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Elderly and sick people need special care. The time comes when the parents who raised their children already need the help of their sons and daughters. Age and acquired diseases take their toll. It becomes difficult for older people to take care of themselves, cook food, go to the store, do the cleaning, and sometimes there is not enough energy to even get dressed.

Elderly care

Elderly care

Close and relatives, as a rule, at first take all the cares of caring for the elderly themselves, but when this lasts for months or even years, it is most reasonable to turn to specialists.

Caring for an elderly person is not a simple matter, it requires a lot of time and dedication. And if working relatives carry out care for an elderly person, then they simply do not have time for rest and personal life. In this case, the social care service for the elderly will come to the rescue.

What is social assistance for the elderly?

Such a service exists in any city, even in provincial towns with a very small population. Social workers care for the elderly. It is as follows:

  • hygienic care;
  • assistance in taking medicines and monitoring the frequency of their administration;
  • conducting medical procedures or escorting the ward to the place of their conduct;
  • purchase of necessary food and medicine, this is done at the expense of the client;
  • cooking for an elderly person;
  • help with eating (feeding);
  • hygienic cleaning and airing of the room where the elderly person is;
  • washing and ironing clothes and bedding of the ward;
  • escort for a walk.

Work - caring for the elderly

Such social support can be provided at various levels. You can ask for help for just a few hours to change bedding or bathe an elderly person. But sometimes a social worker is required around the clock, and this is also possible. In this case, it is assumed that the social worker is in the ward. Often, social care for an elderly person is carried out by employees with a medical education.

Where is the social care service for the elderly located?

How to find a service that cares for an elderly person? Everything is very simple - you need to contact the local municipality. You must come in person or call and inform that you need help in caring for an elderly person. You will be informed about what needs to be done for this.

Most likely, you will have to answer some questions and fill out the necessary papers so that you can be helped. If a person in need of help turns to a social service and is not able to independently approach the municipality, then the employees of this service will pay a visit to his house and help fill out all the necessary documents.

If necessary, social workers will advise relatives on how to behave with older people. Sometimes the painful condition of older people greatly spoils their character. They become moody and intractable. The main thing here is patience and self-control.

Social care for an elderly person

Basic rules for communicating with older people

In order for the psychological atmosphere in the family where the elderly relative is not to be disturbed, several simple rules must be observed.

  1. Avoid criticism, conflict situations and disputes in communication with an elderly person.
  2. If an elderly relative is dissatisfied with something and rebels, take it calmly. You need to understand - this is a sign that he is ill. Find out the cause of the discomfort.
  3. Help your old man talk about fears that bother him and make him feel better.
  4. Always listen to the elderly person to the end, do not refuse to communicate with him. But to impose your presence if an elderly relative is tired and wants to relax, is not worth it.
  5. If he is not in the mood or state of resentment, you should not continue the conversation. Gently stop him and promise to return to the desired topic later.
  6. Slowly, clearly and loudly pronounce the words when talking with an elderly person, they are often hard to hear. Address him with respect.
  7. Remember to caress - when talking with an elderly person, sit next to him, take his hand. If he sees and hears poorly, then he needs tactile contact in the same way as young children.
  8. Sometimes old people need to have their little secrets - this can be a secret place to store money or sweets, memorabilia. Do not forbid them to do so.
  9. No need to prohibit your elderly relatives from talking with friends, talking to them on the phone.
  10. Accompany the elderly on a walk.

Elderly care service

Why contact a specialist?

Proper care of an elderly person will help improve his quality of life. Applying to the social service for caring for the elderly will help maintain the psychological balance in the family. There is such a job - caring for the elderly. These are specialists in their field who clearly carry out competent care for the elderly. There are medical workers and psychologists in this service, whose professional help is sometimes very necessary.

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