Scratch card - an ancient companion of modern life

A scratch card is an ideal tool for storing confidential information. Using a protective layer, it is hidden from prying eyes and is available only to a specific user. Currently, such cards can be found everywhere.

scratch card
They are a piece of rectangular plastic or laminated cardboard . In one of the corners of such a plate there is a field with the applied information. It is carefully hidden under the protective layer. The card does not shine through, and you can read the hidden data only by removing this very protective layer. It is removed by “scratching” the surface of the card in the area of ​​the selected field. Translated from English, “scratch” is pronounced as “scratch”, so many believe that the name of the card has English roots and it is the British who are its creators.

In fact, the idea itself is rooted in the distant past. He lived in the Far East alone, and he had many wives. Every night he had to choose one of them. But all the wives were so charming that the choice became for him a real torture. The bewildered padishah turned to his vizier for help. The clever servant, without thinking twice, found a way out. He took a sheet of paper and drew it into even squares according to the number of wives in the harem, adding one cell. In each square, the vizier inscribed the names of his master’s wives and covered the sheet with a layer of antimony. Before going to bed, the paddies chose one of the cells and, having removed the protective layer from it, recognized the name of the happy chosen one. This is the tradition.

Then the scratch card migrated to France. Lotteries were very popular there, and a card with an original protective layer was very welcome. Soon, this small record conquered all of Europe, and from England, along with immigrants, already reached the American continent. No one knows who first brought it to our country. Yes, it doesn’t matter.

Scratch card has become a real attribute of the modern world. Its original and simple idea has found application in many fields. Similar cards are used by the founders of numerous lotteries in the form of tickets for raffles.

scratch cards making
Internet providers use them as cards for express payment for Internet access. Without exception, mobile operators use scratch cards to access a personal pin code or password. There are telephone cards that allow you to pre-pay minutes of a conversation. Some organizations use these cards to provide consumers with special discounts and bonuses. Trading companies have recently used discount cards for added interest of buyers.

scratch card printing
You can order the printing of scratch cards in special companies engaged in the production of printing products. When ordering a scratch card, production can be chosen from any material to choose from - from the thinnest plastic or thick paper. If desired, you can order cards with additional advertising information. Text and appearance are developed and agreed upon at checkout. A scratch card can have absolutely any color scheme. The choice always remains with the customer.

Recently, this card has become an integral part of our lives. Without it, it is already impossible to imagine a trip to the store or buying a mobile phone. Using these little helpers makes our life more convenient and reliable.


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