Shellac manicure - classic and durability

Shellac appeared in the arsenal of fashionistas only a few years ago, but has already gained immense popularity. Strictly speaking, this coating is actually called gel polish, but CND's Shellak brand has quickly become a household name, so almost all gel polishes are now called shellac.

The main advantage of this type of coating is its durability. Correctly applied gel polish can last up to three weeks, and you will have to remove it only because the nails have grown. French shellac will be even more practical in this case, combining the durability of the coating and the classic look of a manicure that is appropriate in absolutely any situation.

Despite its name, French manicure hails from the USA. During its existence, a huge number of all kinds of varieties have appeared that will help complete the image, made in almost any style. And the shellac-jacket coating will help to preserve this image for a long time. The most interesting thing is that a French manicure can be made with colored varnishes, and it is also possible to supplement it with sparkles, rhinestones and other decorations, so that it will never get bored. The condition of the nails and their length practically does not matter - the shellac-jacket on short nails also looks

french shellac
excellent and gives any hands a healthy and well-groomed look.

Of course, ordinary varnishes stay on the nails much longer than before - about a week, but this is not enough for a modern woman. 2-3 weeks is not the limit, especially if the nails grow slowly. French shellac is especially convenient if there are plans to go on a long vacation at sea or just on a trip where there will be no time to do hand care. The most important thing is to find an experienced craftsman or master this art and apply French shellac on your own. The fact is that this coating on the execution technique is seriously different from ordinary varnishes. It requires mandatory application of the base and topcoat, as well as drying of all layers under an ultraviolet lamp. A

coating shallak french
Before starting the procedure, thoroughly degrease the nail plate so that the coating holds well. Another advantage of gel polish is that after the procedure you can no longer be afraid to lubricate the coating - this seriously saves time, despite the fact that a manicure with shellac takes a little longer than usual.

In addition, it is not so easy to execute a regular jacket on your own, so shellac in this sense may be more convenient, since it is easier to correct. But nevertheless it is better to entrust such work to the master. The so-called smile - the white tip - may be wider or narrower, it depends on the taste of each particular girl.

But you can remove the French shellac from the nails at home, although

shellac jacket with short nails
Masters, this procedure will undoubtedly work better. To do this, you need a special tool or just liquid to remove ordinary varnish. Many also recommend a tool for removing artificial nails. The composition should be applied to a cotton pad, wrap it around the nail and secure it with foil so that the fluid acts on the entire nail plate. After 15 minutes, you need to remove the cotton pad and remove the remaining coating with an orange tree stick. Something else may remain on the nail - you need to polish the surface with a soft file, and then apply cream on the nails.

French manicure with shellac is an excellent choice that will be appropriate in any situation.


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