nature, with its stunningly bright and clear colors, served to us in the most incredible combinations, can both calm and tone. It is she who is the source of not only energy, but also ideas for creativity.
  • Hobbies: favorite movie, book, music. In a period of prolonged depression, it is not at all superfluous to visit an exhibition, a museum, an art gallery or, say, the nearest bookstore.
  • ... misery. Surprised? But often it is precisely the strongest emotional upheavals and emotions that become the impetus and the reason for writing poetry, songs or music.

4. My source of inspiration

Being a creative and very addicted person, I just can not help but feel strong emotions and emotions. Anything can inspire me: an enthusiastic story of a friend, a walk, a morning cup of invigorating coffee prepared by a loved one, a walk in a deserted autumn park, snowflakes slowly descending on a flat and smooth surface of the sea, a guitar, stars.

Perhaps I tend to draw my vitality from all possible sources at the same time. From monotony, I simply fall into a protracted depression, from which I subsequently exit for a long and painful period. Therefore, as soon as I begin to feel the first timid signs of impending melancholy or despondency, I call a congenial person, and we set off to meet new adventures and travels. I am inspired by measured Paris and rainy London, although I do not mind taking a walk embracing along the favorite paths of the local park.


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