Dry cleaning of the pillow: technology, necessary materials and equipment, work technique and reviews

A sound and healthy sleep is a guarantee of good health, mood, vitality, strength, and largely depends on the quality of bedding, which is known to every inhabitant of the planet. It is not in vain that we spend a lot of time hiking in specialized stores in search of a mattress, pillows and blankets. But it’s not enough to choose really high-quality bedding - you should provide them with proper care. If you sleep on a feather pillow, this topic is most relevant, because fluff absorbs various impurities and moisture over time. As part of this material, we will present information on an innovative method of care - dry cleaning of pillows, which, admittedly, has already become widespread. Now it is your turn to get to know him better, having thoroughly studied all the advantages and disadvantages.

Feather pillow life

Just think, how long does your feather pillow last? Surely you got it from your grandmother or was presented at birth. Indeed, an item such as a pillow is often passed down from generation to generation. No matter how high-quality it may be, the process of contamination, absorption of unpleasant odors and the appearance of dark spots on the fabric is simply inevitable. But with proper care, it will be possible to significantly extend the period of its operation, ensuring a quality healthy sleep. You can rest assured that a down pillow is an excellent investment, because with proper care it will last from 10 to 30 years, retaining its properties and characteristics.

Dry cleaning pillows

Features of down

The modern bedding market offers a wide range of fillings for feather-beds, mattresses and pillows. Nevertheless, the pen is still very popular. Numerous studies have proved that this is the strongest and warmest filler, it is not for nothing that it is present in the fringe of waterfowl and warms them even in severe frost. At the same time, fluff does not interfere with the free release of moisture, providing support for an optimal microclimate during sleep. And, of course, the down pillow is distinguished by its impressive volume with a relatively low weight. In addition, it quickly recovers its shape after compression.

Care Features

In order for the feather pillow to serve you faithfully, you must provide it with proper care. Few people know that it needs to be cleaned every five years of operation or simply replaced with a new one. The fact is that fluff absorbs dust, sweat particles, losing its properties and characteristics. Well, in the end, sleeping on such a pillow becomes simply unhygienic. Surely many of those who sleep on the feather pillow with horror recall how long and tedious the process of wet cleaning is, how long it takes to dry the pillow in the open air. But now you can forget about it. Dry cleaning of the pillow is a modern innovative method of eliminating all contaminants, for good reason it is also called restoration. As part of this material, we will study in detail all the features of this method.

Dry cleaning feather pillows

What is it?

So, dry cleaning of feather pillows is a modern technique, a unique technology that allows you to return the product to its original appearance, save it from dust, dirt, an unpleasant old smell in the shortest possible time. The procedure requires the use of unique equipment without water and chemistry. Thus, the fastest, safest and most effective method of eliminating pollution today is precisely the dry cleaning of feather pillows. Reviews of modern hostesses have become the best confirmation of this.


Before starting the procedure, a new napkin is fixed in the cleaning installation, the old one has already served you enough and will no longer be needed. The old pillow is unstuck at the seam, and the filler itself is neatly poured into small pieces in small pieces. In a special chamber, cleaning occurs under the influence of a powerful jet of hot air. This is how it is possible to dry and loosen it, returning the original form and volume. At the same time, a special vacuum cleaner is included in the work, which is responsible for drawing dust and dirt from the pen. A bactericidal lamp with ultraviolet disinfects, killing all bacteria that managed to accumulate in the filler for the entire period of operation of the pillow.

Dry cleaning feather pillows reviews

The cleaned filler is placed in the same uniform portions into a new bed sheet, passing through another cleaning chamber, in which the smallest contaminants are eliminated. At this point, the dry cleaning procedure for down pillows is considered complete. It remains only, armed with a sewing machine, to stitch a new breastplate.

It is important to observe the basic principles of the technology: before each subsequent loading from the chamber, all contaminants, filtered feather residues and debris are removed.

About the benefits

Dry cleaning of the pillow at home is only possible if you purchase special equipment. This is perhaps the only drawback of this method, but it is very impractical for an average family to make such an expensive purchase, counting on a one-time cleaning of the pillows. That is why it is better to pay for the services of professional cleaning companies every five years without wasting your precious time.

Dry cleaning of down pillows

Along with this, dry cleaning of pillows has a lot of advantages that are simply impossible to keep silent about:

  • Environmental friendliness - the procedure eliminates the use of chemistry, which is so important when it comes to cleaning bedding that is constantly in contact with the body.
  • Efficiency - under the influence of hot air, ultraviolet rays, it is possible to eliminate everything, even the smallest pollution, giving the pillow purity and freshness, breathing new life into it. It has been proven that the dry cleaning of pillows, the reviews of which are impressive, allows you to remove debris and feather from the filler. Thus you update the filler.
  • Efficiency - the procedure takes 30 minutes, its duration primarily depends on the amount of work and neglect of each specific case.
dry cleaning feather pillows at home
  • The minimum amount of losses - it’s no secret to anyone that washing on average destroys 20% of the filler, which can not be said about the innovative method. If you stand guard over your health and want to maximize the life of your favorite pillow, you will definitely like the dry cleaning of your pen and pillows. It is impossible to carry it out at home, but in this case the costs really pay off.
  • Hygiene - the use of advanced technology allows you to individually process the product of each specific client.

Issue price

Surely every housewife who has become acquainted with the advantages of dry cleaning of a pen is interested in the cost of this procedure. We have already found out that it is not labor-intensive, it takes only 15-30 minutes of time, but its implementation is associated with the use of a special installation. Moreover, the cost of the service is available to most of us, depending on the size of the pillow. So, if you have your own breastplate, cleaning a standard pillow of 70 × 70 cm will cost you an average of 500 rubles, a new breastplate will increase the cost by 50-70 rubles, depending on the fabric and the quality of the edging. Considering that the procedure should be carried out only once every few years, it will not become costly for you.

Dry cleaning pillows reviews

Is it cost effective?

Many housewives in the reviews note that dry cleaning a feather pillow at home is unprofitable. In order to cope with the procedure yourself, you should purchase professional equipment. If your family is average, it is unlikely that such an expensive purchase will pay off. That is why it is much more reasonable, more economical, if necessary, to turn to dry cleaning and put all bedding in order with the help of qualified specialists.

dry cleaning pillows at home

Modern technologies do not cease to please us with really simple and very effective ways to maintain cleanliness and freshness in every home. Take them into service.

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