Modifications of the Nissan Bassara

Cars from Japan delight motorists around the world with their diversity. Among their models, you can choose absolutely any option, both by technical characteristics, and by design design and options. One of the most popular car manufacturers is Nissan. Even minivans with a left wheel go off the assembly line of this company .

The appearance of the model on the market

At the end of the nineties, the Nissan management decided to create their own minivan, which could become a competitor to the Honda Odyssey model. So the idea of ​​creating a Nissan Bassar car came up. Its first copies came off the assembly line back in 1998. Many elements were taken from Ernesa.

Nissan Bassara

In 2001, the produced models were revised by the enterprise management. They abandoned the diesel engine. To replace it, they chose a gasoline engine with a volume of 2.5 liters. Externally, the car has also changed. The main difference affected the front of the body.

Salon Features

Minivan Nissan Bassara inside is convenient and easy to design. Both the driver and passengers can comfortably sit in soft and comfortable seats. The manufacturer offers a choice of seven- or eight-seater versions.

Seats are arranged in three rows. The first and second have longitudinal position adjustments. The third row can be completely folded "to the floor." Due to this, the cabin is easily transformed into a fairly comfortable berth. Another option for the location of the seats will transform the interior into a study. The salon has one big minus - the third row of seats is not completely removable. At certain points, this causes inconvenience.

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Doorways are quite large. They allow passengers of any complexion to get inside without any inconvenience.

Performance indicators

The car has good performance. It rarely fails. The main types of work are maintenance. Periodic replacement of consumables on a Nissan Bassara car is necessary. Spare parts can be purchased original, and not only.

left-hand drive minivans

The Bassara car is considered by some to be the twin of another popular Presage model. Their difference lies in the fact that the Bassara is equipped with a more expensive interior decoration. The individual parts are interchangeable.

Main dimensions

The Nissan Bassar car is produced in the back of a minivan with five doors. Its length is 4795 millimeters and its width is 1770 millimeters. Such dimensions allow passengers to accommodate with increased comfort. The height of the car on the roof is 1720 millimeters.

Nissan Bassar engine

The wheelbase is 2800 millimeters. The front track is 15 millimeters longer than the rear track. The front is 1535 millimeters and the rear is 1520 millimeters.

First generation cars

Cars from Japan, produced under the name "Bassara", in the period from 1999 to 2001 were produced in five versions:

  • 2.4 AT. This is a model with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine and one hundred and fifty horsepower at 5.6 thousand revolutions per minute. The motor is characterized by distributive injection and an in-line arrangement of four cylinders (sixteen valves). Gearbox - four-speed automatic. Ventilated disc brakes at the front, drum brakes at the rear. The front wheel suspension is represented by a shock absorber. The rear suspension is an independent multi-link. The fuel tank has a capacity of 65 liters. The wheels are sixteen inches in diameter.
  • 2.4 AT 4WD has characteristics similar to the previous version. The difference is the greater weight, which is 1720 kilograms. This is 110 kilograms more. The fuel tank capacity is five liters less.
  • 2.5D AT. This model is slightly narrower and lower than previous modifications. A diesel engine with a volume of 2488 centimeters cubic turbocharged is installed on it. At four thousand revolutions per minute, the engine produces 150 horsepower. Allows you to reach speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour. To accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour, a vehicle of this modification needs twelve seconds. Fuel consumption in the city, highway and in the combined cycle is 11, 7.7 and 9 liters, respectively.

Nissan Bassara Parts

  • 2.5D AT 4WD. In this version, the technical specifications are identical to the previous modification, with the exception of some details.
  • 3.0 AT This Nissan Bassara car model has an engine displacement of 2987 cm cubic and power of 220 horsepower at 6.4 thousand revolutions per minute. Six cylinders have a V-shaped arrangement. The power unit allows you to reach a speed of 185 kilometers per hour. Accelerates to hundreds in nine and a half seconds. In urban mode, fuel consumption is fifteen liters, in suburban - ten liters, in mixed - 12.8 liters.

Second stage of development

In 2001, the automaker revised and changed the modifications made to cars. The body configuration has been redone. The changes concerned the bumper, hood, grille. The basic dimensions of the body have decreased.

Powertrain also changed. The Nissan-Bassar engine of these years had two options: 2.5 AT and 2.5 AT 4WD. These are gasoline engines with a volume of 2488 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 165 horsepower. Four-cylinder in-line engines. They accelerate to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. In eleven seconds, the car can accelerate to one hundred kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption varies from nine to thirteen liters per hundred kilometers. It depends on the driving mode.

In 2003, the production of Nissan Bassara cars ceased.


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