How to pay for "Tricolor TV": methods, instructions

The Tricolor TV company is a leading satellite operator. For a small fee, it provides access to a huge number of TV channels and additional services. In order for the broadcast to be constant, it is necessary to pay for the selected tariff on time. In this aspect, the operator has done tremendous work, providing a huge number of payment methods. Actually, the question does not arise for subscribers how to pay for Tricolor TV.

What payment methods are available?

Today, customers of a satellite operator can pay via the Internet, using special services and electronic money. You can personally visit the bank branch, as well as use an ATM or a special terminal.

To pay for Tricolor TV with a credit card or other convenient method, you need to find out the receiver’s ID code. It consists of 12 or 14 numbers. It can be found in the contract, in the equipment settings menu or in your account on the company's official portal. This digital code will need to be entered during the payment process, and regardless of the chosen method.

payment by tricolor by credit card

Credit card payment

You can pay for services with a plastic card, which was issued by one of the banks in Russia. This method is the most popular, since all manipulations can be carried out Online, and at any convenient time.

To pay Tricolor by credit card, proceed as follows:

  • go to the official portal of the operator;
  • open the "Payment" section, which is located in the side menu;
  • select "Bank Cards";
  • select a paid service, if necessary, specify additional information;
  • enter the amount and confirm the payment.

Cash is instantly credited to the balance sheet.

Internet banking

Another quite popular method for customers of Russian banks. Almost all cardholders have the opportunity to make a payment through online banking. Many are interested in how to pay for Tricolor TV in this way. The procedure is identical for all banks. Just stick to the following algorithm:

  • go to the online resource of your bank;
  • Sign in to enter Internet banking;
  • open the tab "Payment for services" - "Television" and select the desired operator;
  • enter the ID in the appropriate field and indicate the service;
  • indicate the amount and confirm the payment.

Be sure to pay attention to the final payment amount. Some banks charge a fee.

In order not to overpay, the Tricolor TV portal presents a list of banks with which the operator works closely. For example, Sberbank pays without a commission, payment is made using the method presented above. It is better not to use the services of other banks, as it is much more profitable to pay Tricolor TV through Sberbank.

Payment Tricolor via ATM

ATMs and terminals

How to pay "Tricolor" through the terminal? It is quite simple and convenient, as the terminals are located everywhere. To make a payment, you will need to perform the following actions:

  • in the main menu, click the "Television" button;
  • select the icon of the desired provider;
  • in the corresponding field indicate ID, select a service package;
  • pay for services and be sure to pick up the check.

Sometimes the terminal may fail to make a payment due to system failures; a check will allow you to quickly resolve the problem. Keep in mind that the devices also charge a commission, so the amount payable will be a little more.

If you have a Sberbank card, you can pay for Tricolor through an ATM:

  • To do this, insert the card, enter the PIN code;
  • Select the category “Payments”;
  • Find the “Television” item and the desired provider;
  • Further, everything goes according to the standard. Select a package of services, indicate the equipment number and make a payment.
  • The operation takes place without a commission. Do not forget to pick up the check, keep it until the funds arrive in the account.
Electronic money

Electronic money

Today, almost every user of the World Wide Web has at least one electronic wallet. Tricolor does not lag behind the latest trends and actively cooperates with all relevant services: Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Qiwi. We will not consider all systems, we will dwell on the most popular options.

To make a payment, go to the Qiwi website and go through authorization. If you forget your password, you can quickly recover it using SMS. Select the service payment section and click on the line “Internet, Telephony, TV”. Here you need to select the operator you need. Indicate the amount to be credited, write down the contract number. It remains only to confirm the payment.

We also consider payment using a Webmoney wallet:

  • go to the Webmoney resource;
  • pass authorization;
  • In the side menu, select the item "Payment for services";
  • open the “Television” section, after which a list with available providers will appear, select the one you need;
  • fill in the payment bank;
  • Confirm the transfer of funds.

The maximum payment amount is 15,000 rubles, a minimum commission is charged.

When working with other payment systems, proceed in the same way. It should be noted that Qiwi and Yandex.Money allow you to pay not only from your wallet, but also with a credit card.

Sberbank Online

Mobile applications

Each owner of a smartphone based on Android or iOs can use the convenient method of payment for Tricolor TV services. Many banks provide their customers with a mobile application with advanced functionality. The most popular is the application from Sberbank. It remains only to figure out how to pay for "Tricolor" with its help. The procedure is simple, you must perform the following steps:

  • activate the application;
  • pass authorization;
  • open the "Payments" section;
  • Proceed to the category of “Internet and TV”;
  • select the desired satellite provider;
  • indicate the number of the prefix and the package of services used;
  • Confirm payment.

The operation takes place without additional commission. Money instantly flows into balance.

mobile operators

Pay from your mobile phone account

You can pay "Tricolor" by credit card via the Internet, it is very convenient, but not suitable for everyone. Therefore, many are looking for alternatives. Everyone is using mobile communications now. This fact was taken into account and the operator thought out a service for paying for satellite TV from a mobile phone. Moreover, several methods are provided. One of them involves visiting the official Tricolor TV portal, where you will need to go to your personal account and proceed to the "Payments" section. The phone number from which the funds will be debited is indicated here. The operation is confirmed by SMS.

You can also make a payment using SMS. It is sent to number 7878. It must indicate the name of the tariff and the number of equipment. The amount of payment is not indicated. If there is enough funds in the account to pay for the Tricolor TV package, a charge will be made. A similar operation comes with a small commission.

Payment Tricolor at a bank branch

If none of the presented methods suits you, you can always visit a bank branch and make a payment. You can also deposit funds to your account in mobile phone shops and at the post office.


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