How to make an air boat with your own hands. Homemade aero boats

The aero boat is an excellent vehicle for those who often like to go fishing and hunting, because by its characteristics it is several times greater than the cross-country ability of any SUV. Moreover, it can be operated both in summer and in winter. True, the cost of aero-boats sometimes starts with a mark of 300 thousand rubles or more. But you can go the other way, making such a tool yourself.

DIY airlift
Home-made airliners are practically not inferior in quality to factory analogues. Therefore, every year in Russia there are more and more of them. And today we will consider how to make an aero boat with our own hands.


The motor for our homemade can be used from a conventional boat of the Soviet era. But for fans of high speed this will seem a little. In this case, you should pay attention to the Japanese Honda and Yamaha engines with a capacity of 150 to 210 horsepower. Together with a propeller, such a motor is capable of accelerating a boat up to 50 kilometers per hour in water and up to 90 in ice. V-belts and thermostat are taken from a passenger car of the Zhiguli type. The driven and driving pulleys are made of duralumin steel.

Propellers, blades and propeller

In addition to the engine, you should take care of the propeller of the airboat. We will make it from a solid wooden beam. You can go the other way, gluing several 10-mm wafers with epoxy. It is important that the finished element does not contain excess knots and burrs. As for the plates, when fitting them, it is better to make a 1: 1 drawing, which will be a kind of template, and already make the propeller of the boat according to these data.

homemade aero boats

To make an air boat with your own hands qualitatively, you should not be lazy and craft everything โ€œby eyeโ€ - each detail is made according to its template and drawing.

The propeller blades must also not contain any burrs or other deformed areas. Such flaws are removed with a small hatchet. Further, the wood is processed with a planer and a rasp. Transverse cuts are made on a special slipway. They are needed to install the propeller blades.

How to do do-it-yourself aero boat further? For the core of the slipway, we need ordinary steel. The main thing is that its diameter be equal to the opening of the hub of the part. Next, the rod is placed on the center of the slipway. After that, the screw blank is put on it and pressed against the template with several blades. Traces of patterns should be displayed on this blank (where the blades touch the propeller).

These places should be treated with a planer and again placed in the slipway. The processing of the blades must be repeated. Further, the upper part of the screw is processed using the upper templates. As a result, both elements should be in contact with the plane of the connector. All processed areas are marked with a colored pencil or marker, after which zones are made between the control section. The correctness of the work performed is checked by a steel ruler - it is applied to the points of adjacent sections. Ideally, the gap between the ruler and the blades should be minimal.

Now the screw needs to be balanced. This is done as follows. First, a steel roller is inserted into the central hole and a propeller is mounted on the balancing bars. If suddenly one blade turned out to be lighter than the other, it is loaded with lead (thin strips of this metal, previously filled in the mold, are glued). The finished rod is inserted into the hole of the blade where the lead strips were applied. On both sides it is countersunk. The propeller is glued on both sides with fiberglass, sanded, balanced and undergoes a painting procedure (primer and enameling).

homemade fishing

How to make an air boat with your own hands? Drawings and assembly of the lower case

The case of the airboat consists of two parts - the lower and upper. Itโ€™s best to start with the first one. To do this, in accordance with the drawing, we prepare frames from 12 mm sheets of plywood. The keel and stringers will be made of slats with a section of 2x2, 2x3 and 3x3 centimeters. The frames are mounted to the floor on the bars and brackets. The rails should be adjusted locally. They are attached to epoxy glue. The slats for the front of the boat undergo a preliminary process of steaming in boiling water, after which they are attached to the frame with wire. After drying, the wood is finally fixed with glue. Further, the finished frame is leveled and filled with foam blocks. The latter are also planted on epoxy.

If necessary, the foam is putty with a mixture of glue and sawdust. The case itself is glued on both sides with a thin layer of fiberglass, after which it is sanded and painted. Inside, unnecessary polystyrene is cut so that it is flush with the frames. Further, it is also pasted over with fiberglass.

DIY boat drawings

Upper body

The upper part of the body is going a little differently. Here we will not use plywood frames, but curved slats that will be mounted on the finished bottom of the boat. Where the engine is located, the frame is fixed with scarves. The frame itself is mounted to the cross-member from a square-section steel pipe (4x4 centimeters) and is fixed with 2.2-centimeter pipes. Then everything is simple - foam is applied to the surface and glued with fiberglass. So we will finish the procedure of forming the upper part of the body of a homemade aero boat. Doors can be made of plywood, and the windshield is best taken from any domestic car (for example, from the back door of Moskvich).

How to make fishing homemade products? Controls

A drum is mounted on the shaft of the steering wheel connected to the traverse on the rudder box. Instead of the accelerator pedal, there will be a small lever that can be fixed in any front of the boat.

how to make an aero boat do it yourself


The seats for passengers and the driver are made of wood battens and plywood. The frame is filled with foam and lined with leather. You can go the other way too - take ready-made seats from a foreign car or even a domestic car. At this stage, the question โ€œhow to make an air boat with your own handsโ€ can be considered closed. All other little things in the cabin are arranged to your liking, the main thing here is to have imagination and enthusiasm.

So, we figured out how to make an aero boat with our own hands. Good luck!


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