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Finding a suitable delivery service is not so easy today, despite the fact that competition in this market niche is extremely high. What is the reason for this? There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, not every courier service works in good faith. It is also not always possible to insure your shipment and subsequently receive compensation if the shipment was damaged accidentally or intentionally. Not every service offers delivery at a specific time. And the cost of such services varies significantly. Which company will satisfy all the current needs of its customers and help save time and money? This article will discuss the details of the operation of the Pony Express company.

pony express reviews

Customer reviews

About Pony Express, users leave a variety of reviews : from enthusiastically positive to disappointingly negative. Nevertheless, the vast majority of customers were satisfied with this kind of cooperation. In order for everything to go smoothly, it is important that the customer provides the company with the correct shipping information. Indeed, if the client himself confuses the destination city, the carrier is not guilty of this, although many inattentive customers try to make such claims. However, if everything is properly executed, then your shipment will be delivered on time and accurately to the address of Pony Express.

The reviews confirm that all units of the considered supplier cooperate harmoniously. Each client at any time can receive the most detailed data on where exactly his cargo is located, as well as what its status is. These simple services will help you feel more confident with Freight Link - Pony Express (Moscow).

Employee Reviews

Feedback reports that the courier service in question is an excellent employer. According to employee reviews about Pony Express, wages are accrued clearly on time, and all the duties of an individual employee assigned to him by his job description are explained easily and simply. They say a lot about the team. And he, as the staff reviews talk about Pony Express, is pleasant and friendly. However, as in any work team, it is impossible to completely avoid clashes and individual interpersonal conflicts, both directly between employees and with superiors. However, for the most part, this is the fault of the workers themselves, not of Freight Link - Pony Express. Employee reviews report that, as a rule, such quarrels are connected with the inability of individuals to participate in team work, as well as with the intentional failure to perform their own duties. Thus, any conflicts can be avoided if you work diligently and for your part do everything possible in order to maintain peaceful relations with colleagues.

What can you personally get from working at Freight Link - Pony Express (Moscow)? Employee reviews confirm that everyone who enters the staff of the company in question has the opportunity to get excellent experience, a decent stable income, and the ability to change the usual sphere of activity to an objectively more promising one.

Make up your mind and you will begin full cooperation with this company, and soon you will be able to give your own assessment to this employer.

pony express employee reviews

Company Description

The company in question is described as one of the most convenient carriers in the Russian Federation. Customers are attracted by the many benefits that Pony Express (courier service) can offer. Employee reviews report that users highlight several key benefits of such collaboration. Among them:

  • Guaranteed cargo safety.
  • A large number of additional services.
  • Constant improvement of the company.
  • An opportunity to get a departure right at your door.
  • The possibility of urgent delivery.

To date, the company in question confidently occupies a significant share of the logistics market of the Russian Federation. A number of remote branches of the company invariably keep up with the main office and constantly improve their working methods. The company is always open for new ideas and solutions that help to even slightly improve the implementation of orders.

Freight link pony express employee reviews

Delivery Features

How is Pony Express different from its competitors? Employee reviews (Moscow) report that the company delivers goods not only across the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, but also in a huge number of destinations around the world. All conditions and requirements related to international delivery will be discussed later in this article. Otherwise, there are a number of standard delivery modes. The choice of tariff depends on the nature of the shipment to be shipped. For example, if the cargo weighs less than twenty kilograms, it will be delivered under one of the following modes: "Economical delivery of mail" or "Delivery before the specified time" (see below for more details). If the weight of the shipment is more than twenty kilograms, then other conditions will apply to such a load: according to the Express or Economy modes.

Separately, there is a unique service "Delivery to time", which will be discussed later in this article. The popularity of this option is hard to overestimate.

The following modes are available:

  • "Economic mail delivery" (for goods up to twenty kilograms). Ideal for those for whom delivery speed does not play a key role. In such cases, this will help to significantly save your financial resources.
  • Cargo Express (for goods weighing more than twenty kilograms). Provides for urgent delivery.
  • “Cargo-economy” (non-fast transportation time, money saving, cargo weight less than twenty kilograms).
  • The "direct car" package should be so voluminous as to fully load the car; a specific vehicle is selected depending on the nature of the departure).
  • "Express mail delivery" (cargo weight - up to twenty kilograms; transportation exclusively within the territory of the Russian Federation or the CIS countries).
  • "Documents" (cargo - documents weighing no more than five kilograms; transportation through the territory of the Russian Federation or the CIS countries).
  • "Not documents" (delivery in the shortest possible time; the weight of the item does not exceed twenty kilograms).

Freight link pony express Moscow employee reviews

International shipments

Another attractive feature of the company Pony Express reviews mention repeatedly. What does it consist of? The company in question offers the delivery of any of your items in the many available directions (at the moment there are more than two hundred of them). So, your cargo can be delivered to almost any corner of our planet as soon as possible. However, in this regard, there are some restrictions established by Freight Link - Pony Express. Employee reviews recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in advance so that no unpleasant incidents arise in the future. For example, the weight of one shipment may not exceed five kilograms.

The cost of delivery of this kind will directly depend on which group of countries, according to a special classification, the desired destination belongs to. Today, all available destinations are divided into six separate tariff zones, where Pony Express can be delivered. Customer reviews are advised to take care in advance to find out exactly how much such a shipment will cost you.

To date, the following tariff zones are relevant for the company:

  • A (Denmark, Ireland, Vatican, Malta, Austria, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belgium, Latvia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Wales, France, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway).
  • B (Romania, Dushanbe, Antilles, Armenia, Virgin Islands, controlled by England, Iceland, Ashgabat, Cyprus, Canada, Barbuda, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, United States of America, Hungary, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic , Yerevan, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, the Virgin Islands, controlled by the United States of America, Poland).
  • C (Channel Islands, Australia, San Marino, New Caledonia, Kenya, New Zealand, China, Serbia, Fiji, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Israel, Micronesia, Trinidad and Tabago, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malao).
  • D (St. Bartholomew, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos Islands, Saipan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Antigua, Santa Lucia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Colombia, Grenada, Saint Vincent, Saint Kitts, Belize, Costa Rica, Saint Martin, Saint Eustace, Curacao, Bolivia, Bonaire, Peru, Brazil, Pakistan, Suriname, Martinique, Aruba, Marshall Islands, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Uruguay, Montserrat, French Guiana, Guam, Nicaragua, Dominica, Chile, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Panama, South Africa Republic, Jamaica, Sri Lanka,).
  • E (Eritrea, Qatar, Nepal, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman).
  • F (Tonga, American Samoa, Morocco, Rwanda, Chad, Yemen, Tuvalu, Tunisia, Angola, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canary Islands, Djibouti, Capo Verde, Swaziland, Faroe Islands, Kiribati, Guinea Bissau, Northern Mariana Islands, Nigeria, Seychelles islands, Zambia, Senegal, Congo, Laos, Saint Lucia, Benin, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Bermuda, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Liberia, Botswana, Solomon Islands, Libya, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Burundi , Sierra Leone, Western Samoa, Bhutan, Mauritius, Mauritania, Madagascar, Tahiti, Greenland I, Tanzania, Malawi, Vietnam, Mali, Togo, Gabon, Maldives, Central African Republic, Haiti, Gambia, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea, Mozambique, Mongolia, Myanmar, Niger, Namibia, Egypt, Zaire, Palau, Ethiopia, Reunion).
  • G (Afghanistan, Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea, North Korea, Nauru, Comoros, Mayot, Norfolk, Saudi Arabia).

pony express customer reviews

Service "Delivery on time"

Customers are especially interested in this option of the company. What explains such crazy popularity? Time plays an incredibly important role today. There are a number of different modes within which this service is provided by the company in question.

"Express 10:00." The cargo is delivered at the very beginning of the working day. Delivery is carried out on six specific routes that run exclusively through the territory of the Russian Federation.

"Express 14:00." Departure will be at destination until fourteen o'clock. Actual for goods weighing less than twenty kilograms. The destination should be located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

"Express 18:00." The shipped cargo will be delivered by the end of the working day to the indicated office of Russia.

pony express courier service employee reviews

Cargo insurance

For the vast majority of customers, the opportunity to receive insurance coverage for their cargo plays a huge role, which makes the company in question even more attractive to new users. According to driver reviews, Pony Express services report that sometimes unpredictable situations arise on the roads and shipments are unintentionally damaged. If the described service was drawn up and paid, the company immediately compensates for any damage that was accidentally caused to the cargo during transportation by the company or any other delivery service that directly cooperates with it and took part in the transportation.

The service remains relevant both for movement within the territory of the Russian Federation and for international departures. However, it is important that you carefully review all of the requirements and conditions that Pony Express sets for cargo insurance. Reviews recommend that you take into account that compensation is calculated based on the declared value of the cargo. Therefore, if it is indicated inaccurately, you will not receive the full amount for damages.

Also, if items that were not allowed to be transported in accordance with Russian or international law were secretly shipped, the company is not responsible for them. No compensation will be paid for their loss or harm done to them.

Packing nuances

There is another unusual feature of the Pony Express courier service. Customer reviews separately note that the vast majority of shipments receive absolutely free branded packaging, which ensures the safety of your cargo along its route. What will she be like? It depends on the type of shipment. For goods whose weight does not exceed five kilograms, they often use an incredibly durable plastic bag or a cardboard envelope that is not susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture, which means that the shipment itself can also be protected from it.

Of course, each client has the right to use his own material in order to pack the goods, and refuse the original packaging of Freight Link - Pony Express. Reviews report that sometimes their own materials are even the best protection against damage on the road. However, it is necessary to select them wisely, proceeding not only from considerations of strength. They must fully correspond to the type of departure, as well as its contents and how it will be delivered to the final destination. The company puts special protective signs on the packaging of the cargo. They are designed so that no one can unauthorizedly open the shipment, and then pack it again. Thus, the company guarantees each client the safety and confidentiality of his cargo.


How can I track my shipment to be delivered by Pony Express? Reviews recommend that you contact all the necessary information directly on the official website of the carrier. It is comfortable and helps save time. However, this is not the only available option offered by Pony Express (courier service). The reviews report that customers who decide to conclude a full-fledged contract in the company under review can monthly receive the most detailed, well-written report that will contain data on all operations carried out for the specified reporting period. It is important to agree in advance on how exactly all this information will reach the client. There are several options. This is a telephone, fax, and email. Sometimes, however, the most appropriate option is to check the box “With notification” when sending the goods. It is also important not to forget to provide the correct contact details. Then a notice that the shipment has already been delivered will be sent according to the data specified by the client.

pony express employee reviews moscow


The company "Pony Express" - a comfortable option for the delivery of goods. The company allows for shipments not only across the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, but also to various parts of the world. Most customers praise the work of the employees of the company in question.

Be careful when choosing a courier service so as not to regret who you entrusted your shipment to.

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