How to learn to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep?

Almost each of us can with great rejection recall the painful hours spent in futile attempts to fall asleep. Turning over from side to side, for the umpteenth time you sort through everything that you once knew about how to learn how to quickly fall asleep in your mind. Medical disciplines such as neurology and psychiatry are involved in the study, prevention, and treatment of this disorder.

At the doctor's appointment

The culprits of our sleepless nights can be a variety of factors. First of all, we must try to figure out the real reason for this phenomenon in order to find effective methods of dealing with insomnia. Quite often, prolonged sleep disturbance is caused by diseases associated with malfunctions of the cardiovascular system, increased blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and many others.

How to fall asleep quickly?
In this case, qualified medical assistance will be the most faithful and effective solution to the issue of sleep disturbance. But usually it’s not so scary!

Emotional "troublemakers"

A healthy sleep, which gives a person a great opportunity to relax after a hard day in order to prepare for the next, does not come. Only one question revolves in my head: "How to learn to fall asleep quickly?"

And in the morning - an early rise and a complete lack of strength for normal life, not to mention serious trials and stresses. Although it is they who often serve as the root cause of our troubles.

So, if we exclude the need for medical intervention, then for the soonest turning into the arms of Morpheus (the god of sleep), it is necessary to eliminate all the circumstances that impede healthy retirement. And to calm the soul, you can resort to the proven methods of traditional medicine, the soft action of which will also contribute to the overall healing of the body, but more on that later.

Think about it ...

Why does a person fall asleep quickly?

Excessive irritability, depression and stress, which significantly affect the quality of sleep, often become a natural consequence of the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Negatively affects the process of falling asleep and the lack of a regular sleep regimen. When asking yourself the question of how to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep, you should think about whether too much coffee was drunk during the day and in the evening, and whether the daytime sleep was unnecessary.

How many times have you talked about the undesirability of night gatherings in front of a computer and TV? Perhaps the time has come to pay attention to what you are so used to that you do not notice the negative consequences of your lifestyle, which causes persistent sleep disturbance. And insomnia, in turn, becomes the culprit in reducing the quality of life: weakening of mental abilities (lethargy), lowering the speed of perception (lethargy) and memory impairment.

Increase in daily activity

Having worked hard to eradicate bad habits (alcohol, tobacco, a lot of coffee), do not allow yourself to sleep during the day (except in cases of ill health). You need to accustom yourself to being in the bedroom only for sleep and sex. This will help to build the correct associative series, in other words, to form habits that positively affect the possibility of quick falling asleep.

How to learn to get enough sleep quickly?

In addition, try to increase physical activity during daylight hours. Think about it: why does a person fall asleep quickly? Because he is tired, and he needs rest to recover.

State of mind and body

3-4 hours before bedtime, you should not engage in active sports, as well as have a tight dinner. As an “aperitif”, you can use a romantic leisurely walk in the fresh air. And you can take a relaxing bath with aromatic oils (chamomile, lavender, rose, lemon balm) to your favorite soft music. All these procedures contribute to general physical relaxation, liberation from unnecessary, vain thoughts in the evening. In addition, you should not have a tight dinner, this does not allow the body to prepare for sleep. In extreme cases, you can arrange a light snack with yogurt, fruit, or something else non-nutritious and easy for the stomach.

Ambient comfort

Having aired the bedroom well, having forgotten about the computer and TV before going to bed, it will be easier to learn how to quickly fall asleep. The most comfortable temperature for falling asleep is 17-18 degrees.

How to learn to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep?

Of course, you must try to protect yourself from extraneous noise and reduce the light in the bedroom. By the way, it is darkness that accelerates the production of melatonin, which contributes to the quickest falling asleep.


One of the items that negatively affect the creation of a favorable mood in preparation for bedtime or during a short awakening is, oddly enough, watches. It is they who create a nervous atmosphere and panic when mentally counting (most often - unconscious) the time left to rest. Thus, we simply state its insufficiency, focusing our attention on this. In the end, it’s just an extension of the “agony” in the fight against insomnia.

How to fall asleep quickly? Tips & Tricks

Looking for ways to learn how to quickly fall asleep, you can find a lot of really interesting recipes and individually select the most suitable ones for each. Their simultaneous or alternate use helps a person forget about past problems.

Learn to fall asleep quickly
Try reading some fiction (not a thriller) before going to bed, or better yet, boring textbooks or regulatory documents. This is a fairly effective method, thanks to which the eyelids seem to be filled with lead, and mortal thoughts leave their abode. By the way, many people advise falling asleep to soothing audio books. This method is extremely convenient if there are young children nearby whose sleep also needs to be controlled. In this case, an earphone is inserted in one ear, and the second will be able to catch children's crying.

About how to fall asleep quickly, you can hear from the security services professionally interested in maintaining the best physical shape. To do this, lie on your back with your eyes closed and relax all muscles. In this case, the eyeballs under closed eyelids should be directed upwards. According to scientists, this position is the most natural in a dream. It’s worth a little practice, and you can achieve almost instant sleep.

How to learn to fall asleep quickly ...

Many people feel comfortable falling asleep doing auto-training. The mental pronunciation of the words that a certain part of the body is getting heavier and warmer (from head to toe) is felt at the physical level, due to which the proper result is achieved.

Folk methods

Common people have long known how to learn how to quickly fall asleep, so folk methods of dealing with all manifestations of insomnia are still very popular. To genius, a simple remedy is warm water with honey 30 minutes before bedtime. One teaspoon of honey should be dissolved in about 0.5 cups of warm water. The temperature of the liquid should be no more than 60 degrees, so as not to destroy the useful biologically active substances contained in honey.

how to quickly fall asleep and get enough sleep

It is advisable to drink soothing herbal teas 1-2 hours before bedtime in minimum doses so as not to overdo the amount of liquid. In this case, it is necessary to change the composition of herbal preparations, so that the body does not get used to them. It is worth controlling allergic manifestations and various contraindications, so as not to harm the body.

The most pleasant to taste are lemon balm, mint, oregano and Ivan tea. More powerful calming properties have motherwort, valerian, yarrow and hop cones. If you combine herbs with classic tea, you should not forget about the minimum concentration of tea drink.

The choice of the most suitable ways to combat insomnia is always up to the person. And do not despair if the instant effect is not achieved. Search, change, combine and search again. Many people managed to completely get rid of the problems with falling asleep, and this made them a little happier.


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