Moving to Kazan: conditions, organization, pros and cons, reviews

The city of Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan - one of the republics of the Russian Federation, which is part of the Volga region. The city is located on the left side of the Volga River - where it flows into the river called Kazanka. Today, the capital of Tatarstan is considered one of the largest historical, economic, scientific, educational and political centers of the state, it has a huge number of attractions, cultural values, museums, temples, theaters and beautiful picturesque parks. It is not surprising that, moving from other Russian cities, many residents of Russia choose precisely Kazan.


If you have planned an apartment move to Kazan for permanent residence, you should take a closer look at the features of this beautiful metropolis. According to statistics, at the beginning of 2018, the population of the city amounted to more than 1.2 million people, which gives it the right to occupy an honorable sixth place in the top of the most populous cities in Russia. If you believe the reviews, moving to Kazan for permanent residence should be done if only because the unspoken title of the “third capital of Russia” was given to her not in vain: here all the spheres and sectors of the life activity of the population that form today's educated intelligent society are developing quite rapidly.

The geographical structure of Kazan is presented in two parts: the southern part of the Volga coast is reserved for the historical part of the city, and the northern one - under the current residence of the modern city with highly developed infrastructure, many high-rise buildings and multifunctional shopping and entertainment complexes. Both parts are interconnected by bridges and dams. It is noteworthy that a large number of ponds and lakes are dispersed in the city, which add to the landscapes of Kazan even more color and bewitching magnificent views. In this regard, you will never regret moving to Moscow from Kazan: reviews indicate that the local nature is harmoniously balanced with urban nodes and platforms, allowing residents and visitors to breathe fresh air and enjoy local views, distracting from the mundane fuss. At the same time, a rather pleasant moment in the texture of Kazan is that, despite all its modernity, this city has not lost its true identity. This is evidenced by local historical monuments and cultural values ​​of the capital of the republic.

Kazan Volga


In 2005, the capital of Tatarstan celebrated its millennium day. It is not surprising that the city authorities thoroughly prepared for this significant event: its central part was completely ennobled and restored, after a long-term detuning process, two metro branches were launched, and the central event was the reopening of the Kul-Sharif mosque, which was destroyed even by Ivan the Terrible in XVI century. In addition, Kazan is rich in all kinds of unique historical buildings, temples, mosques and monuments.

The magnificent Kazan Kremlin, the territory of which is adorned with the building of the historical, architectural and art museum reserve, acts as a unique symbol of the capital of the Tatar Republic. This is a kind of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year, and everyone strives to see the local wax museum, the gallery of paintings and the workshop of the Glory of Zaitsev, as well as the Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Presidential Court, the Tikhvin Church of Our Lady, St. Nicholas Cathedral and much more. Those who decided to visit Kazan out of tourist curiosity will not be able to appreciate all the charms of this city in the short time that a guest of the Tatarstan capital can treat himself to. But those who decided to move to Kazan from Ufa, for example, or any other city in Russia, will be able to enjoy the beauty of churches and mosques, the splendor of architecture and gorgeous park landscapes, which can not be found anywhere else in such a large number, except here.

Puppet Theatre


The infrastructure is also well developed in the city. One of the priority industry areas in Kazan is engineering. In addition, such industries as chemical, food, oil and light are developing at the proper level. At this stage of the city’s development, the appearance of new construction projects, comfortable hotels is becoming more frequent, the creation of favorable conditions for recreation is resuming, new schemes are being developed to improve sanatoriums and camps. Circuses, water parks, shopping and entertainment centers, museums, theaters, cinema - all this stuff is quite a lot here, you can diversify your leisure time daily by visiting all kinds of interesting programs. To the question of how things are with pricing for such benefits, tourists and visitors to the city in their reviews answer almost everything unambiguously - as elsewhere. Prices are average: not everyone can afford it, but most can afford a decent cultural vacation.

The Russians, who planned to move to Kazan from St. Petersburg or some other city of the federation, need to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the infrastructure of individual ends of the city. So, purely territorially, the capital of Tatarstan is divided into seven administrative regions. These include:

  • Moscow;
  • Soviet;
  • Kirovsky;
  • Volga region;
  • Aircraft building;
  • Novo-Savinovsky;
  • Vakhitovsky.

How do they differ from each other? And do they have a fundamental difference for residents visiting permanent residence in general?

In order to understand for themselves which area of ​​Kazan is most suitable for starting a new life in a new city, visitors must decide what they expect from a settlement in the capital of Tatarstan.

Those who are alien to industrial zones will not like the Volga region. Although a large number of fitness clubs, sports facilities and entertainment centers are concentrated here. Therefore, "zoozhnik" and sports adherents will definitely like it.

The Novo-Savinovsky district is considered to be more calm - it is sleeping: here almost everything is dotted with high-rise buildings, but the infrastructure is well developed. Those visitors who would not like to settle in the bustling part of the city should not choose the Soviet region for acquiring an apartment. Those who love worldly vanity, on the contrary, will like it here. Indeed, this zone of the capital of Tatarstan is considered the largest and most densely populated in Kazan. The Moscow region of the city is considered to be the youngest; the newest buildings and structures are dispersed here. In contrast, Kirovsky is crowded with old buildings. But this issue is annually settled by the active construction of new facilities. One of the most expensive areas is Vakhitovsky - a local city center. Newcomers who moved here for permanent residence will like this life: there are a lot of historical, architectural monuments and all kinds of interesting sights. And finally, the Aircraft Building District: here industry is developing in proportion to the construction of new housing estates.

Kazan Arbat

Relocation Conditions

Long-distance apartment moving is a rather serious event, which can be accompanied by many complications and difficulties. To put together personal belongings, pack them in a high-quality manner, organize furniture dismantling, load it correctly and transport it over long distances - all this brings a lot of trouble to people moving. In addition, this kind of procedure requires a considerable investment of time, effort and nerves. Such events are not carried out by public transport, train or plane. Therefore, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the list of possible transporter organizations that can deliver your property to Kazan.

Reviews of the “Relocation Formula”, for example, include mostly positive opinions about the quality of the services provided by the company.

"Formula of relocation"

This company is considered one of the leaders in its field of activity. An experienced carrier engaged in freight transportation, as well as apartment, summer, office and warehouse relocation, this intermediary will help you in such a troublesome business at a fairly loyal price, but at the same time quickly and safely. The feedback about the workers of the “Formula of moving” in Kazan says that the guys in the company work punctual, organized and cautious - they provide related services for loading and unloading trucks, gazelles, wagons, trucks, and also help in lowering and the rise of building materials, furniture, removal of household and construction waste. In addition, importantly, the company provides packaging material for your belongings, that is, you may not worry at all about the lack of boxes for moving. In Kazan, the final point will help you unload and transfer things, so that this will not be a hassle. This company guarantees its potential customers:

  • reliable and efficient transportation of personal items;
  • flexible tariffing and reasonable prices for the services provided;
  • carrying out all packing and unloading operations;
  • Arrival at the place of departure at exactly the agreed time.

In addition to the “Relocation Formula”, transport companies represented by “Gruzotaxi”, “1st Transport”, “Intercity Transportation” and many other companies that carry out such an apartment move from Moscow to Kazan, as well as from any other city in Russia, sort of transporting goods over long distances.

"Relocation formula"

Organization of relocation

Direct preparation for the move itself involves serious preliminary planning. So you have already chosen a specific area, purchased or rented an apartment in which you want to settle. It would seem that the matter remains only for small: just to transport things and furniture from another city. But quite often many people in such cases panic: how to organize it all? Currently, the relevance of all kinds of ATP providing transportation services leaves potential customers no way to worry about the process of moving to Kazan. Reviews of local residents say that it’s enough to contact a trusted company, which is famous for its high-quality service, and its representatives will do everything for you. Specifically, your participation in this process will be minimized, and the service itself will create a good impression.

Nevertheless, work related to relocation often involves the emergence of a number of nuances that must first be agreed with the carrier. What does, for example, include preparations for moving to Kazan from Moscow? Responses of the townsfolk faced with this issue indicate the following aspects of the organization of the move:

  • firstly, it is necessary to consult with contractors regarding the coordination of certain nuances and details of cargo transportation;
  • secondly, you need to at least approximately indicate the dimensions of your cargo to the contractor so that the ATP logistics can correctly select the right car size;
  • thirdly, it is necessary to discuss the associated services that the carrier can provide (assembly and disassembly of furniture, packaging and delivery of packaging material, lifting and lowering cargo in a storey residential building, etc.);
  • fourthly, you must first stipulate the date of the move itself and the specific time, and very clearly and precisely indicate the address so that the contractor has an idea of ​​from which point to which he will need to transport to lay a convenient route and determine the cost of the trip;
  • fifthly, before carrying out an event, it is necessary to sign an agreement with the selected company and subtract all its conditions: usually the contractor takes full responsibility for the integrity and safety of things, so do not forget to track the availability of this item in the contract.

Among other things, it is recommended to pack the most fragile things in a firm and high-quality way, because during the transportation they can suffer if they were stacked poorly.

Apartment relocation

The benefits of living in Kazan

The list of undoubted and unconditional advantages of Kazan encourages potential migrants to pay attention to this city. What advantages does the capital of Tatarstan have in the eyes of people wishing to move to Kazan for permanent residence? Reviews of the townsfolk note the following positive aspects of life in the metropolis:

  • Firstly, the capital of Tatarstan is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities with a long history and rich in unique cultural and historical heritage.
  • Secondly, the city is considered one of the most sports compared to other regional centers of Russia, since today there are more than 2000 sports facilities. They were rebuilt at the time of preparation of the city authorities for the 2013 World Student Games. Many world championships in fencing, weightlifting, water sports and many other areas were held here.
  • Thirdly, the well-being of the city allows you to find here everything you need for a comfortable stay. No wonder Kazan is one of the three leading cities in the ranking of Russia in terms of quality of life. For example, if we take the sphere of the social and leisure zone, we can say that the capital of Tatarstan has bypassed Moscow itself in this direction, because over the past few years the urban environment has changed a lot, and for the better. Traffic congestion was practically minimized by creating new transport hubs. Residents of the city and visitors note that there are also no problems with kindergartens and schools: new pre-school and general educational institutions are regularly opened, so there is no shortage of them.
  • Fourth, in Kazan there is a place for nature - this is an important factor for residents of the metropolis, since the daily routine and bustle of a big city leaves no time for relaxation, not to mention the place. Ate to compare this criterion with the performance of Moscow, Kazan is not so crowded with huge new buildings, trading floors, business centers, as the capital of the federation. Two rivers, the Volga and Kazanka, as well as several lakes - Boar, Black, Blue, Lebyazhye - and a huge number of parks give people living here the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the local area. The benevolent government, among other things, inviting visitors to the city, often focuses on the fact that Kazan is considered a promising and dynamically developing city - a city of opportunities. It has a really high level of economic, tourism and investment potential. However, according to many residents of the metropolis, getting a job here is not so easy. But this moment already refers to the minuses of moving to Kazan.
World Cup Volunteers

Disadvantages of living in Kazan

In many reviews of the pros and cons of moving to Kazan, people note the mixed mood of the people here. It is a well-known fact that the Republic of Tatarstan is famous for its relatively multinational population. But, of course, the overwhelming majority here are Tatars. Many guests and visitors to the city note a certain shadow of hostility among the population. As the townsfolk say, here you will not leave the feeling that you are a stranger among them. This is one of the first and most noticeable minuses. In addition, much is being done here, as they say, “on call”. Visitors note that in order to get a good position here, you must either have connections or be someone's relative. It is necessary that someone recommends you, put in a word for you.

Working on your own business, having just moved to permanent residence, is quite difficult here. For example, some entrepreneurs say: if you plan to get a license for alcohol, you, in principle, can handle it, but with difficulty. Moreover, in this case, you will most likely be voiced by some unpleasant conditions: you will have to make bulk purchases only from specific individuals. If you do not fulfill this oral promise, you may not come for the next license. As some new settlers say, everything is done in Kazan only, as they say, “for their own people”, they don’t like strangers. Yes, and a good job, well paid, it’s hard for strangers to find here. Perhaps these are reviews of people who are just out of luck. But you need to study this issue additionally.

The next urgent problem of the city is ecology - due to actively developing mechanical engineering, environmental indicators tend to sharply worsen. Not everyone who wants to move wants to end up living in a city whose air is seriously contaminated with waste from machinery.

Another minus is far from the lowest crime rate. If you recall the nineties, we need to state the fact that Kazan was previously one of the most criminogenic cities in Russia, famous for its youth gangs and groups, which were ultimately called the "Kazan phenomenon." Fortunately, the situation here has improved markedly since the 2000s, but there are still some problems with crime detection.

Apartment prices

If you decide to move to Kazan from St. Petersburg or Moscow, it is worth noting that apartments here are slightly cheaper, but not by much. In addition, it all depends on the specific area. So, for example, as of September 2018, the average price of a one-room apartment is equal to 2.7 million rubles, which amounts to approximately 74 thousand rubles. per square meter. A two-room apartment is estimated at an average of 3.8 million rubles, and a three-room apartment - at 5.2 million, while the price per square meter is reduced to approximately 65.5 thousand rubles. It is worth noting that the price per square meter of Kazan apartments in comparison with the data of 2017 increased by almost 5.5 thousand rubles. for 12 months. If we monitor the dynamics of price increases depending on the area, then we can draw conclusions based on the following information:

  • Vakhitovsky - 92,371 rubles / m 2 .
  • Novo-Savinovsky - 84 723 rub./m 2 .
  • Moscow - 70,269 rubles / m 2 .
  • Volga - 67 325 rub./m 2 .
  • Soviet - 67 118 rubles / m 2 .
  • Kirovsky - 63 808 rub./m 2 .
  • Aircraft - 62 679 rubles / m 2 .

Before taking such a crucial step as acquiring property in the capital of Tatarstan, you must first study the prices for renting or buying a home when moving to Kazan. The choice should be based on your analysis of your financial capabilities.

Real estate in Kazan


Thus, most reviews of the city are positive. Therefore, do not be afraid of change - if you have already decided, then go for it. What do people who once moved here say about Kazan and life in this city?

  • The overall impression is quite positive. The combination of beauty and technology of the city with a rich history cannot but conquer. The Student Universiade held in 2014 gave an impetus to enhance the development of the city's infrastructure. This, of course, is not the scale of St. Petersburg or Moscow, but the atmosphere here is amazing. According to residents, either local officials here steal less, or they simply have nowhere to put up money - the city is well-groomed, noble, truly beautiful.
  • The attitude towards visitors is rather ambiguous: people seem to be friendly in general, but it seems that everyone has their own thoughts, which forms a kind of unspoken barrier between local and “strangers”.
  • The mentality is peculiar: the Tatars are quite sociable by nature, many of them are intelligent and educated people. But, as elsewhere, there are poorly educated, prejudiced people who demonstrate their level of bad manners. In general, the city is considered a student city: since there are a lot of universities, during the school season a lot of young people are concentrated here.
  • Medicine is below average: the quality of the medical services provided, as well as throughout Russia, leaves much to be desired. Judging by the reviews of local residents, it is quite difficult to find a worthy specialist, but it is possible - often in paid clinics. State in this regard lag behind private medical institutions.
  • Language - here basically everyone speaks Russian. In Tatar, hardly anyone will speak with you, since Russian is considered predominant.
  • The situation with transport and roads is generally bearable. Public road services are working quite well: many say that the local roads are much better than in neighboring regions. However, the driving style here is boorish, at rush hour you can observe traffic jams on the central streets of the city.
  • Salaries, as in all cities of Russia, fluctuate greatly. For example, it is easy to find work in the field of programming and IT. If the experience is small, they can pay 15-20 thousand rubles. For advanced specialists, the salary level can be 25-60 thousand rubles, it all depends on the degree of qualification of the employee, the quality of his services. But in general, getting a good position is quite difficult, because the city is characterized by “sister-in-law”.


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