Coffee "Peter the Great" - varieties and reviews

The coffee recognizable by the Peter the Great company will appeal to even those who prefer to give up this drink. The trademark was noted by the Control Purchase program as the best coffee in Russia. The company takes a direct part in exhibitions, for which it has received a considerable number of awards. This brand has a special place on the shelves for about 15 years. Coffee is produced by Kuppo. "Peter the Great" managed to take a place in the hearts of customers, as well as earn trust in its quality and affordable price.

About coffee

natural coffee Peter the Great

Natural Peter the Great coffee is a strong and aromatic mixture of three varieties of arabica special grinding and gentle medium roasting. Raw materials are purchased from suppliers in Africa and Asia. It has a pleasant and tart aroma. The multifaceted taste, the correct consistency and the many tones and notes of the coffee plume of the aftertaste - all these are characteristics of the drink everyone loves.

Types of coffee

The company currently offers ground and grain coffee. The manufacturer has created a whole collection of varieties, combining the grinding of coffee. Attention buyers are offered such products of coffee "Peter the Great":

  • "Beans";
  • "Ground";
  • "Imperial grinding";
  • "Grinding for the Turks."

Each of the varieties has distinctive characteristics, unique technologies and a certain character of taste. So, the “Imperial Grind” is brewed directly in the mug literally in 2 minutes, and the “Grind for Turks” drink will give you an immersion in the coffee world with all the rituals of brewing a real strong drink from fragrant grains. The remaining options are suitable for those who are more interested in classics and appreciate the coffee itself in the drink, without aromatic additives.

Thanks to the fine grinding and fine pressing of the line of the quickly prepared series, the drink is instantly brewed, without forcing the buyer to fiddle with the preparation for a long time. Coffee "Peter the Great" will help to cheer up perfectly in the morning, save time on cooking. It is very convenient to take with you on trips and trips, it is enough to pour a drink with boiling water. This is a massive brand, it can be purchased anywhere where there is a demand for coffee.


If we talk about Peter the Great coffee, reviews are very different and contradictory to each other. So, some argue that they can not start the day without it, while others argue that the brand was in vain in the leading position on sale, hinting at a strange taste. Most buyers agree that although Peter the Great coffee is not a standard, the ratio of quality and price of this drink takes it to a leading position. So, some connoisseurs admit that they “planted” relatives and friends on this drink.

natural coffee great Peter bean

Paying attention to the fact that this is one of the most popular brands of coffee, which has steadily consolidated its position on store shelves, it can be understood that there are much more lovers of this product than unsatisfied customers. The only condition is that you need to buy a drink in trusted places where they sell quality coffee, and not in dubious stores.

How else can I use coffee

Peter the Great coffee in a can

Many fashionistas have come to the conclusion that coffee of this brand is great for cosmetic use. Amazingly gentle fine grinding of coffee beans allows you to use the powder as an excellent scrub for face and body skin. Such coffee peeling will not only carefully remove keratinized particles, but also perfectly tones the epidermis.

What is the result

After tasting this coffee, you can make your own opinion. This is the only way to understand whether it is a good drink or not and decide which reviews are more reliable. So if you are looking for something new at an attractive price, we advise you to take a closer look at the Peter the Great line.


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