Sihanoukville beaches: description with photos, names, average temperature and reviews of vacationers

Sihanoukville is one of the most popular resorts in Cambodia. It is located 185 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The city is also considered the main seaport of the country. Its popularity is gradually growing as a seaside resort. The city can be safely called young, since it appeared only in the 50s of the last century. Of course, tourists are most interested in the beaches of Sihanoukville. It is about them that will be discussed in our article.

A bit about the city ...

Sihanoukville is in a very good location. You can get from Bangkok to the city in just half a day, and Phnom Penh is only two hours away. Due to its favorable location, Sihanoukville is rapidly gaining momentum as a tourist center. Here you can visit the excursions and have a good rest. The beaches of Sihanoukville are the main attraction of the city. Now the tourist infrastructure is actively developing in the region: restaurants, hotels are being built, travel agencies, diving centers and other facilities are being opened.

The city is the main resort of the country. It was named after a king named Sihanouk. Cambodians themselves consider him the father of the nation. The ruler earned such a high rank and great respect among local residents for having once stopped a long-standing war in the country.

Beaches Cambodia Sihanoukville

The city itself is not of particular interest. Tourists come here exclusively for the beaches of Sihanoukville and several attractions.

The resort has its own characteristics. Perhaps shopping lovers will not like it, because there are no huge shopping centers with boutiques of famous brands in the city. But in Sihanoukville there is a lot of sun, sand and sea. The choice of beaches in Sihanoukville is very large, among them you can find not only party places, but also completely wild stretches of the coast. The city can be described as a quiet resort. While it is not yet built up with shopping centers and hotels. But at the same time, there is everything you need for a good rest: shops, bars, cafes and entertainment venues. There are no high-rises in the city; 2 and 3-story houses predominate in architecture.


Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville is one of the most famous. Its name translates as "intuition." The beach is very small and smoothly passes into Ochetel. In fact, this is one and the same section of the coast, divided into two parts. It is worth noting that there are always a lot of people here. The beach is very popular. There is a fine white sand, clear sea and an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. Not the least role is played by the proximity of Serendipity to the city. It is located closest to the center of Sihanoukville. All the conditions for a good rest are created on the coast, numerous restaurants and bars are equipped. You can buy everything you need on the beach. An incredible number of hotels, hostels and guesthouses have been built right on the coast. The choice of housing here is very large, so you can find a room for any wallet. Among the hotels there are not only budgetary institutions, but also expensive hotels. If you are interested in nightlife in Sihanoukville, then you will not find a better place. It is quiet in the daytime, but in the evening all the fun begins. There are always a lot of young people at Serendipity. Fire shows and other entertainment events are often organized here.

Otres Beach Sihanoukville

The only not very pleasant moment that tourists do not like is the crowds of beggars. They regularly bother guests, spoiling the overall impression of relaxation.

Near the beach there are a lot of all kinds of souvenir, grocery stores and clothing boutiques. There is a pier on the coast from which boats sail to the islands.

If you need to find a budget accommodation, then experienced travelers recommend paying attention to the area between the beach and the area with golden lions.

According to tourists, the choice of housing at Serendipity is very large. Here you can find a room for 5-10 dollars a day. They say that there is even a place where you can spend the night completely free. It is called Utopia. Of course, the conditions there are Spartan, but in hopeless situations this can help.

Reviews for Serendipity

All the beaches of Sihanoukville (Cambodia) are quite good. According to tourists, Serendipity is no worse than other sites on the coast. It is worth noting that the beach is always crowded with people, so there is more garbage here than in other places. If you want peace and solitude in nature, then you should definitely choose something else. Even Soha and Independence are much quieter. "Serendipity" is a place for party-goers or for people who are looking for a budget holiday, since the cheapest accommodation can be found here. An important role is played by the excellent infrastructure and walking distance of all facilities.

Beach "Ochetutel"

Among the beaches of Sihanoukville (Cambodia), it is worth recalling a stretch of coast called β€œOchetel”. It is located in the southeast of the city. Russians often call him "Oschelet" or "Ochetel", as you like. He is a continuation of the Serependiti. The length of the beach reaches three kilometers. Many tourists believe that this particular section of the coast is the most popular among holidaymakers and local residents. The beach is not wide, but along it there are cafes, shops, souvenir shops and bars. A large number of canopies, tables, umbrellas are installed on the coast. Near the beach there are guest houses and hotels. Local restaurants offer not only national but also European cuisine, so there are no problems with food. Reasonable prices in the cafe allow you to taste delicious dishes with seafood.

Sihanoukville beaches reviews

The largest number of hotels is located in the north of the beach. But the southern part of the coast is almost completely closed to outsiders. There is a private golf club.

According to tourists, on the beach "Ochutel" is very noisy and crowded, if you want to have fun, then you are definitely here.

Otres Beach

To the south of Ochutel is Otres Beach. Sihanoukville is five kilometers from it. This part of the coast is considered the wildest, it is abundantly overgrown with conifers. The beach is conditionally divided into three parts: "Otres 1" - the most lively place, "Otres 2" - a quiet and calm stretch of coast, which is often called "Long Beach", the village of Otres, located away from the coast.

If you believe the reviews about the beaches of Sihanoukville, then for solitude and romance it is worth going to Otres. Of course, recently they began to build cafes, guest houses, bars, bungalows and other facilities here, but they are so few that they do not interfere with vacationers at all.

Sihanoukville Hotels with Private Beach

Otres Beach is known not only as a place for a relaxing holiday. On its territory there is the largest selection of equipment for marine entertainment. Here you can rent a kayak, catamaran or surfboard and ride to the islands in the sea.

Reviews for Otres Beach

According to tourists, Otres is far from the cleanest place. The beach is very popular, many tourists come here in search of silence and solitude. If you want to stay here, you can easily find a room in local guesthouses.

Hawaiian beach

One of the beaches of Sihanoukville (photo is given in the article) is the "Hawaiian" beach. It is located between the Indnependence and Victoria. Compared with them, it has a more modest size. Moreover, on this stretch of the coast it is less sunny, since huge pines grow here, creating a lot of shade for tourists. This is its advantage, because not everyone likes to sunbathe. Of the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the far from ideal state of the coast. According to tourists, on the beach you can see the port mud brought by the current.

Sihanoukville best beaches

Hawaii beach is very popular with locals, so you can rarely meet foreign tourists here.

Independence Beach

The list of the best beaches in Sihanoukville includes Independence Beach. Its length is more than a kilometer. According to tourists, this is one of the most peaceful places on the coast. The advantage of the beach is clean sand and coastal waters. Every tourist is definitely worth a visit here.

Sihanoukville beaches photos and reviews

If you are interested in Sihanoukville hotels with their own beach, then these are available here. One of them is called Independence Hotel, and the second is called Holiday Palace Casino. Both establishments have their own private beaches for guests. There are also beach restaurants on the coast. Recent reviews of Independence Beach suggest that new establishments are gradually starting to build on it. And this means that soon the local coast will no longer be so quiet. No wonder the popularity of the resort is growing every year.

If you want to spend your vacation on Independence Beach, keep in mind that there is no budget accommodation here. On the coast are only expensive hotel complexes. Cheaper apartments will have to look far enough.

Soha Beach

Soha Beach is a private area of ​​the first five-star hotel in Cambodia. Soha Beach Resort is a representative hotel complex located on the coast. The length of its beach is 1500 meters. Access to it is open only to guests of the institution. For other tourists, a stretch of coastline of about a hundred meters is available. Soho Beach Resort is a large complex equipped with everything needed for a relaxing holiday. On its territory there are pools, spas and other pleasant services. The beach of the hotel is considered the cleanest in the resort, since it is regularly cleaned by the complex.

Serendipity Beach Sihanoukville

In the area of ​​"Soha" you can’t find a budget accommodation. In addition to the eminent hotel, there are a couple more hotel complexes, but the cost of living in them is also quite high. Only in the eastern part of the coast there are bungalows with more affordable prices. If you want to relax comfortably on the Soha, you can get on it for a fee. The staff of the institution uses this practice.

Victory Beach

The beach is near the hill of the same name "Victory". Not far from it is the port. According to tourists, the water off the coast is quite clean, as the current carries away all the dirt. It is hard to say how true this is. However, many note that traces of fuel oil appear after bathing. Therefore, it is hardly worth choosing this section of the coast as the main vacation spot. If you want to swim in the clear sea, it makes sense to choose any other Sihanoukville beach.

Beaches of Sihanoukville photo

As for the local coast, cafes and hotels work here, so finding a place to suit every taste is not a problem. A popular place is the Snake House establishment, its owners speak excellent Russian and will give you the necessary recommendations regarding relaxation. Victory Beach is known for its beautiful palm trees, against which all holidaymakers take stunning photos. Some tourists recommend seeing the sunset at Victoria Beach in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the resort.

Reviews about the beach "Victory"

According to vacationers, the beach is beautiful and pleasant. He could well have claimed the title of best in Sihanoukville, if not for water pollution. Perhaps when the current changes direction, the sea becomes cleaner. This fact can only be verified empirically.

Lazy beach

Not far from the coast on the island of Koh Rong Saloam is the "Lazy" beach. Kilometers of pure sand can impress even experienced tourists. The beach is surrounded by tropical thickets. The calm sea by the coast is an ideal place for swimming and diving. The beach is equipped with guesthouses and bungalows, which can be removed if you want to stay here for a few days.

General impression

If you decide to go on vacation to Cambodia, then, for sure, first want to see the rating of the beaches of Sihanoukville. Data from different resources may vary, as are reviews from different tourists. After all, everyone evaluates a place of rest, based on their own preferences. In our article we have given the best beaches of Sihanoukville. Photos and reviews of tourists will help you navigate the issue.

It is difficult to draw any definite conclusions regarding the resort. According to travelers, the coast of Sihanoukville makes a contradictory impression. On the one hand, local beaches are pleasing with exotics and the opportunity to have a good rest, on the other hand, Thailand can offer much more interesting things. Local infrastructure is not yet very developed. It is developing, but many tourists still prefer Thailand. Cambodia can be considered an alternative if you have already reviewed everything in Tai. Sihanoukville will not offer outstanding attractions and entertainment. All the rest comes down to contemplation of beach beauties and water procedures.


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