The best hairdressers in Moscow: photos and reviews

Today, most men and women want to look well-groomed. To do this, they are forced to spend a lot of time on hair and skin care. In the crazy rhythm of a big city, it is almost impossible to spend the extra few hours on your beauty. Therefore, the services of hairdressers and stylists are now so in demand. However, it is not so easy to find a qualified specialist who can easily determine which procedures the client needs.

The best hairdressers in Moscow

To save time, it is recommended to read the rating of the best hairdressers and stylists in Moscow. It included about a hundred specialists, and the first five places were taken by the following masters.

Pavel Sheff

This young but very talented master is already working with show business stars such as Anfisa Chekhova, Lisa Boyarskaya, Dima Bilan and other celebrities. As Pavel himself says, the exactingness and spoilage of eminent clients only encourages him to self-improvement.

Sheff is distinguished by positive thinking and extraordinary charm. By profession, he is a colorist and hairdresser, so you can safely entrust your hair to him.

Paul's opinion of beauty

Although the young specialist who headed the rating of the best hairdressers in Moscow, and appreciates the real beauty in Russian, he drew attention to the fact that today girls are more willing to look like Hollywood stars and French women. Therefore, the master perfectly mastered the techniques of "ombre", "Santali" and easily creates glare and other effects on the clients' hair.

Pavel also believes that a radical change in haircuts and hair color can have a positive effect on life. Such changes allow you to change your attitude towards the world around you, and, accordingly, to yourself. That is why the best hairdresser in Moscow with pleasure is ready to go for any experiments that a client will ask him about.

The best hairdressers stylists in Moscow

If we talk about Pavel’s professional “chips,” it is worth saying that a talented stylist from childhood was associated with creativity, since his mother was a fashion designer, and his sister became a great artist. That is why Sheff loves working with color. The vast majority of his clients are blondes. This is due to the fact that only he can expertly choose the right shade to achieve a rich and beautiful hair color.

If we talk about your favorite cosmetic brands, then Paul prefers to work with products company Kerastase and Redken. The paints of these brands, in his opinion, are the best. From them, the hair remains healthy and shiny.

Leon Pataridze

This talented hairdresser with a heroic name is on the second line of the rating of the best hairdressers in Moscow. The master does not hear his work from birth, therefore, to communicate with clients, he uses notes, which does not prevent him from being one of the most sought-after stylists in the capital.

However, if the client only wants to trim the haircut a little, it is better not to address this issue to Leon. The master is so fond of creating new images that such trivial tasks are simply not interesting to him. But if someone needs a perm, then there is nobody in this business, better than Pataridze.

Leon's opinion of beauty

The master is sure that everything should be beautiful in a person, and not just his face and hairstyle. Leon is truly happy when, after the changes, his clients not only transform, but also change their attitude to themselves.

The specialist advises everyone to monitor their hair, as he is confident that it is the representatives of the opposite sex who pay attention to them in the first place.

top hair stylists moscow reviews

Leon is constantly developing fingers, as he is confident that fine motor skills is very important when working with clients' hairs. However, he does not forget about the creative component. In addition, Pataridze travels a lot and in every new place he tries to learn something new for his work or simply to be inspired by beautiful landscapes that will draw new images in his imagination.

Also, one of the best hairdressers in Moscow is characterized by unprecedented modesty. When asked about what special skills he possesses, he replies that he knows how to turn brunettes into blondes.

Leon prefers Prive brand products, as they include organic ingredients.

Victoria Veselukha

The first representative of the fair sex among the best hairdressers in Moscow is sure that you can really say a lot about him. In this case, you do not need to be a fortuneteller, it is enough to become a true master of his craft.

Moscow's best hairdressers rating

Victoria specializes in design and nail extension. 14 years of experience allows her to easily create truly beautiful work.

Victoria's opinion of beauty

The master is sure that everyone wants to be brighter and stand out from the crowd. Of course, she ironically condemns women who do not know how to use makeup and simply put tons of makeup on their faces. She believes that in this case it is much better to stand out with the help of an unusual manicure performed by a specialist.

Victoria is not in vain considered one of the best hairdressers in Moscow. She has vast experience and can offer her clients a wide range of services. However, most of all her creative soul gravitates to manicure.

best hairdressers stylists moscow rating

The specialist is sure that the nails should look harmonious with the whole image. If a brutal man with a three-day stubble suddenly raises his hand, on which a transparent manicure will shine, then this will look ridiculous. Therefore, she always tries to determine the status of clients in order to choose the most optimal option for nail care for them.

If we talk about professional skills, then Victoria expertly applies artificial coating so that clients' nails look like their own.

Among nail plate care products, Veselukha prefers the Christina Fitzgerald and OPI brands. These varnishes last the longest and do not deteriorate until 3 years.

Tatyana Shekina

If we talk about the best male hairdressers in Moscow, then the 4th place in the rating should be given to this talented girl. From early morning, government officials and prominent businessmen flock to the doorstep of her office. In the evening, famous actors and actresses come to Tatyana, whose names are carefully kept secret by the master.

Many of Tatyana's colleagues say that she is the ideal of what a hairdresser should be like. This is not surprising, because she became the world and European champion in hairdressing.

Tatyana's opinion about beauty

Shekina considers the ideal of the Russian style of beauty a long braid, embroidery on clothes and the presence of a large amount of red. She also positively refers to fundamental changes in appearance. Tatyana is sure that nothing so cheers up as an external transformation.

The best hairdressers in Moscow

The master speaks of himself as a brunette in appearance, but a blonde in the shower. By the way, it’s the emotional experience, according to Tatyana, that is what any specialist should understand. The best hairdresser and stylist in Moscow can be one who not only understands all the intricacies of makeup and creating new looks, but can also give his client useful advice that is not related to his appearance. By and large, the master should also be a good psychologist.

If we talk about Tatyana’s professional skills, she most of all loves working with hair, creating romantic and touching images for girls, and business and stylish hairstyles for men.

Among Shekina’s cosmetics, she loves Sebastian products the most.

Ramil Hamidi

According to reviews, this master is the best hairdresser and stylist in Moscow . For Ramil, the eyes are a mirror of the soul, but the character of a person can be shown only with eyebrows. It is in this area that it is the best. Some clients even call her an eyebrow tamer, since only she can create an amazing image that will fully correspond to the inner state of the soul of any client.

Ramily's opinion of beauty

For the master, a luxurious and stylish woman should be associated with a holiday. She is proud that many representatives of the fair sex are not lazy and spend time on morning make-up to look beautiful already at breakfast.

The best men's hairdressers in Moscow

As an expert on eyebrows, Ramilya believes that it is this part of the human face that can turn a gray mouse into a charming seductress.

According to Hamidi herself, she loves capricious and picky customers, because it stimulates her to develop further. Stressful situations, in her opinion, only strengthen the psyche and force to move away from generally accepted patterns, due to which truly amazing images appear.

Ramil’s experience is also evidenced by the fact that once she worked with the most moody and cruel model - Naomi Campbell.


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