How to make a waterfall with your own hands in the country

To decorate personal plots, many landscape designers use ponds and waterfalls. These garden elements have gained considerable popularity among many owners of country houses: they are beautiful, do not require special care and fit perfectly into any decision to organize the site. But in order to create such a beautiful decoration, you do not need to invite specialists. If desired, each summer resident can build an artificial waterfall in the garden with his own hands. To do this is not at all difficult, and the result will certainly please you and your household.

how to make a waterfall do it yourself

How to make a waterfall do it yourself

Before embarking on the construction process, it is worthwhile to conduct a series of preparatory work. First you need to decide where in your site will be located a waterfall. With your own hands it is better to build it near an existing pond or pool. Then you will only need to build β€œsteps” and install a pump that will supply water. When planning a structure from scratch, it is important to pay attention to the terrain. For the waterfall to function properly, an inclined surface is required. If there is no slope, you can create it yourself by making an embankment from any building materials: sand, pebbles, small stones and so on. The main thing is that there should not be any irregularities, dimples or tubercles on the embankment.

do-it-yourself waterfall

Before making a waterfall with your own hands, you need to familiarize yourself with the design features of the future structure. The base of the waterfall includes two tanks with water. If you do not have a ready-made pond or pool on the site, you can use plastic or metal containers. Moreover, the upper bowl should be half as much in volume as the lower one. The cascade itself can be made from ready-made blocks that are sold in specialized stores, or use natural materials to create it.

How to make a waterfall do it yourself from scratch? First you need to dig a pit, the bottom of which is cleaned from stones and plant roots. Fill it with a layer of fiberglass or sand at least four centimeters. Now you can begin to waterproof the future structure. It is best to use roofing material or a special film for pools. Then you need to create ledges from which water will fall. The total height of the cascade, as a rule, does not exceed one and a half meters. Lower ledges should be installed at least 30 centimeters above the surface of the water. By choosing stones of various shapes and sizes, interesting effects can be achieved: from a uniform flat stream to powerful waves breaking on the base. It remains only to install a pump for the waterfall - and a beautiful decorative structure on your site is ready. It should be remembered that during installation all parts of the pump must be reliably insulated and hidden.

DIY waterfall in the garden

How to make a waterfall do-it-yourself beautiful? It can be decorated with aquatic plants, set along the boulder structure, and lay the bottom with tiles. Here you can also place original sculptural compositions. In a word, the decoration of a waterfall depends only on your taste and preferences.


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