We emphasize the strengths in the resume

During the interview, there are several factors that affect the impression made by the candidate on the employer. Practice shows that about 80% of success depends on the first impression. Most often, the employer turns his attention not only to the appearance, neat hairstyle, strict business suit, the ability to hold on, but also to the strengths of the resume. Candidate the position should be remembered by the employer on the positive side.

In the resume, you need to overlook the detailed details of the entire work or education process, because the resume is not an autobiography. But at the same time, it must necessarily describe all the strengths of the individual. All information in the resume should fit on one, maximum two pages. No matter how many resume pages it contains, only the first two are viewed ...


Every person who is in the process of selecting the right job is wondering about finding the most effective way to find it. In many respects, strengths play in the candidate’s resume, which may be his skills, education or work experience. One of the most effective ways to find work is to place your resume in various print and online publications, on bulletin boards. Some organizations providing employment services to the public may post mini-resumes on their official websites. For example, the Ukrainian Employment Service posts a summary of all the unemployed who are currently registered on its website. A potential employer has the opportunity to view this information, to study the strengths of the unemployed, before contacting the employment center where this person is registered.

Personality Strengths

The labor market is filled with job seekers who seek career growth, select the appropriate job. Against their background, sometimes difficulties arise when it is necessary to highlight the strengths of your potential in a resume.

A resume may begin with a brief description of the qualifications of the applicant or with a description of his career goal. After that, you should indicate your strengths that are relevant to this vacancy. Professional biography is usually written at the end of the resume, and jobs that are not related to this vacancy are not indicated.

Strengths in the resume

Often the interview is preceded by the submission of the necessary documents for consideration by the employer. Among these documents, a summary also takes its place. It is worth noting that in many respects the first impression of the candidate is formed already at the time of transferring the documents to the potential employer.

The summary refers to such documents, which can be submitted not only in person, but also by e-mail or regular mail. That is why a resume should be paid as much attention as possible. A potential employer, having studied a competently written resume and become interested in the information provided that characterizes a candidate for a vacancy, will definitely want to invite this person for an interview.

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