Mediterranean Cruises: Travel Reviews

The world is changing, quickly and dramatically. Increasingly, tourists are not limited to vacation time and combine travel with work. But, alas, not all are so lucky. What should I do to those who can not afford to look at the beauties of the world not as often as we would like? And what kind of vacation to choose? What about the country? It is so “greedy” and eager to combine a lot in one that tourists should remember that there are sea cruises. Reviews of travel on liners will be a good hope for them that all the best is ahead!

Cruise Types

For lovers of "water" tours, there are several options for choice. Ferries allow you to travel not only to the countries of Scandinavia.

mediterranean cruises reviews
Cruise to Princess Anastasia (reviews often contain confirmation of such information) allows you to travel in your own car both in Switzerland and throughout the Scandinavian zone. There by ferry, rent a car there and go forward - towards adventure! Due to the successful opportunity to combine water and land transport, it is possible to organize an individual route at the standard price of a mass tour. So this is a good option for lovers of independent travel.

Other reviews give even more interesting information: a ferry cruise is very comfortable for traveling with a child. This water house is filled with entertainment. There is something to diversify the rest. Meals should be booked three times a day, otherwise the time on the queue is lost and the effect accumulated during the vacation trip is spoiled.

Cruises on ships on river waters should be considered as a comfortable option for domestic tourism. Budget trips, interesting programs and partly compensate for the shortcomings of the courts of the Soviet era. Reviews about river cruises speak eloquently about this.

Why choose a boat trip?

Sea cruises are a separate topic for discussion. The liner is compared to a floating hotel on the water. Moreover, it is a city on the surface of the sea. The largest ship called "Charm of the Seas" has walking squares and fountains. Only the liner maintenance team consists of more than two thousand people. The number of passengers of this giant may exceed five thousand.

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Sixteen decks accommodate two thousand seven hundred cabins. This miniature city is sailing in the Caribbean. The effect of participating in a sea cruise is probably comparable only with space travel. Moreover, it combines all the qualities of different forms of recreation: water recreation, excursions, entertainment, thalassotherapy and fashion. Judge for yourself:

  • in one trip you can visit the maximum possible number of countries and continents;

  • the cruise organically combines relaxation at sea and sightseeing programs;

  • It offers guests round-the-clock service and full service of a high-class hotel.

How to choose a cruise?

Cruises differ in the geography of tours, by type of ship, duration of rest, level and class of service, water areas (sea, river). Therefore, the choice rests with the traveler. For starters, you can consider cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. The reviews of people who were fortunate enough to make a sea voyage note the optimal combination of price and quality of this vacation option. Begin preparations for the cruise in advance. The priority tasks are to determine the budget, direction, duration, content of the program and the quality of rest.

What determines the price of a cruise?

The cost is affected by different parameters. Consider the main ones.

  • Earlier booking allows you to save a lot. In this case, the general rule works: the sooner - the cheaper. But it is worth remembering that often canceling a tour with early booking entails impressive fines.

    river cruise reviews

  • Accommodations. Affects the price and choice of cabin. Interior rooms without windows are always cheaper than others, as they are below water level. This is the most budget, but not the most comfortable accommodation option. A cabin with a window allows you to see a beautiful picture, and therefore the price for placing in it is twice as high. But placement in a cabin with a balcony cannot be called budget at all. But to live in it is a pleasure incomparable with anything! You can admire the view of the sea endlessly.

Types of travel in the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is washed by twenty-one states. On the scale of these statistics, you can choose the option of water travel. As a rule, the cost of ground handling is not included in the package. If it is important to keep within a certain budget, you need to pay attention to the fact that the base cost of the tour is on average half of it. In order not to feel cheated when they include additional fees (and there are enough of them), as well as services on the ship. It would be nice to compare this option in terms of the ground route. As a rule, sea voyage then looks more attractive, since the savings reach thirty percent or more!

Before the trip, you need to decide which port the tour to the Mediterranean Sea starts from. Cruise, reviews of many "experienced" talk about it, it is better to start from Barcelona. Firstly, many cruise companies organize routes from this large port . Secondly, due to the large number of programs you can always find Russian groups on the tour. This is important for novice travelers. Having an idea of ​​the specifics of the cruise, you can choose travel options without restrictions. The principle will already be clear.

Cruise programs

The program is "standard". As a rule, such options have a closed cycle and end in the city from which they started. These are annually repeated cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. Reviews of tourists, if you evaluate travel at this level, suggest that they are best suited for a beginner.

liner cruises reviews

The “port to port” program involves some travel experience and, preferably, knowledge of the language. They begin in one city of the coastal zone of the state and end in another. These are less massive routes and more diverse cruises. Reviews of tourists talk about the convenience of these options for combined travel.

The “individual” program is not repeated, and tourists can begin and end the journey wherever they want. Often they take place on small ships, capable of mooring in city ports, from where guests can conveniently get to the city center.

Features of sea travel

When choosing a cruise, you should not initially focus on excursion programs. A short stay in the country allows only a superficial contact with its culture. It is advisable to make an idea of ​​the place of visit in advance and, possibly, a map of personal inspection of nearby attractions.

It is advisable to carefully familiarize yourself with the chosen travel program, as well as the rules for staying on the ship, the requirements for a dress code for attending events. For example, one of the traditional festivities - Captain's Night - involves the presence of an evening dress for the ladies, a man’s suit must have a tie. The standards of a five-star hotel on the water are how cruises are organized. Feedback from participants of such events will help to understand before the trip that this tribute to tradition is absolutely justified. Impressions will remain for life!

If "All Inclusive", then this is a suite

A picture of a snow-white liner against the backdrop of sea overflows, from emerald to ultramarine - a familiar landscape symbolizing luxury travels.

princess anastasia cruise reviews
If you want to fully appreciate the concept of All inclusive, then you should use the services of Lux companies with the concept of Cruises (Crystal, Hebridean Island, Sea Cloud, Regent Seven Seas and Silversea), Cunard Line, The Yachts of Seabourn. The Exclusive class is represented by the German ship Europa.

Needless to say, such expensive cruises on liners? Reviews of tourists about luxury travels are therefore not very common. If necessary, consultation can be obtained from an expert regarding a specific type of travel and the way to go. You should know that the rules of the upcoming luxury tour are quite strict, but due to the exclusivity of demand, passengers are well aware of them.

Service on the ship

The price of the cruise package includes accommodation in the cabin, meals (except for dinner in alternative restaurants), use of the recreation area: swimming pools, climbing walls, theaters, all other additional activities provided for in the tour, duties and fees for cruises. Reviews of tourists show that people are not always ready for additional payments. And they are sometimes very tangible.

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Additionally paid: shore excursions, casinos, gratuities, bars, SPA salons, as well as other services provided by the concept of the ship.

Air travel is booked and paid extra. It is advisable to arrive at the start of the tour in advance, and even better - to provide an extra night on both sides of the trip.

Cruise service is organized according to the concept of round-the-clock service. For the convenience of vacationers on the ship there are all possible entertainments: casinos, pools, children's clubs, solariums. The smoking area is strictly limited. Smoking is strictly prohibited in cabins.

Reliability of Cruise Information

Travelers often turn to experienced questions on the forums when preparing for cruises. Reviews of tourists on the websites of travel companies may contain false or distorted information - this is worth remembering!

Of course, if you try to get information about Amtel Cruise, reviews in this case, even unreliable, will not have negative consequences. When buying a product, everything will become clear. A completely different case when reviews of river cruises or sea voyages give rise to a distorted perception. This is fraught with financial losses and spoiled mood.

It is reasonable to receive answers to questions regarding the organization of travel in the service office of the company where the tour is being drawn up. The operator is responsible for the quality of the information provided in accordance with Russian law. Therefore, the reliability of the data must be confirmed in writing (printout, links to documents and other paper and electronic forms).

Cruises reviews

Additional Information

When preparing for a cruise, consider the following.

  • The traveler must arrive at the port for registration 4 hours before the start of the flight.
  • If the passenger is late, the cruise company is not responsible, and the costs incurred are not reimbursed.
  • SeaPass - a special credit card for a passenger on a seagoing vessel for payments while traveling. This is a key, a pass on board, which actually replaces the tourist's ID . A deposit is made to the card, from which all expenses are incurred.


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