Family dynasty: description, family tree

The article tells about dynasties. What is hidden under the meaning of this word, what are the dynasties, and why are they necessary in modern society?

Family dynasty is a special category of people. Some make history, others create a miracle with their own hands. We will talk about them in more detail.

Romanov Dynasty

What is a dynasty?

We turn to the dictionary and focus on the information that he will give us. There are two meanings of a parsed word. According to the first, a dynasty is a kind of monarchs replacing each other on the throne and continuing to conduct state affairs. It is about such a family dynasty as creating history that we mentioned above.

But there is another type of dynasty - worker, labor or professional. Three words are different, but they have one meaning. The younger generation follows in the footsteps of the older, choosing their profession. And so labor family dynasties turn out.

Why is this needed?

At first glance, the question makes you confused. Is it really bad when a grandson follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and becomes an excellent doctor, teacher or cook? Of course it's great.

But is it as great as we think? We see only the outer shell and for some reason we believe that the knowledge of such a person should be at the highest level. He inherited them from his grandfather and father, as they say, but they will not teach their offspring bad things.

They will not teach, only if the descendant wants to receive this knowledge and take the path of the receiver? How many cases are known, even among well-known family dynasties, when the son wanted to choose another profession, and he was forced to become the heir to labor traditions.

Everyone has the right to choose their own life path. And if there are only solid doctors in the family, and the child is afraid of even the sight of blood, it is hardly worth putting pressure on him and insisting on entering a medical university. He wants to become an accountant, even if he goes to the appropriate educational institution.

Dynasty of doctors

Why are dynasties good?

Family professional dynasties are good because they transfer their own knowledge and accumulated experience from generation to generation. You cannot read anything that grandfathers and fathers can teach. This is their own, invaluable knowledge, which only multiply, transmitted from father to son.

For the family itself, such continuity helps to earn money. For example, when a business is passed from father to son, the latter will receive a ready-made scheme of actions and will receive decent profit with the worked out ancestors of the scheme. Take, for example, the production of Nutella chocolate-nut paste. Her recipe has been passed from father to son for over a century. Over time, the taste of goodies does not deteriorate, but only improves. For the descendants analyze the experience of their ancestors, add something of their own, relying on the main base. Sales of goodies are high, and the proceeds from its sale allow confectionery businessmen to live comfortably.

Knowledge transfer

Can a dynasty be bad?

A family dynasty in itself cannot be bad. But in the family, as we know, not without a freak. We have already said above that sometimes parents, together with grandparents, insist that the child follow the traces of their ancestors. The child is trying to resist this with all his might, but they are pressing him, and the child is forced to retreat. Others simply put up with their fate, continuing family traditions without much enthusiasm. And someone starts to recoup on their own customers. Imagine if a doctor starts prescribing medications to patients that do not really help the treatment, or even frankly harmful? Is such an act good? It can hardly be justified.

As for governance at the state level, the son is not always able to continue the policy of his father. Some statesmen who have inherited power are completely useless politicians. They simply miss and destroy what they received almost effortlessly. There are enough examples in history when the father was an excellent figure, and the son turned out to be frankly passive and weak, absolutely not suitable for the role of a state manager.

Doctor's chest

Facts about the royal family

The family history of the Romanov dynasty totals more than 300 years. The very first ruler of this kind is known to us as Mikhail Fedorovich, who sat on the throne for more than 30 years. The last tsar, killed in 1918, ruled Russia for 23 years. Nicholas II was shot along with his family on a hot July night. More than a century has passed since the day of the massacre, but some facts began to appear only recently. And we decided to share with readers some things regarding the execution of the royal family:

  • It all starts with Lenin. It is known that the leader of the world proletariat was categorically against the assassination of Nicholas II. Vladimir Ilyich insisted that a trial be held over the abdicated king and his family.
  • For a long time, the public was sure that only the king was shot, and his family and servants were taken to Perm, where they lived under secret names. The truth became known only in 1920.
  • If we turn to the diaries of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, then recently in them, before the execution, there was often a record: "they were preparing medicines." This is not entirely true, since medicines were meant jewelry. They were sewn up in the clothes of the princesses and the empress herself.
  • The little Tsarevich was shot by the commandant of the Ipatiev house named Yakov Yurovsky.
  • In total, 12 people took part in the execution, and they voluntarily went to kill the king and his family.
  • Two people, as it turned out, refused to shoot children.
  • For 20 years after the atrocity committed, the military commissar Pyotr Yermakov traveled around the country. His goal was not new impressions, but an attempt to go down in history. Ermakov managed to do this only in a negative way. The commissar told everyone, how he killed the king.
  • When the royal family was shot, an inconspicuous truck stood near Ipatiev’s house. He worked at full power, the motor rattled and drowned out other sounds. The calculation was made on the fact that the operation of the motor will block the sounds of shots. So it happened, no one heard anything.
  • The room in which the execution took place was very small. According to data, its size was 5 x 6 meters.
  • Together with the royal family they shot their closest servants. But one of them survived, it was a chef Leonid Sednev.
Royal family

World Dynasties - Three Leaders

Many have heard of world government; supposedly the management of all states is in the hands of a separate group of people. Whether it is true or not, we don’t know, but the fact that certain people are mostly financial managers is undeniable.

Let's start with the Rockefellers. Everyone knows about this dynasty, for John Rockefeller Sr. became the first billionaire in the history of mankind. And not ordinary, but currency, that is, dollar. At the end of the XIX century, he created his own oil company, and after the death of his father, his only son continued the business.

To date, members of the Rockefeller family are among the twenty wealthiest in the world. It is known that these people play a significant role not only in the US economy, where they live, but also in the world. In addition, politics was not without their participation.

The Rothschilds are no less famous than the Rockefeller family. And it does not matter that they are not among the twenty. But in the hands of the family management of the central banks of the world, business in 40 countries and some charitable foundations.

The Morgan family is one of the most influential not only in America, but also in the world. Their activities are related to finance, and it all began at the end of the XIX century, when John Morgan managed to establish the first financial empire in America. His children were able to continue the family dynasty. Until now, his descendants are engaged in financial affairs and are considered very influential people.


The Rupert Dynasty closes the four most influential in the world. They are fabulously rich, which is not surprising. This family owns such companies as Cartier, Dunhill, Montblanc. It all started with the sale of tobacco products, flowing smoothly into the foundation of a large company. Later, Anthony Rupert, its founder, renamed the company, further expanding its own capabilities. Now it was not only about tobacco products, but also about jewelry, bags and clothes.

Family dynasty


The family dynasty, as it turned out, can be of two types. The most familiar to us are labor or professional dynasties.


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