How to hang a TV on a wall with your own hands: equipment, tools and technologies

Today, television has become a commonplace item. Every home has such a technique. Moreover, often several televisions are installed in apartments (for example, an additional one in the kitchen). However, this unit is very large, and placing it is not so simple. In view of this, many choose a bracket for a TV on a wall swivel retractable. By installing such a device on the wall, you can significantly save free space in the room. The TV will not interfere with moving around the house and at the same time will please with its work. At first glance, installation seems simple. However, there are still many nuances. How to hang a TV on a wall with your own hands? Consider in our article today.

Types of Mounts

Initially, you need to choose the appropriate mount for the TV on the wall. It can be:

  • Fixed. Such a tool allows you to securely fix the TV. However, this mount has a drawback: it is not rotary. Also, you can not tilt a similar design. But in the market this option is the cheapest.
  • Inclined. This TV mount on the wall is used when installing the device high above eye level. To view the TV was comfortable, the design provides an inclined mechanism. However, such a construction does not rotate left-right.
  • Inclined and rotary. This is the most expensive, but at the same time the most convenient option among all existing on the market. The TV wall bracket with a swivel retractable allows you to mount the device anywhere. This can be the center of the wall or the area under the ceiling. Thanks to the rotary mechanism, you can watch TV from anywhere in the room.
what wall to hang the TV

These are the TV stands for the wall. Which is better to choose? Experts recommend paying attention to the latter type. It is the most versatile and practical.


What do we need to prepare? In the course of the work we will need:

  • Drill.
  • Tape measure and construction level.
  • Several drills on concrete.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • A set of dowels.
  • Hammer.
  • Wall bracket.
TV bracket retractable photo

Placement height

How to hang the TV on the wall correctly? To answer this question, you need to know the height of this unit. The TV is mounted on the wall at a distance of 80 to 120 centimeters from the floor. If the device is bought in the kitchen, it is better to place it at the highest point - under the ceiling.

We hang on the bracket

So, how to hang a TV on a wall with your own hands? The process is carried out in several stages:

  • Marks points for drilling holes in the wall. To do this, use a construction tape to measure the distance from the holes for the bracket on the back of the TV to its lower part. Next, we measure one meter from the floor and add the value that we got when measuring on the TV. This figure will be our height at which the bottom holes for fasteners should be drilled. Then it is necessary to draw a horizontal line through this point using the usual building level.
  • The TV stand on the wall is laid in such a way that a drawn line passes through the lower holes of the suspension.
  • Next, we draw through the holes in the mounting of the drilling sites.
  • Before you hang a shelf under the TV on the wall, you need to check the area for hidden wiring. And only after that carry out work with a drill and proceed with installation. Experts say that the holes in the wall are best done with a puncher. The drill is more suitable for drywall.
  • Further, several dowels are carefully hammered into the holes made with a hammer.
  • A new bracket is attached to the wall.
  • Bolts or screws are screwed into the installed dowels.
    TV wall mount swivel retractable

Now that all the brackets are installed, you can bring the TV to them and hang them.

Is suspension possible without a bracket?

Recently, flat panels with a diagonal of more than 42 inches have begun to be in high demand. Such devices can be mounted without special fasteners. Even at the production stage, an option is provided here on how to hang the TV on a wall without a bracket. To do this, special grooves (so-called ears) are provided on the rear panel. Thanks to the ears, the installation process is as simple as mounting a mirror or hanging a picture. The main thing is that the fasteners correspond to the weight of the device. On some models, such ears are missing. But it doesn’t matter - you can make such a bracket with your own hands. Below we consider how.

We make our own bracket

If you have a flat-screen TV with a diagonal of 32 or 42 inches, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Four steel or aluminum corners.
  • M4 threaded screws.
  • One bike spoke.

The dimensions are not important - the main thing is that the holes coincide on the corner and the TV case.

So, let's get to work. We need to make two holes with a drill for attaching to the TV and one at a time in the upper part (for the knitting needle). Finished parts must be attached to the TV case with M4 screws.

wall mount tv bracket

The remaining pair is mounted on the wall surface. But first you need to make two holes on the mount. All holes made are located strictly opposite each other. This is important because if these requirements are not followed, the screen may skew after installing it on the wall. Correcting this will no longer be possible, since the mount is not fixed.

Please note that the distance between the corners should be slightly less than between the same parts on the TV. When mounting the unit on the wall, you need to use the building level. It will allow you to accurately position the elements horizontally.

The next step is to hang the TV. To do this, raise it, combine the mounts and insert the bicycle spoke. If not, you can use a long nail with a hat. If it is a heavy TV, it is recommended to use slate nails with a length of at least ten centimeters. At this stage, the installation of the TV on the wall is successfully completed.

It is worth noting that you can use ordinary plastic dowels to attach elements to the wall. However, it is important that they support the weight of the entire structure.

Useful advice

During operation, the TV heats up significantly. Therefore, the mount must be correct. In order to prevent overheating, it is recommended to make such a width of the corners that would be sufficient for normal ventilation between the TV and the wall. Otherwise, the life of the electronics will be significantly reduced.

Installing the TV on a drywall wall

There are many opinions regarding this issue. Some say that installation can be done on a butterfly dowel, while others do not recommend attaching electronics to such a surface. As practice shows, the dowel butterfly can withstand a load of not more than 15 kilograms. Therefore, to install a large or old TV on this design will not work. Also note that the load is on the drywall itself. Therefore, it is recommended to mount electronics weighing up to 15 kilograms and a diagonal of up to 32 inches (modern 42-inch models are also suitable for weight restrictions). Below we will consider a reliable and reliable way. With this method, it does not matter which wall to hang the TV on.

swivel TV bracket

So, we need to use the powerful (preferably neodymium) magnet to find the screws that secure the drywall sheet to the guides. Thus, we will determine the place where the metal profile is hidden. It withstands a much greater load. And if you attach a heavy TV to it, nothing will happen with drywall.

Alternative option

You can also use a hairpin as a fastener. This anchor can be screwed into either a brick or concrete wall, making holes of the desired diameter in advance. You need to do this with the same punch. A conventional drill will take much more time and effort. As for the length of the stud, it is selected taking into account the distance from the main wall to the surface of the drywall. The deeper the anchor is screwed in, the more weight the shelf under the TV is able to support, installed on the wall. But in no case do not fasten to the facing sheet. It is quite fragile.

What if drywall is used as a partition?

In some cases, the material can be used not as a cladding, but as a partition. But is it possible to mount brackets to such a surface? Experts give a negative answer. If there is no other option, you can purchase a floor design. She looks as follows.

TV bracket

As you can see, the design fits perfectly into the overall design of the room and will look beneficial in any room. Typically, such models already have a swivel mechanism, and are also able to adjust the tilt of the TV. This design is very mobile and can easily move from one room to another.

As an alternative, you can consider installing the strip and the chipboard, which will be mounted on it. Shelves are additionally attached to this strip. An example is in the photo below.

retractable bracket

Due to the larger contact area, the reliability of such a design increases. However, for the installation of large plasma panels, it is recommended to use two strips of chipboard. Well, as a last resort, you can consider the option of ceiling mounting.


So, we figured out how to hang the TV on the wall. As you can see, the process has its own subtleties and nuances. Install yourself a TV on the wall under the strength of everyone. The main thing is to stock up on time, tools and keep instructions handy. You also need to correctly calculate the distance between the holes. And then the result will exceed all expectations.


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