Magic talisman - cash crane

Maybe you saw such an unusual craft at someone's house as a floating cup with coins pouring from it. She delights most people, and many don’t even understand how she managed to do it. In fact, this craft - a cash tap - is quite simply made with your own hands and has the appearance of a golden inexhaustible source. Such a product is at the same time a symbol of wealth and prosperity, as well as an object that brings success to its owner, a successful streak in life and attracts real amounts of money in large quantities.

Cash tap

Nice souvenir

You can make a money tap with your own hands as a gift to friends, relatives, colleagues, superiors. This craft will be a wonderful gift for a birthday or a wedding. In general, this souvenir can be properly used in more than one situation. Naturally, just giving money in an envelope is a very banal decision. The best option is to make a craft out of banknotes.
You can believe in the magical properties of this craft or treat it with healthy skepticism, but be that as it may, such a decorative thing can become an original decoration of any house or apartment or play the role of the main accent in the interior of the room. So, nevertheless, the time has come to talk in more detail about what components you can make a cash crane with your own hands. Next, we will tell you about the main stages of manufacturing. And you can make sure that there is nothing complicated about it.

Main components

To make a floating source, we need:

  • Money - it can be real bills or coins or some kind of artificial paper.
  • Bowl as a traditional piece of crafts. Originals can replace it with an ordinary tap.
  • Metal cord, the so-called wire.
  • Adhesive tape and glue.
  • Cardboard.
  • Elastic polyurethane foam or foam rubber.
  • Wooden skewers or aluminum fork.
  • Golden paint.

cash crane master class

Money tap. Souvenir workshop

Let's start by making a holder for the bowl. To do this, six skewers are compatible, and between them we place the wire so that its part protrudes several centimeters above the wooden sticks. Then we fasten the skewers with adhesive tape and bend part of the remaining wire outside at about an angle of 120 degrees. Then, thanks to the resulting design, we fix the bowl. Often, instead of skewers, a fork is used, the teeth of which are bent forward and attached to the saucer, and the end of the handle bent in the opposite direction is glued to the inside of the bowl. Then comes the turn of the spray can with golden paint, with which we paint the details, imitating a cash tap made of gold.

Before you start painting, it is necessary to treat the product with alcohol, which will remove fat. It is recommended to paint on the street or on the balcony. If the procedure will be carried out in a room, then it is worth remembering that during this process there is a release of darkish dust, which covers all surfaces that are nearby. It is necessary to apply at least three layers. It takes about a quarter of an hour or more to dry each such layer. When choosing a coloring matter, you need to consider that in the end it will have a darker color than the sample shows you.

do-it-yourself money tap

Then we build a pedestal. The classic is the saucer corresponding to the bowl. But in fact, you can make a polygonal pedestal with as many corners as you like. From the outside, this pedestal can be edged with coffee beans or coins. After that, the product stand is wrapped in bills, due to which we get, so to speak, the core of the crane's cash stream. Then we attach this rod to the pedestal. It is important that the money tap produces the effect that money is being sprayed out of it. We glue the notes twisted into a bag around the entire core. This is the final stage of work, and now we can say that the production of the crane has been completed.

Cash tap

Coins and Banknotes

In addition, the saucer can be decorated with coins. For these purposes, ordinary pennies are suitable, which for you are no longer valuable. Also, some people when working on a money tap use coins and tokens made from decorative materials. As for banknotes, both β€œfake” tickets and very real money can be used.


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