Individual design of residential houses and cottages

If you have a desire to build a house, then you probably have an idea of ​​what it should be. If typical projects do not fit, then it's time to think about the individual. It is advisable to order it from a specialist. Individual design allows you to take into account the wishes of the client. Although such work will be expensive, but there is complete confidence that no one else has such housing.

individual design

Often, individual design has to be performed forcedly. For example, a non-standard site was purchased, due to which no project with it can look harmonious. And sometimes the changes desired by the customer are many, so it’s easier and cheaper to complete a new project.

Work stages

Designing a house individually involves the following steps:

  • creation of technical specifications;
  • project contract;
  • design of the sketch;
  • elaboration of sections.

designing a house individually

In addition, it is possible to order the construction of additional facilities, such as a garage, workshop, bathhouse. Sometimes you need to create a visual project in 3D. As a result, the customer is given a complete list of documentation, which includes architectural and structural sections.

The composition of the individual project

When the individual design process is completed, the client is provided with:

  • general plan;
  • floor plans;
  • plans of facades;
  • sections of the building;
  • blueprints;
  • overlap calculation.

Thanks to these elements, you can start building a house. It will have individual traits that are not found in any other objects. Individual design allows you to create a dream home.

Features of work

Individual design involves the creation of instructions where the rules for the construction of the object are painted. Although private houses are smaller in size, floors, still without this they can not be built. Moreover, this must be done not only because of reliability, but also for compliance with the law. In our country, for construction work it is necessary to obtain a permit, and this requires a project.

custom design signs

Designing is considered a difficult work, in which the architect, specialists in the field of design, landscape, engineering take part. After all, the house is represented not only by the walls, but also by the internal content, where the necessary communications should be.

Modern technologies

Although there are many programs now that design homes, only a specialist can manage this process. The machine cannot correctly select the parameters. In addition, a person is able to give coziness and comfort to an object.

design of individual residential buildings

Nevertheless, it should be understood that the computerization of the process has made a great contribution to this area. This work speeds up the process and also improves visualization. Images made in 3D-format practically do not differ from photos. This allows you to create many projects. Companies offer ready-made options, which are much cheaper, and it does not take much time.

Company Services

Now the design of individual residential buildings is carried out by many companies. Requirements of the customer are surely taken into account. Many people choose a non-standard form of the room. And in order to functionally place everything in such a territory, an individual approach is required.

This work involves the departure of a specialist in the place. If desired, geodetic and geological surveys are performed. This is especially important if groundwater is located close to the surface of the earth or there are dispersed soils on the site. The task of specialists includes the consideration of these features for the proper design of the house.

Documentation Structure

After completing the work, the client receives documentation that indicates signs of individual design. This allows you to build a high-quality object, for which no improvements are required. The documentation includes several parts:

  • architectural;
  • technical;
  • engineering.

Each section has specific information that gives the impression of the appearance of the future building. The architectural part includes the layout, visualization of facades, sections of the house, drawings, the location of doors and windows, as well as the specification.

In the technical section there are calculations. There are indicated loads on the walls and roof, the parameters of the foundation. This determines the reliability of the house. In addition to calculations, it contains drawings, which consist of the parameters of the premises of the object.

The engineering section includes drawings and communication schemes. The house is commissioned when there is sewage, lighting, heating. This section also includes a specification for engineering systems.

individual design process

The project may also consist of additional sections, for example, many include interior design. It all depends on the wishes of the customer. Individual design is a complex process. It will not work out only with the house, not considering its location on the site. Therefore, additional sections must be included in the project, since not everyone can cope with this work.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Designing has only one drawback - it's cost. Such a service is much more expensive compared to standard projects. But there are still more pluses:

  • land and climate taken into account;
  • the house will be unique;
  • there is an opportunity to make a dream a reality.

An individual approach is important for the construction of each house. Designing needs to be given a lot of time so that later you do not have to correct errors. And finished projects may require many adjustments and adaptations. The more of them, the higher the cost of the project. As a result, the price can be equated to individual design.

Work principles

There are several stages in projects, the order of which is strictly approved, and the stages cannot be interchanged. The specialist performs the technical task, after which an agreement is drawn up with the customer. Then a sketch is created, which must be agreed with the customer, only then the project is considered ready.

individual approach to design

The client has the right to choose building materials for the future home. For cottages, natural stone or red brick is usually used. Aerated concrete is also being used, which has economical and energy-saving characteristics. All wishes must be included in the project immediately, otherwise it will be impossible to do it later. When ordering services from specialists, the client receives a ready-made plan, according to which you can begin construction. The finished object will not be similar to any other houses, which is the main advantage.


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